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china makes 5mm led look all dramatic
whatever im down
hehe 10a is when i went to sleep yesterday
wow timecop thats like, a credible link

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how many quids?
okay i buy
okays i did it
<3 school house rock
i need lots of red led too

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i saved money buying from china in british moneys
i didnt save that much =\
i got teh machined ones
wtf is a quid?
is that like a pound?
40x1 strips, 20 male and 10 female
is like $.50usd for each after shipping

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ah, there we go
blackmoon in the copper, seen that before =)
need external ram
defeats purpose

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16 is blurry
haha like we follow the limit
i was drinking in colleges when i was 8
hehe, my bro was a frat house president when i was 8
i get alot of 'hey kid, wanna try your first beer?'
macegr: an arm7 could prob do it
2.25x the speed, same as a mega, no need for external ram
is that what moon made for you?

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neat ram pops up 1/3 their catalog
i didnt till i was 25
dont see why not
damn wtf
2K of dual port sram is $8
yeah i know and thats way expensive

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you want like clked ram
that you can edit during run time
thats what i mean
you have your led drivers on ram output, and somehow you edit the ram while its running
ram is just a big buffer
whats dual ported ram?
is that what its for?
yeah but then its still a crazy race
oh you mean over multiple cycles
thatd take forever to update
damn this is not digikey search
sloppy focus w00t

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yeah tinies are awesome except for ram
you wont get speed like direct access mem, tho
youre better off with a mega if you need the ram speed
if something else is the bottleneck, ext maybe okay
not happening
not in any sane manner
well, maybe in a hardcoded cycle counted loop
ints add like 6 cycles overhead
itll glitch
wont happen on a tiny most likely
or any avr

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man i remember when i coded avr
and life was simple
and i had 3 different tools to hijack its flash
heh, what the farm

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they have print servers?
they prob didnt want it to compete with their print servers
or maybe printing loaded the core up to much, shrug

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path0s: hahah thats funny
thats so neat
yeah thatd be awesome

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also hahaha
thats a trip, it was prob all native compiled
arms are so neat
yeah but they wouldnt need the gcc tools on the arm system if they werent doing it native
or i dunno maybe they were dumb and didnt realize they just needed the libs not the whole src file
haha yeh

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wtf mirc
wtf bx
bx is an irc client with a permenent full script infection =(
armv5 is the architecture version, not the core, version, yesno?
that shit is so weird
like, you have an arm7 but its arm v4
oh little arm network box, neat
how do you get in?
sshe or telnet or wut?
oh nice

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omg cold
do we have a topic?
23:17 -!- Topic for #electronics: No topic set for #electronics
or is irssi just being stupid?

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hella useful
autoshops use air tools more often than electric tools
or did, maybe not anymore
hehe, impact wrenches are awesome!
thats sounds about right

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the little black electric one from harbor frieght sucks
my gf got it, fine for an airbrush job
but it died on her when she tried to blow up an air matress
does it run?
yeah better if it blows up there
yeah id prob wanna overhaul that shit

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yeah youd have to do +0x10
openocd kinda wants someone to write like a ton of scripts and definitions files for it

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timecop: theres a memory map
when you get to the section in the datasheet, go up
the figure is above where the bookmark goes, its weird
but that has the peripheral addresses
and then the peripheral register descriptions will have an offset value
so add them, and feed to openocd in hex, and try not to yell at it too loud
you can try
i would be surprised
yeah it works tho
thats all im doing in my head

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youre supposed to hook a debugger into it
hehe, the telnet just needs like a few thousand register and pin definitions to be useful
which seems to be implimented in the openocd stuff, just no one done it
still seems like a smaller mainstream project
think so
remember i dont do c so im lost
i have halp

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you have the wiggler clone?
oh yeah i dunno, we got the parport thing, works
i did for my printer
but thanks to this, my printer is now usb

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timecop: what do you mean they dont even run were programming our sam7 fine with free tools

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