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its like 150lumen/W
i think
maybe 100
its around a flouro

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i was thinking that in red and blue pairs
dude they want like $150 for a 3 pod
haha they break the price by $10 for two
and its just for plants
and im not the type to run things at 100%
yeah i was thinking of like maybe 3 or 4 red/blue pairs on stalks or stands or something
thats weird dude
i grew a tiny plant in my desk once
okay like out of smt led?
i was thinking of making led boards, tiny, 0603 led on each side
with Vin/GND holes on both sides so i can chain them
and then wiring a bunch up and then clear heatshrink tubing them

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hey who knows about plants?
what colors they need
i know not green
i know, but i wanna do little led ones
i was thinking a red and blue luxeon pair
oh neat
2 blue led and like, i dunno green for looks?
(cuz blue is expensive in little shit led like that)

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my head looks little cuz i cut the in between hairs
i need to clean my monitor

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threading is weird, cuts up the metal with tiny cracks perpendicular to the axis

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i just thought they were to keep from snapping and stripping nuts

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i think swish[\] is logman
the suffix on his nick?
tho sometimes i smack \ when i his enter so my sentences end like this\
[ \ ]
bracket backslash bracket
haha your charset is all sorts of fucked up
theyre bastards

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from that id guess the PROFILE ones are windows set
dont think cygwin cares about all users
theres some UI i think in win2k
like on xp
i think its %
in cmd
try %MYDOCS ?
but yeah on xp (and i think 2k too) in the system properties, like advanced tab or something
theres a place to view and add variables
its a weird place i dont like touching it, heh
i wonder if cygwin exports is set variables to windows
or just imports the windows ones

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damn i forgot
but theres another variable thats pointed at your home directory
the ridiculous c:\docs and setting\you\another folder\my documents
or to change up your home dir?
declare -x USERPROFILE="C:\\Documents and Settings\\renesis"
check for it tho, i have like cygwin and mingw and all sorts of fucked shit on my box
so its not maybe a windows thing
declare -x HOMEPATH="\\Documents and Settings\\renesis"
haha, yeah not without cygwin
but the names of the constants are the same
declare -x HOMEPATH="\\Documents and Settings\\renesis"
im guessing thats the cygwin one
declare -x ALLUSERSPROFILE="C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users"

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thats what antipsychotics do
thats how they treat psychotics, because when theyre not knocked out and blacked out, theyre not going nuts
and thats progress
er, when they are knocked out and blacked out
ha i dont even remember if they ever gave that to me =\

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PST, #1.
rozerem, cute name
hehe i wonder if the people who named soma got the joke

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test33: normally yes
but its a SAM7 ARM with 256K
so for now until we do some hex/ascii output code for usart, whatevers
what is it, mineral oil?
is it like baby oil or is it way thinner?
oh, yeah prob synthetic
the stuff came with my paintball gun (stolen, be sad) was like that

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man fuck ieee.org
do they host any kind of information for me?
or do i have to be some sort of paid up member
X-ray fluoroscopic image of the BGA-mounted board. The arrows in-. dicate the soldering defect. stage and an open-type X-ray generator that is set on an ...
thats from their google blurb about it
heheh, twingy stuck printf code in for usart so we can debug the code were building up
think it added like 16K or 64K or some ridiculous amount of K to the binary size

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ball grid array fleuroscope?
pls2elaborate, thx
we dont buy so much, we make more
maybe we can help you make?
must be something like that

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heheh, bench ground

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but yeah then death from too much Ib
maybe after its dead
its like taking diodes to high
dead short, so prob drop out the source voltage to a much higher than normal VBbe, and die
if the voltage does not drop out, it prob just blows up, heh
yeah RF and microwave is nuts
microwave especially, because wavelengths become very human in size

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well, the math will only take you so far
at some point you gotta just kinda be able to visualize it
just have a general idea by looking at schemas and part values
yeah stuff like that
i remember when like inductors and FETs were like the most confusing thing ever to me
analog is basically just caps, inductors, resistors, and various configurations of doped silicon
its pretty fucking nuts what you can build up outta that shit
same way as digital
transistors are weird
hehe, never forget Vbe
if Vbe not in effect, your transistor is off or fucked
yeah, something is up with that transistor
itll prob drop out the source voltage and clamp at .7V
well, prob like closer to 2V
because so much current

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most of them will have schematics of their internals
so you can see how logic is built up from smaller gates
you can build AND and OR gates with two transistors each minimum
NOT gate is one
AND is in series, OR is in parallel, and thats basically all of digital electronics
yeah oddly this is totally true, in an electronic sense
analog is weird
analog != digital
but digital sometimes takes analog teknique
yeah analog is prob the coolest shit ever happened to my life
now i have shit to be like ????? at instead of like, i dunno, going outside and finding cops to harass me
plus its physics and chemistry and engineering math, you cant help getting into that stuff if you wanna learn it

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thatll be fun
they not super complicated
like, if you know digital from the gates up, they make alot of sense when theyre explained
and like, if you understand, you should feel kind of shocked by the simplicity and almost retardation of these things
procs are really dumb, you have to teach them how to do everything, and they never really learn =(
you know what 74 series chips are, no?
okay like, inverter gates, and gates, or gates, nands, nors, etc
all that stuff is obvious
but the more integrated stuff, the really useful shit, thats the kind stuff you wanna know
like, find the shit in the list you dont know about, and find a datasheet and figure it out

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other than the peripherals, no
and they dont really process shit, theyre just interfaces and timers and adc stuff
but like, its kinda a non issue
almost all opcode are single cycle
so i mean it doesnt do anything long enough to warrant multiple processing
its simple but its still like 150 instructions
and i wouldnt call it simple as much as wide
also its not doing any kind of float point math in single opcodes that would take variable amounts of time and lock of the cpu
like, pipelining on an avr would basically mean two cores running in parallel from different program counters

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my guess is a) your messing up on the end table check
or b) just writes up wrong (or code is decoding the samples wrong, however you wanna look at it
er, wired
that kind stuff is pretty simple/fun to code
before i coded the DDS wave gen thing, i was just doing single stepped samples on variable timer for variable freq
hehe, the last version of the code had like a timer interrupt and like 5 different almost identical mainloops to handle the timings that couldnt be done because of interrupt handling cycle overhead
all the mainloops were nop padded so that conditional branches took the same amount of time
like, one mainloop coded for 17 cycles, one for 18 and 19 samples, one for like 20-24, and then the last one was like 24-28 or something
pipeline for what?

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i dont think i could live without a scope anymore
no scope is blindness
your code is borken
how are you doing lookup?
or eight values i guess you could just do delay loops and immediates
yeh but how is it coded
how do you test for table end and reset?
oh haha

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its in analog mode
thats digital mode
hehe, yeah 1.5KHz
(see because the tek says so, the tek doesnt lie)
depends on what
if its non repetitive, analog scope sometimes useless
all the digital stuff, analog scopes are difficult to use
yeah but the digital one is more info
plus it can grab single sweeps
TDS style scopes are pretty neat
even in 1bit mono
like, i did 90% of my lab work at school one the digis
had agilent digital and tek analog scopes at every station
digital is so easy, just hook up, set cursors, read the numbers
is good to learn on analog scope

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your sentence eats itself
8pt sine wave?
you got a gimped dac source or something?
what freq?
what chip?
thats over 1KHz, 8b resistor dac, from an avr
both =D

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lowest form of all junkies
least the smack heads kinda keep to themselves
tweekers will like be quasi functional while living out their semi-psychotic dreamstates

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only shit i would do now besides weed is shrooms
and i got enough respect for schrooms i dont think id do them much more
fuck that, everything else will fuck you up
shrooms metabolize in like 4 hours, its just like being super stoned
cocaine is hard to die on
some peoples hearts kinda explode
hehe, just wear out or something
but yeah, coke hardly hurts anyone
coke isnt a kill you dead drug either, its a 'wow i have no money for coke and im really fucking annoying and i dont have friends anymore so i have no one to beg for money' kinda drug
rarely happens tho
my sister use to do lines so long they werent lines anymore
they were like 30" spirals
i saw her do CD cases with spirals on them a couple times
pretty much
test33: dunno, normal + more annoying?
coke doesnt even do shit
super coffee
it just makes you want way more coke
fuck tweekers

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20 liters of anything in a day is prob bad for you
maybe even water
yes but its funny none the less
you can if youre on drugs
hehe some of the Etards were so worried about dehydrating, theyd overhydrate
youd prob just puke
unless you had an ulcer
too much water?
haha stfu
i guess tho
its not really a 'kill you dead' type a drug
its a 'make you dumb, unmotivated, and incapable of satisfaction on any level' kinda drug

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you prob get brain damage and physical problems
which you have trouble diagnosing and which you dont know the cause of
'when i was young, i drank 10 2 liter bottles of pepsi a day oooioioioi'
wonders why he has health problems
thats not alot really
its more than is healthy, but its not gonna hurt you so much

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prob only it it catches fire and you breathe the fumes
ninjabread: burn it, you die.
blackmoon: you prob dont die of it

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fuckin ruins like the next 10 nuts
ginger stuff is neat
i need to actually spend money on weed at some point, get like a 1/4oz for cooking
yeah you need to make straight strokes
so like sharp frosting cut back on the corners
naw man, that ninja bread could be pointier
man i feel like having a 1 liter cup of chocolate milk
always makes me feel so crappy, but its sooooooo good

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yeah im all fucked up too
someone asked me when i sent them something
i had no fucking clue
i was like monday? friday? is usps even open sat?
i fuckin sent it last thursday, i have like no regular sleep cycle right now
hehe, those all nighters will fuck you up =\
yeh man
when that happens, you stfu
and you do it anyway
and if you show up late, best be sure you finished, or just dont show up
mufucker you just need some herbs
in high school i had mad sleep issues when my dad came around again
hehe, didnt sleep for a week once
was in county childrens system by end of next week
bad nuts suck
like how can something so small taste so bad and linger so hard

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thats just normal on irc
you can eat now because its midnight?
this is like your 2nd no eat day?
alternating days
hes like maintaining a buffer between current state and freakout state
yeah @ 2nd day?

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throwie supplies arrive tomorrow
how much for that?
not bad
hehehe, top brite?
weirdest stamps on those packages
flyback is so popular
hes known like on ALL the science chans on freenode and efnet
heh, he never seems ill willed
just does it wrong, or something, u dunno, bad at irc

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i wonder whose job it is to face the bills before putting them into the atm machine
macegr: who faces teh ATM dollas?
they always pop out the ATM machined faced
you know, facing the same direction, rotated the same
im maybe wrong but im pretty sure theyre always faced
haha i always face my bills
a friend said i was very asian about my monies =\
i dunno what that means really!

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so its good to learn on, see diff error modes, high end response and oscillation stuff
i think their response is so shitty they dont got any kind of open loop gain by the time their internal filter poles phase shift the wave
so theyre almost fucked up in a good way
like 5mV?

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unity open loop in an opamp = failure
anyway, no way you need a 50MHz opamp
get some TL072 or LF412 or something
you shouldnt care about speed
its not what you need, and its not really what opamps are for anyway
you wanna very low voltage offset and bias current
yeah good amp in open loop mode is gonna be on one rail or the other
unless you have ridiculous control of your Vin
yeah 50mA is alot
at lower freq, open loop gain of hundreds or 1000 isnt super uncommon
so 50mV is like 5-50V
ha, fun
theyre still a few hundred for Av under 20K, tho, i think
at least 100
yeah theyre mad cheap
and they have obvious limitations

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100MHz != 20KHz
yeah even cheaper digi scopes not are like 1GS/s
no opamps do ghz really
maybe $40 ones, but fuck shit like that
they prob have shit open loop gain, too
prob input circuit attenuation
i think its maybe an actual input bvandwidth, but dunno
it might just be a 10:1 sample-rate:bandwith thing
meh, phone
someone came but they only had one but i need two
gain bandwidth is a spec for open loop gain
i think its specified at unity gain

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hehe, you can destoy quality in alot of systems by replacing the amps with faster ones
is that an acronym or are you trying to emote something?
audio systems
the response will pick up noise and create oscillation
which wouldnt be a prob for a slower amp
you might not even hear it, but it could be overdriving your parts
prob okay then, just a waste of $
wtf is a converter
please to use more descriptive system descriptions
haha dude you dont want high speed response in a dac system =\
see all those little steps on your waveform
which is why using a high speed amp is pointless
well cuz oscope isnt for audio
they gotta have very high speed input circuits

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its .db in asm
you access them with lpm instruction
dunno about c

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isolation amp is usually just an opamp in a weird package
but yeah, prob not that

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drill press
if you dont have a cnc machine
hehe, i think it was rab who had the dentists drill
can get one of those little craftman like ones
like $80 or something
you can get anything under 1/8" on a 1/8" shank tho, usually
yeah pretty much
maybe mlf package
sop and ssop maybe
they make wide soic tho
but usually not until past 20p
lost of companies use non standard packages too
they might be isolation amps, too
but prob not

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or you can get something made that it drops into
and is held in on one end
you want anything you do to be totally stable tho
lateral slippage doesnt matter
but if the bearing shifts in its mount, itll throw your machine off
its a much simpler solution than press fit
serious youll go nuts with press fitting stuff if you never do it
like, exect same size is too big
its almost better to do a poor finish on your mating parts
i once measured two pieces with .0001" micrometers as being the same
and one just fell thru the other
hehe, had to bang the little one up with a punch to get it to stay

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heheh @ homemade
if i made a CNC at home, itd be with a CNC machine
and id hardly be happy with anyone calling it 'homemade'
nope sorry was away
youll need to make mounts for the cheaper ones
not a super big deal tho
the just go over the rod
well, yeah you could press fit
if the friction on thebars is enough to shift them, something went wrong
like, you can make a two piece deal
or one piece with a cut in it
so you can use nuts to hold it

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yeah i can look
im busy in a couple minutes, tho

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but like, im guessing 80% chance it works fine
well, for one device
3 devices it maybe all go to shit

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thats neat
hehe, might reflect signals back
it shouldnt be a huge issue for limited use
if its the only device on the bus you prob be fine

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led, battery, heatshrink, kapton film trigger strip
honestly im prob gonna use up half playing at the beach at night
everyone pretty excited about that
hehe, LED is such a univerally loved electronic device
i figure i can prob sell on ebay as raver toy
like $5 for 5, or something
and then yeah, next time i go to a massive, take them along for the etards i run into on the way to jungle area

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tomorrow im getting 100 cr2032 and 100 3mm led
and 8ft of clear .75"diameter heatshrink tube
im try and not use all of them, sell em for $1 or $2
just cr2032, really
cuz mad produced, is mobo battery
dont need them too stick
but i can just get double sided sticky pads
only the blue ones are more
cuz the blue 3mm led are $.50
the green, red, yellow are .05 or .07
so theyre like maybe $.35

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adjustable wrenches are fucked up
worse thing you can do to a nut or bolt head
they slip and round the corners
unless youre really, really careful
yeah sockets are 1000x better
or open/box wrenches
ha, non now my car doesnt move
but i usually carried around a socket wrench set
screw drivers, it has some open/box wrenches
sometimes sockets too tall to fit
is a honda tho, if you cant fix it with socket wrench and screwdriver, prob something very very wrong

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LED1 = 0
youre gonna confuse yourself
2nd bit = bit #1 = 0x00000010 = 0x02 = 2
3rd bit = bit #2 = 0x00000100 = 0x04 = 4
sw2 is 0x04 is the switches start at sw0

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if ((PIND & $01) != $01) { /* do bit clear stuff here */}
use 0x01
$01 works in asm
you can just use '1'
without quotes
same shit
bet it compiles the same
yeah noty as bad as the freak
yes it is
sw2 isnt 0x03 tho

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i have my ARM7 bopard all jacked into my stk500
using its led, switches and rs232
there is no functions in c
only passion and strife
no shit?
this one gonna be crazy

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its not a programming thing
its a discrete digital thing =)
no its $FF
pullup inputs, mufucker!
i hate active low LED
serious wtf is that about
the switches pull the port low
thats how you would normally do it with internal pullups
its same thing
it just impliments the pullups externally
so itll worj in pullup or hiz mode
and so you cant burn shit by putting an active hi output thru a switch to ground
has series resistance

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if it doesnt have a manufacturer name on it dont planb on finding a direct replacement
if you call the cash register company, theyll prob bitch at your for opening it
if they do have one for sale, itll prob be for way more than its worth
you just need to find out what kinda of output the transformer is capable of
and replace it with a suitable one
and 0b00000001
itll be $01 if the pin is set, $00 if its clear
yeah AND $01 or OR $FE
but then you gotta teast for $FF
which isnt really an issue on an AVR

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if your thyroid isnt fucked up, probably
i always feel fuckey when i dont eat for awhile
cold and no music
eventually i feel like im going nuts
then i realize im shaking because im cold
or im nuts because no musics
ttmustang: that doesnt mean anything to us we dont know how that function works
and it with 1
trixster: transformers are non standardized and made by tons of companies in all forms of industrialized and semi-industrialized nation

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set it hiz input
theyre pulled up externally
read from PIND

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with a DMM
and yeah, led on stk500 are active low

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i ficking got a box 2-day air, it ended up being 2x 1.5lb boxes
all the batteries
im gonna be raped on shipping probably =(

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ttmustang: basic c syntax questions
im doing arm in C, it makes sense
\it seems dumb for an 8bit micro
okay fu
$10-20, the chip better come with laser turrents and plasma drive engines
$5 will get you a decent atmetga
$2 will get you a decent ATTiny
$6000 will buy you about 6000
fuckin digikey hasnt charged me

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its for embedded, you never exit
unless your avrfreak, and you cant figure out why your programcounter is running off until the end of flash space
return 0; just shuts the compiler up
else itll complaing youre not returning from an int function (main.c)
microcontroller c
_delay_ms might not work up to 500
because most of those c delay loops = straight gay
PORTC |= _BV(PC0);
is that valid?
PORTC &= ~_BV(PC0);
thats PORTC = PORTC & ~_BV(PC0);

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remove the int line?
hes got an stk500
it doesnt matter at all?
incubus[]: its a mainloop, return(0) is more for looks and to shut the compiler up
int or void, doesnt matter if its on the line before or on the same line
its obviously not the problem
incubus[]: itll never hit it, ever
and what youre gonna stop the program or something?
youre still not gonna return from main
if you jump out the while loop, best handle some shit and jump right back in
stopped proc = dead.

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hey i think i made $.02 on my savings account last month

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wtf firewire
so does anything use that besides sony product?
silentb0b: no

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nice, glass on glass fittings
yeah thats nice work
he just popping envelopes on?
hehe yeah fureal
have you done it?
glass working is hard =\

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well no
devices need to be connected to symbols
footprints can be used in boads
but itll ruin back annotation
only good for non schema based
itll end annotation mode
center tap usually
audio stuff, mostly
like, series them for double the voltage handling, parallel them for double capacitance
or just tap them at ground and use them for two diff output filters
im not a glass blower
hehe, i ight be making led things for my glass blower buddy
she wants to try and encase them or something
yeah looks neat
soft glass blowing is nuts
playing with blobs of glass, basically

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okay now why
!calc (1+1)^4
!calc (0.0001*0.0001)^4
what im trying to figure out why is broken
!calc 3.14*(0.0001*0.0001)^2
how do i code with a nissan?
not my bot man
i just wanted something could calc rolloff/resonance freqs
i dunno its not my bot

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!calc 1/(2*3.24*.00001*10000)
!calc 1/(2*3.14*.00001*10000)
!calc 1/(2*(3.14*(.00001*10000)))
how come it doesnt do mine
!calc 1/(2*(3.14*(0.00001*10000)))
!calc 1/(2*3.14*(0.00001*0.0001)^2)

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im not talking about the steppers

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wow you you wanna switch PSU at stepper rates

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dude, its inversely related
the more toque you have, the slower youre going
youre diving voltage thru coils, the current is always gonna look a bit more sine than the square
then you prob burn the motor
unless you mad pwm
any DC with 200V is a burn
project failure
that would be a stepper burn
200V unmodulated would do that
yeah duh
have to chop it ALL THE TIME
youd get even more ripple
HAHAHA @ ripple from 200V supply
you cant do 200V without pwm
you burn your stepper, you fail
how the fuck are you gonna hold the stepper with DC at 200V?
you just took the ripple thing you hate, made it almost 10x worse

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no its not
max torque or max speed, dont get to have cake and eat it
wtf how do you think the motors move?
look, you maximize torque, you have more current to dump during transistions
that takes more time
which makes your motors slower
do you understand?
eo_: yes with pwm
like they did

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right, so square waves at that voltage, no modulation, = stepper death
dude, thats such a meaningless amount of ripple
theyre trying to sim sine wave driving
so they can make the steppers go fast
blackmoon: naw they dont wanna hold it mid step
they just wanna keep over voltage from burning it
so eo thinks they shouldnt chop
they should just leave the voltage hi
dude, the ripple dont mean shit
the ripple is how theyre doing sine approximation
theyre not trying to be at 100% all the time

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okay you are totally corrent eo
natsemi did it wrong, you will pwm faster to do it right
then why are you reading the doc?
fuckin troll i cant believe i wasted 30min on you
thats not what theyre trying to do
theyre running them over voltage
thats why theyre chopping, to keep current down
Because only
windings two 105X series resistors are required to hold the
the winding resistances limit the winding currents V
winding currents to the 05Aphase limit This is an L8R
not exceed V
man that copied horrible
eo_: theyre pwm so they dont kill the coils
using more than rated voltage

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what youre saying is better isnt what theyre trying to do
theyre reducing holding torque to make transistions faster
no you dont want speed you want holding power
okay theyre not
okay eo what are they chopping for
since im all ass backwards here, why dont you break it down for me
yes because theyre putting more duty cycle on it
not as many voltage dropouts = not as much current dropout

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i need a lappy again
so i can poo and read all of the internets
no youd just have a different circuit
natsemis app note circuits are 95% total win
that shit looks like its workiing right to me
you dont seem to understand by speed, they dont meed vertical nature of the current waveform
if they were trying to do that theyd likely do much diff
like just not chop the input voltage
so the current would ramp faster
youre basically saying natsemi is doing it wrong, when they did it right
ive run my steppers full stepp mode, no pwm microstep
they worked fine to like 45 IPM
thats like 900rpm, 1800 steps per minute, 300 per second
i dunno doesnt seem so slow to me, considering its load

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which you dont seem to understand
no you dont
not if youre trying to do whats in that doc
yeah thats what ive been saying
actually its a very good doc
but they achieved something, and youre ragging on them for it
its very frustrating =(
no what youre suggesting is what they improved upon
youre suggestion is just a bridge with a very fast driver
nothing else
aight im gone
omg stop
only efnet girls call me rennypoo and rennypants =\
naw i seen pics remeber
to late to be friends like that
i need to make a poopoo and shower
try and get enclipse working with openocd
eo_: its more interesting than trying to explain how inductors and PWM work

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its a chopper drive
hes bitching because of the ripple and the current delta on switchover
dude if thats you msging me EO ima be miffed
wasnt you
15:52 < EO_> macegr : it's not gay, it just dumps voltage into the coils to get their A up quickly
=( =( =( =( =(
because sometimes its zero duty cycle
eo_: fool, than dont chopper drive
then just feed it squares from a bridge
thats gonna be the fastest current transistion
instead of ramping it up

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you dont understand pwm
15:47 < EO_> The current deltas only bug me cuz they average to < max A for the motor
seriously, wtf are you talking about
like i said, if you dont like the ripple, dont use pwm chopping to step
and the waves will be much prettier
and your steppers will run much jumpier
i do
i dont think you understand basic electronics
yeah sigh, double plus
youre doing PWM thru a filter of sorts
dude youre circuit isnt better
its just a standard bridge
the added functionality
and youre bitching about it
chopping the steppers is gonna make the3 run faster
because the transistions will be smother
itll act and sound better
and itll be less likely to skip or bounce back

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select use program memory for program source
and hir program
make sure the ISP frequency is under 1/4 of your system clock
eo_: how does that make sense?
As for high current deltas, you already get that with the PWM drive.
you will not get higher current deltas than if you just put a 5v square on it
pwm will make it ramp slower
i dunno man it looks like its working to me
i think youre having trouble understanding or something
if the current deltas are whats bothering you so much
if you want less ripple, dont pwm
drop like 1/2 the parts out of your circuit

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in any case, pwm'ed steppers run smoother
why do you want sharp current deltas? that means the stepper will be jumpy
prob more likely to skip or bounce back
if you dont want the ripple, dont use a chopper drive
dunno why youd take the time to design something with mad extra parts if the end results just piss you off for some reason
connect to your programmer, setup the chip, make sure clock if fused properly

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thats only good for external ram handling
mega16 is a better chip for general use
you got an stk500? (thats what chips come with it)
why do you think that
then why are you reading a doc about how to pwm a stepper?
eo_: thats what square wave current look like when you put them thru a coil
thats not voltage
if you dont like the way it looks, i dunno, do read some docs that just draw waveforms in CAD instead of use real one like natsemi
<3 natsemi

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what do you mean?
how is it more risky to have two?
yes but i dunno what youre talking about, best not to pay attention
hey they stole that from natsemi
alt to fig 8, or what?
um, its chopped
thats just the ripple from the chopping

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