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theyre set default
no foolio its a gdb server
the debuggers will hook into that somehow
youre the c programmer all i know about is resistors and capacitors and shit
gdb just the backend, the frontend should handle the ui shit
you just have to get your app to hook into the gdb and to setup the proc
there is docs
the setup stuff is in openocd.cfg files
its basically turning the proc on, setting up the clock, putting in a certain run mode
yeah i dunno about all that
but it apears to work
go nmap jpl or ur mom or something

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so if eclipse or insight work for the on chip debug (theyre supposed to, ARM and atmel have example docs), thats a totally free toolchain
no pirat stuff
i gotta learn the aic code
like layered interrupt prioritizing/vectoring (adv int cntrlr)
the cheap one works with everything
you prob just sucking
did you unlock the lockbits in the flash?
for chip debugging
it should work

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im using cygwin/gnuarm
for 30 days it is
enclipse seems fucked up slow
but eclipse does the debug stuff well, thats a totally free toolchain
non pirat
like, stepping the proc
yes can
foolio thats just how you get direct hijack access
you need to log into the gdb server thing with a debugger
debugger has to startup openocd with the right commands to setup the proc
its fucked up
thats the only part we havent figured out
right now im like cygwin/gnuarm/openocd flash programming capable
got gcc outputting asm files along with the binaries so i can kinda learn both, optimize the fuck outta the low level C

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asked if i was looking to buy compiler
'im a student im trying to get my devkit up'
'oh, do you know how to contact us?'
'okay do you need help?'
this guy was bored
'okay well best luck with your project and thank you for choosing IAR.'
dude they should tell their service reps NOT TO WITH THE CUSTOMER GOOD LUCK
serious its like, hangup
'wait... why would i need good luck?'
i have to figure out how to link it and eclipse up with openocd
you have to put its init code in them and check off a bunch of bullshit
iar ewarm
is it $0 for non pirat use?

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thats like 'audio engineer' for soundboy
'im an engineer!'
'no, you a soundgirl. stfu, be proud, soundgirl.'
like, electronics techs dont get to be called engineers, unless they around musicians
think about that.
'im an engineer!'
'no, you a customer service representative. stfu, be proud, customer service representative.'
might as well be called 'phone bitch'
'no, you a phone bitch. stfu, be proud, phone bitch.'
timecop: did you heor?
IAR called me
and asked me if i liked me tools

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squid pump + nuke grabber technology, wkr4k3r
youre not having the vision, wtf
okay trying to pull that much hardware out with scuba people is recipe for failure
cmon series, wtf you gonna do haul it up with 10 scuba divers, ballons?
oh yeah no ones gonna notice that
you need to build an unmanned squid pumped grabber, wkr4k3r
only solution.
wtf no
you dont want a balast based system
ballast = slow
naw man we gonna do it with squid power
squid dont have ballast
with massive pumps
squid motor, get some wkr4k3r
yes but normal sub architecture is all wrong
we dont need it to be floaty for people
we need it to grab nuke, and have mad bidirectional vectored thrust
we need squid pump technology

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you could make something to do long range recovery of a nuke warhead
go in low sounding like a squid or something
drop dummy, grab warhead, gtfo
giant squid are big dude
you make a squid pump motor with a nuke grabber frontend
the way in, its holding a dummy
drop dummy
grab nuke, full motor reverse
then squid pump it outta there

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a nuke is not a nuke
big diff between little tactical nuke and a heavy hydrogen bomb
not like that
the money it tkes to recover a nuke down there, you could steal one from other sources
so its no more or less risc than other warhead storage facilities
not neccessarily

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yeah but time to write the code and dump it out in nice ascii format?
openoffice calc for lyfe
um fuck all that
i can put it in the spreadsheet and have rows of nice data in multiple formats
which i can easily format with clickies
fuck you wkr4k3r you are insane
our sanity has nothing to do with it
hey hes not drinking it
much of it at least
blackmoon: are you?
okay good
wkr4k3r: bish where yo submureen

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so since i have burn amounts of flash
like waste amounts
i think ima try and do an arm asm project that...
yeah exactly
like 64K x 16b x 2ch wavewatbles
like shit i can break openoffice with
like itll be screaming in erotic agony as i make it calc 2^16 sine values
wtf are you talking about?
to calc it
but then ill have a huge table of all the values in decimal and hex format
perfect for feeding to any one of many sexually advanced text editors
which can use a macro feature to format for asm or c storage
hehe, doing sine for 2^16 values is gonna lag down anything for a bit

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haha because they were wires up wrong
and there wasnt enough cable to do it right (crossing behind the upright tube)
so i used my jbass strings =\
E string broke
er, G string
but D string lasted semester so fat
i try and squeeze hard enough to break it, pretty tought
theyre flatwound with brass endnut, so way sexier than normal string
ha, lucky it didnt degass or shatter
yeah its fused with the glass
oh haha
enough light?

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just a thin plate, those can rust themselves to one side same way tho
my dad has a porsche 914
air cooled, early bosche EFI
if you didnt replace the fuel lines and vacuum hoses, theyd sometimes break up
hehe, little mid engine porsche catches fire
6" behind passenger!
brakes lines should be lifetime
200K+ miles
never heard of a honda or toyota needed all new brake lines
im using flat would bass guitar string for brake cable
flat wound
a flat wound D string

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thats teh precision machinings, yo
prob need a new head gaskey
er gasket
yeah might be okay
depends if its like a steel piece or some fiber based material
if its steel and its not rusted past just the very edges, maybe comes off okay
yeah theyre fiber based
sometimes theyre steel tho

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blackmoon: http://www.nma-fallout.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=40443
looks interesting
fallout 2 expansion

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timecop: just take pics of random digital stuff with the part numbers rubbed off
some crazy 4 layer shit where the IC traces mostly just drop outta sight
and then review it with that as your visual figures
say you RE'ed it, and give false part numbers
claim prototype and low production run parts by very big company
make witty comments about violting your NDAs...
haha i bet you could fill like 20 pages of content with bullshit like that
the audiophools

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timecop: make an audiophile product hype site for hits
i bet youd be good at that
like, you got the terminology down, but you have no idea about analog electronics at all
shit youd be perfect, actually

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man when you got nothing and youre bragging about the clock IC
dude audiophile texts prob the most excited i ever seen you get about anything

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better to make design redundant, so functionality is not affected!
naw i built it with the big holes
see clamp on right on top?
and then missing screw 2 up on the clamp

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yeah tooling breaks
tool steel very hard compared to normal commercial steel
tiny HSS taps are fucked up
torsional flex is like just kinda normal
catch wrong, they just sheer
just enough that you can feel it
they snap way before theyre doing serious fucked up shit to tpi geometry =\
sec i have pic
i had to cut them out
totally fucks up geometry when you do that =\
not without fucking themself up
like, if you got the speeds and plunge feed perfect
but like, prob waste 4 cutters trying to figure out what that is

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tool steel is the same price as Ti
except one type
i had cobalt 1/8" bending like 20deg
while running thru Al
for hours!
when it broke i was like 'omg finally'
yeah but carbide would never bend
its cobalt tool steel
cemented tungsten carbide is usually cemented with cobalt, heh
and like, big tools almost dont count
the amount you can use bill tools before they break or even stop cutting is nuts
er, big tools
hehe, some of our 1" manual mill cutters are HSS, dont have cutting tips really, still work
just like, punching the metal outta the way
or something

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bandpassed AC decoder/mixer and a schmidt trigger
that should work right?
.375 x 12" pure titanium rod

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how ever many it ran on before
hahaha @ smash the rectifiers
haha short in the correct way
blackmoon: so yeah, i wanna do two pwm motor controllers for steppers
4 stepper, tank control style
and do you know any good wireless transiever chips?
just for encoding rs232 stuff
rab: maybe burns a bridge diode
prob not tho
the psu designers would have to be total assholes
blackmoon: wireless chips?
or just a module i can pull a chip part no. off of
im like, how hard can it be to make one

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$60 + shipping to get into arm
(check teh sparkfun)
all of them
one is on a status led thru a jumper
yeah can write to all 32 one cycle
pll and divider
800mA 3.3Vreg
powered off usb
its just dropping 2V
no just ldo
like, it wont get 800mA off the usb anyway
but youre prob not gonna burn the vreg
yeah, i wouldnt pull for than like 200mA from it
yeah maybe second
then prob drop out

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kevtris: maybe thats the stall amps!
'The Power of 20 amps. (The Power to get unfucked or burn.)'
out vacuum stretched out its roller belt like and inch all at once
belt looks fine, just too big now
weird, like stretched out super even
blackmoon: you know olimex sam7 header board?
for the brush roller
yeah it got hot and expanded
jtag, usb, female header breakouts on the bottom
heheh, i wanna turn mine into a little tank!
like, 4 steppers, synced per side
and some sort of wireless comm
$35 or $45
depending at91sam7s256 or at91sam7s64
yeah and programmer just $25

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its rebate
theyre just dumping them probably
need new data entry monkeys

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sry waking up =\
so basically running the cr2032 dead short in OMGWTF mode
i should test
thats prob why
plus led are pretty bright at 1 or 2 mA
maybe your voltage was dropping out when led on
tiny2313 okay down to either 3v or 1.8 v, dont remember

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ravers pollute the venue with trigger strips, thats a ravers fault not me
oh neat you got it
the boom is nice and stable?
yeah so theyre not on right after making them
you slide between the cr2032 and led pin
and heatshink it all together
so to turn on, pull strip
oh haha
gpf_1: yeah its like a cr2032, with led pin on both sides, soldered on one side, heatsink together
so you put paper or file between the non soldered pin and that side of the cr2032
pull strip, led pin contacts, throwie engaged
heat, heatshrink together
er, or film
yeah if it can make 3mA its okay
if it can make more itll kill the led =\
you dont need balast R because cr2032 push max 3mA
not according to datasheets
theyre moninal like 500uA
er nominal

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gpf_1: blackmoon: hi
blackmoon: i bought parts for 100 led throwies!
i dunno if i got excited at you about it yet
i got 100 cr203, 100 3mm led, 48ft of clear .75" heatshrink tube
er, cr2032
100 throwies, $40
blackmoon: i even cut up my kapton film to slide under the led pin and heatshrink tube to make trigger pins!
ima try and sell as raver toys
also take pics at beach and mountains and stuff
like, 50pt of green light in a mountain scene for $20 is a pretty awesome deal
like, i even got blues
the other leds were .05 or .07 each
no ima pick em up

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macegr: the TI stuff shipped yesterday

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stupid compiler
it says "these are not defined"
but yes they are

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omg r u ok?
gonna become a btard, stop carrying out all your up responsibilities
no see i didnt spend an hour reading 4ch i dunno what youre talking about
causality: charles is gonna become a btard and then turn into a shitop

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3/16 is > 1/8"
i mean 1/8"
see youre not paying attention!
hahaha qoutebot pls
but yeah
take a 3/8" rod, steel or Ti
mill down to 3/16" above the tool collet area
or lathe i guess but ima do on my mill
press the bearings on, few inch apart
no ima lathe on my mill
like put the rod in my spindle
and the tool in a holder on my machine table
have you seen youtube!?
causality: no shit its like knightwriter with an even more awkward lead
knight rider?
youre lucky

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i think for ABEC-7 bearings
so like $28
for flanged and unflanged
make something that drops in
abec-7 are the ridiculous ones
yeah but its wider than a 1" shaft
so i can taper a 3/8" rod down

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inches 4 life
you can do it with 3
then i could do 6
in 2 rings
you are so smrt
well yeah, but thatd be bigger
more weight
not much
.126" !
and then you make it rotatable around the X and Y axis
the mount, to tram the z
i wanna do 50K
with a tiny spindle shaft
with a hole for .125" bits at the end
with two bearings
ima get link forbearings

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thatd be neat
i wanna try and make a venturi mineral oil sprayer for my mill
no man, like something awesome
something that i make
i wanna make one fureal
a high speed spindle, like those die grinders
but with badass bearings
1/8" collet with triple shank set screws

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blackmoon: dunno
can put air motors on anything

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okay like a whole day with this mutant bbBlean(blackbox for windows)/rxvt/cygwin setup
and nothing is on fire
windows is holding the smoke
putty dies when i window shade it
but ima try and take window shading out the config and make it do min/maximize
if i can do desktop switch with mouse wheel this is most awesome useful setup ev0r
and i dunno, putty dies, but its not like windows can do shading
if windows shaded my putty windows, something prob broke
it even lets me keep my windows desktop

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theres actually a 2nd axis on the head arm
the 2nd axis is the bury the head into the platter
its actually embedded inside the bearings
tiny coils, burn up when you give them a few mA
no evidense
tiny IC sense oxygen and make the coil dissapear
O2 or SGNFCNT_FKD signal from the MAXTOR DESTRUCT controller
oh shit its not even 10a yet

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i want to make a little tank
with my arm headerboard
with wiskers
hard drives are safe
inside computers
cds die in months to years
unless you keep em caked up
if you use the cds, they eventually wear out
ive seen tons and tons of dead hdd
my seagates dont die
but they live behind a fan, and they dont spool up 2 or 3 times a day
yeah because when seagate bought them out, the CEO hit the red button that activates the little wireless reciever based MAXTOR DESTRUCT sequence

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okay so i was bitching how on an arm you cant set and clear a port in the same cycle
they thought so to
so you can by writing to the status register (wtfwtf!?)
25mA isnt low for logic

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i fuckin went back in time, invented drum n bass, kept that shit ultra underground for like 80 years, then got my brain transfered into the me of this time
dude dont do it
dod its prob like 1000 hours
at the end, when the cast is all diff and you dont even know wtf the point of it all was
youll be like 4 years older
you could do it in 3 days
weekends yo
friday night to monday morning
you can do it, the math works out
you can sleep at work

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mystery as old as time.
heh, the arm chip im using is as much as the atmega plugged into my stk500
i just bought pack of cigs and i went to get one but its the mepty box
oh neat i found cigs
and 'cool watermelon' gum
yeah very bad habit
haha im not hippy you fuckhead
i wear dickies and black tshirts and dont listen to anything except dnb for like 99 years

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