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no more asm i think
i think now is the time for bagel or croissant and sleep

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google wiggler jtag schematic
its $20 from sparkfun, tho
$25 with the parallel port extention cable to make it useful
you can get a olimex header board with an atmel sam7 for like $35 or $45
depending how much sram and flash you want
and programming environment is free (cygwin or linux, gnuarm, openocd)
so $60+shipping, cheapest arm setup
the chips themselves are like $5-$16, for the sam7s stuff

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arm asm
doing init code for c main()

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hey i do my asm completely in lowercase
does that mean im deviant?

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4bits each
the immediate/roate stuff is 8+4 bits
sw interrupt is contional:1111:[swi number]
like subvectored int handling stuff
sculptor: naw man thats ip_v9
future shit.
super 3r337.

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and then theres an arm7tdmi doc
almost identical, one has more stuff, one is more specific
found it
heh, man fuck risc, its all bullshit
avr is risc, but its like 150 instructions
arm is risc, but theres prob thousands of variations for all the opcodes
top 4 bits are contional
in every opcode aperently
3bits below that seem to encode the type of opcode
opcode is 3 or 4 bits
then yeah, the registers if theyre used

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okay its a trip, most of the arm asm has built in conitional
like, movlo would only move if the previous status bit modifying instruction is lower
it means they get really creative with 32b opcode lengths
the mnemonic is only a few of the 32b
so like, theres a section to store a 8b constant
and another section to specify how much to shift
so you can make weird numbers up to 32b, suck as $F000000F
besides $FF00 and $FF and normal stuff
theres a table
theres like an arm architecture doc

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i been running this bbClean shit on my xp for hours
like, with rxvt and and a gnuarm/cygwin toolchain shit running
and reliability and functionality isnt disintegrating
im totally amazed, this is maybe the longest ive used cygwin without it ruining everything in my life
fuck explorer, fuck gnome, fuck kde, fuck xfce a little bit
blackbox #1.
i want scroll-wheel desktop switching bad, tho =\

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i really dont get gnome or kde
naw, cuz theres a huge portion of lunix that cant stand shit like gnome and kde
wm just supposed to draw windows so you can grab onto your programs and resize them and shit
xfce is nice if the system needs the gnome bg stuff running to not act retarded

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timecop: wtf?
hehe you mail sounds jacked up
holidays fucked up there like here?
yeah not like, something about the code, or like how people feel about it
the common struggle is what its about

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they kind have a hybrid explorer taskbar/blackbox taskbar plugin
desktop label and switches, task buttons, sys tray, time and process switch

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it works
it have blackbox in windows with menu integration and window manager skins
and its fast =O
omg not at all
unzip, hit the .exe called blackbox

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but like, diodes arent clear, blargh
blargh: oh huh my 1n914 are in clear beads

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haha at error vs load

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hehe, its on spingy feet

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whatever mopcite
$40 for 100 pimp throwies

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awesome discontinued fluke dmm
yeah those are kinda ugly
hehe, i kinda think theyre all ugly except mine

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yeah thats good
oh i almost freaked out at digikey shrinktube prices
but its for like 200' rolls
heh, they have 4' too
fluke dmm #1
clear heatshrink tubes for the throwies \o/
see, dont be giving me monies for xmas
ill just blow it on cr2032 and leds and sexy heatshrink tubing
its and old dmm

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im about to hit buy on parts for 100 throwies
50 grn 20 yel 20 red 10 blue =D =D =D
of like 40 so far
blue 3mm leds are .48 =(
other led are .05 or .07
charge the ravers $3 for the blue ones
ricer better have dolla dolla dolla
okay now i just need heatshrink tube
and im use the kaptop sheets i have for trigger pins
seravitae: its much to early to bother about details
details are for very late in the project
yeah buy the parts, then design, rebuy, repeat

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blargh: <3

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omg i buy too
bitches i kinda burnt my foodz!
kinda tastey like bbq now

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whatever they can work dolla bill

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axial led wtf?
yeah i <3 those
the leads are so thin they almost rub away between your fingers
throwie = $.30
you can sell that to a raver for like $2, $1 at the end
they like shiny

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wow i think im gonna do this blackbox for windows shit
i want to take some to the beach
im order throwy supplies now
with a soic tiny driver!
bitbang pwm
deadbug soldering
cd2032 = .25 at digikey
er, crcrcr
i dont want flashers tho =\
naw i cant do cheaper!
check this out...
haha prob get harassed for those

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litestep did your caps, dude
cuz im already using cygwin and rxvt
fuckit, you know
i want me some quick desktop changing action
and by quick i dont mean go down to the task bar and click a menu and click a button
i dont remember what i didnt like about nvidias desktop switcher

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dont check sparkfun check china
has anyone tried any of the blackbox-like alternate explorer shells?
im not a jew, ask any jew
because i want my whole fuckink desktop except a little tiny styrip where i can change desktops/terms with mousehweel
if its not shit, itll prob keep those
im not trying to make you use it
have you used it?
macegr: its so fragile =(
usually it just popes up an explorer windows
you were a junkie

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dude you can but 3 led for 40c
smt led are maybe $.10?
i thought his things had dot calibration?
hey you guys better not let me burn my foods
i dunno is ground meat on medium low
im like gettin the oily shit out before i make it tastey
should be good for 10min?
thats kinda a neat idea
rab: we need to get some sort of #electronics IC fab setup =(

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you set the duty ratio by adjusting OCRB
okay no more help for you
no doubt

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tiny85 only has two 8bit timers
OCRA sets top
if it only has one compar reg, my opinion of avr changes alot
it has OCRA and OCRB
use mode 2, CTC TOP=OCRA
OCRB interrupt will still work if you put it in between 0 and OCRA
you set the resolution of the timer with OCRA

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i didnt say it was
i told you how i would use a timer and ZC to do it
i said there was like 10 ways to do it right
i dont see how my method is complex at all
yeah delay loops on a micro with multiple timers is kinda lame
you could have tons of free cpu time to do other shit if you use timers
also you have multiple timed points to drop in code
youre 120Hz ZC is gonna kinda be system timer
so you have all the time in the world, can make the extra pins drive a cofee maker or some shit
just sei as soon as you enter
its dumb tho, non nested interrupts are like automatic process handling
tiny13 only has one timer?
thats lame

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wtf timer overflow
i told you i dont want to see code, i dont do avr in c anyway
use the timer in CTC mode
set the OCRA value so that its almost a 120Hz time period
like maybe 1/120*.9
use that interrupt to shutdown and reset the timer
and to turn the triac signal off
then you program a value into OCRB for your duty cycle
on that interrupt, you turn the triac signal ON
itll count past
you need to read the datasheet to know what im talking about
on OCRB interrupt, you set the triac high
on ZC detect, you start the timer
then you put code to update OCRB to adjust your duty cycle

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superware: sense for ZC, and delay trigger
you want to do it with a timer, really
ctc set up for 120Hz ocra, and your duty cycle setting in ocrb
on ocrb you set, wait, and clear the trigger
no im not looking at your code
you have to do code yourself
ill tell you how
you have to make sure the triac output if OFF during a ZC event
and then you have to set the delay before turning the trigger ON
you have to turn triac OFF before next ZC
theres prob like 10 diff right ways to do this on on avr

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so arm instructions are nuts
because each instruction had multiple modes and banching built in i think
macegr: even normal people understand icanhascheezburger
even when they dont get the jokes, they like the kitties
macegr: people didnt understand kangaroo punch like they understood kitties

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they maybe mistake you for truckerhole =(
my cat is posted in front of the heater, robbin me of my heat

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rab: dude i was in the middle of mojave
were like on mile 2500 or something
fuckin lunchables in the dirty liquor store on the 10 in the middle of the desert was awesome
airtight sealed meal kit!
truckstop food isnt so bad
its just fast food
they all have fast food and like a 7/11
oh you mean like random stop for truckers
normal people shouldnt go to those places

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but they kinda blast forward
i usually dont lie them down
electricity is so neat
whatever wtf do you guys knows
preservatives and sodium are GOOD for you
they preserve and sodiumize you

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i put some caps in backwards and the electrolyte sprayed in my face and melted thru my head
alien blood style!
yeah the scream like lobster
mine gas out and bubble
the little ones
oh wait but he has big ones, prob a cardboard can?
rab: i mean the ends tho
i remember there being alot of cardboard on those old caps, eheheheh
rocket style, w00t
macegr: you blew up the lens?
ha crazy
ive cracked tons of to220

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thin meat is awesome.
hehe thing has a funk 1 button UI
faster to turn it off by pushing it on its back
meru: omg fucked up!
macegr: omg fucked up!
its okay to eat pork
because pigs are like people
duh, because bacon is goooooood
good hash browns is the best tho
i take good hash browns over bacon
hehe, bigass tube caps

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is cold and harsh on the wintertimes, yo!
slow metabolism = higher effeciency.
no but in usage of fuel
in losing weight you just wanna be mad active
no way around that really
meru: disturbing
okay and adkins worked
doesnt mean it was good for you
no im saying tho, there was lots of science behind it
and it became a benefit of weight lost vs risk of dying because bacon stuck in your heart valves
hell mufuckin jeah

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hehe, i feel weird when im under 200
where did all my momentums go!
youre gonna be angry those off days
but thats maybe good if you can channel the darkside okay
its only for the hardcore, stu
im pretty sure hes trolling
yeah but slower metabolism == more effeciency
== less food $$
haha only girls call me rennie!
or rennypants =\
for a high metabolism diet
you want to eat small stuff and burn it off quick

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with proper isolation for the supply, the ZC detection, and the output to triac
get a fuckin real vreg, goddamit

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yeah timecop can learn
superware has reverted back to some previous failure design
even worse because the previous failure design had enough sense to use some fuckey NPN emitter follower to trigger the triac
so he went to an opto triac, worked fine
and now hes back to some earlier fucked circuit
superware: you need to stop trying to play corpy engineer and cutting every other last penny, because your solutions usually arent cheaper or better =(
okay well program your tiny to do a slow ramping pwm
and use your scope to debug that shit
if you say the avr is acting fuckey, i will laugh at you and your circuit and go away
because your powering a micro from a fucked up supply
okay so my suggestion is do it right

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you draw schema like you smoke rock or something
you junked the opto buffer
okay look im guessing you cant dim
because when MT2 is way off in space, speaking in terms of voltage
youre hitting the gate with like under 5V
social affairs on your circuit are sour, indeed, sir.
so im guessing it either works almost full on or doesnt work
at what voltage

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macegr: yeh wtf
there was people stomping around on my roof
then it starts raining
wtf are you doing now

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i think its CCW, starting from X+Y+
so +X-Y is IV
but im not 100%

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