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by last day or two, do you mean in the last 20 years?
and by hard, do you really mean, very light?
no, no snow man
we got like 2" in 1986

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coderjedi: get your own, man
i dont
its prob good shes not getting married to him
not a slut
fuck that

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mufucker, how you live then?
serious, how you live?
blackmoon: yeah but then like, you cant recognize anything anyway
so whats the point
yeah, like my ex/temp-gf
i was mean i said something like 'but then you called me up to bitch at me about it'
'so now im bitching at you?'
i hate it when n00bs post afrotechmods
(toe lost in modding accident)
what if you are a good guy, tho

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coderjedi: why dont you just buy a car alarm?
my ex[/temp?] gf is mad because im not calling her enough
like, i dont call anyone
i sit around and wait for people to call me up
hehehe wtf?
so the gov could track everyone, moon
now phone have cams
i had to explain my friend that just because his phone is off, doesnt mean his cam is off
he was smart tho, he said its suck out his battery to xmit the data
tho i was smarter
i said id use his own mufuckin SD card to cache the data
and then xmit while he was using the phone
video, moon!
continuous streamed video!
even little pics are like maybe 300k

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you keep working on this ill defined, 'magic' linear switching technology
actually, maybe i will build a tube class-d
like, soonish
make a proto out of preamp tubes
because i <3'ed teh little 12ax7 (yes i did)
apperently there are two tubes inside this little tube, im like omg automagical long tail pair

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why what?
er, by what
aint shit appeared yet
okay but until then, im gonna keep using doped silicon

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haha fuck tube amps
i still wanna make a class-d tube amp just to be abnoxious
blargh: that mobo is real
i remember first tube mobo from years ago
prob that one, cant imagine they make tons
wonder how well the plate and grids pick up the EMI being sprayed everywhere in the computer
test33: just instrument amps and backup transmitters
the market for tubes
shit is dead, i worked for groovetubes competitor, is not like a happy scene really

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coderjedi: if you do it right, maybe sounds badass
class A, w00t
whats ieee1284?
well, unless theyre lying, yeah right?

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my god youve become the antifirmware coder

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the one were gonna be half doing for coderjedi
yeah what is the actual project
coderjedi: if you do this half assed, you wont learn shit
and itll prob just piss you off, and youll give up
code isnt code isnt code
this is hardware, not software

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theres two basic ways
shit, i almost dont wanna know
its prob ugly as all fuck
im assuming its loading pointer registers
i would just use registers or sram and pointers
see im like, thats such a waste
wtf stack, just leave it and grab it
asm ftw
dude, your aint programming windows
your operating a machine
guys, this is gonna be a hard, hard project
maybe we should advice to abort

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yeah thats a whole diff definition of hardware really
not really
your probs aint gonna be code most the time
its gonna be microcontroller and board level stuff
coderjedi: do you know what a program counter is?
i guess thats maybe the diff between higher and lower level programmers
well, youre there
because c on a micro aint a huge step from asm
youre gonna be fuckin with registers whether you want to or not
c isnt really an abstraction layer in this case
its just more for readability and portability
coderjedi: on an avr there are almost 200
yes, really
more than 130, less than 180, i think
dont remember the exsact numbers
its diff for each core, too

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dude ive prob gotten like $150 worth of chips in two orders
they sent me shit that wasnt stocked at digikey til weeks after
dude dont say that
i have a fresh cygwin and its behaving
i order parts like every months
dont you pay attention to my blogging ass?
yes all of the months!
errornine: you dont know c?
or programming concepts at all?
yeah once you get an avr up and spinning, everything else is little steps
i forgot
its fuckin awesome to code for, tho
i do asm code and i think its awesome
like, its hardware coding, so theres gonna be details that will piss you off
but most people in here who do avr have dealt with the same things at some point

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they need top get over the 512k max sram thing
a tiny with 8k sram would rawk
as much as flash?
external is the enemy, moon!
they just need small footprint avr with serious sram for data processing
hell then you could use those avr as external sram + processing for big mega avr
errornine: also help dx find out why his avrgcc is broken
it happened to me to but i dunno how i fixed it
yeah its weird every has totally diff exp with atmel samples

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blackmoon: i think thats the other reason greycz hates me now
besides that i didnt cry for him when he went away
like, i gave you those boards
he was gonna try and ranson them off to you for documentation
im like wtf greycz it should just work
no he wanted like tutorials or something so hed know how to do it
no i have a few, still
theyre hiding but i think i know where
what are those called?
i looked, digikey doesnt seem to stock shit that doesnt have a uC inside
thats what i should do with tiny85 samples
attach them to maxim samples
i mean, thats like prob 4 easy projects right there
huh, no not for what youre talking about
cant do shit except decicated interface stuff with tinies

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yeah i done that alot, heheheh
your hard drive uses 40 pin box headers
i like alternating ground lines
oh hahaha
you need adapters?
you think that would make money?
isp to breadboard?
whats ejtag?
omg like a box header connection is just gonna come apart for no reason
like, i never had a hard drive cable just fall out
yeah for production boards, you make the plug whatever you want
can just make an adapter
just avrstudio!
asm is for ninjas!
you wanna be a ninja!
girls do c code!
haha man i have issues
voodoo is pretty ninja, dude
not foot clan
blackmoon: you tested that?
i have like 3 of those i think

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digital comparator
unless youre mass producing
and having it assembled
and dont even want to adjust firmware
so you can leave out the pgmr connector
then it kinda makes sense to program the chips
blackmoon: my avrisp pins are connected to my dac!
omg painful!
theres certain things thats bad for them
theres a standard connector for each family of chips
like, for avr, youd buy a baggie of 10pin box headers

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if it aint 2^n, fuckit
its a waste of cpu cycles
sample and average 5 sample or 10 sample WTF! WTF WERE YOU THINKING WTF
i need a wireless key alarm
RFID is passive or active?
or either
oh they do come in passive
they are as scary as i thought

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but .01 is easy
yeah machine can do steel
errornine: not compared to production industrial CNC, no really
sounds average to shitty
unless like, youre routing wood or something
^dx^: tqfp should be doable
actually maybe thats what i do today
use up those tqfp atmega48
or 44
or whatever the fuck they were
that just makes him normal in here
average person in here spent their childhood taking shit apart
shit that worked
gpf_1: which sucked more?
'guys guys, will this nuke work?'
[post trajectory profiles and target maps and raw data texts]
you using calc.exe?
or powertoy calc
or spreadsheet
or wut

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^dx^: the panels gotta be removable
i can do holes in the front of the case if it doesnt come off
unless the case is like 3" tall
no i have a tiny cnc in my bedroom
haha, i sound all sarcastic
yes really
youre the gf?
you bitch stop taking up all his time
he never gonna finish that cnc
errornine: depends
blackmoon: thats prob not so hard
yeah something flat like that prob no issue
oh thats like nothing
it steps at .00025
and i have it in eighth step mode
backlash is between .001-004

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dont do failure shit
fail enough doing it the right way
what did he pick?
is he the one with an actual 741?
you want an integrated IC preamp, and a IC class-D solution
you dont want to design it from scratch
hell pro audio for cars prob doesnt design it from scratch 90% of the time
^dx^: kinda, not at a user level
SD has integrated security features i guess
(secure digital)
i think its maybe the pinout
why not get SD?
MMC almost doesnt exist
SD whupped it
no it isnt
SD works with spi, im pretty sure
(never done it, but this is supposedly the case)

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^dx^: wtf
wtf do you think an opamp is inside?
fuckin midgets with DMM and on pots?
mosfets how?
dude, saying 'opamp' is annoying
'opamp' doesnt mean anything
i have opamps that output 50W at 35V supply
burning 50W in the chip
'opamp' doesnt mean anything except a high impedance diff input amp with low output impedance and very high gain
it could have any value of output power
wtf NO
17:52 < crillic> ErrorNine: just find an online schematic
that should be some ban on sight shit
helps no one =(
you can base your design off theirs
after you understand it
random electronics off the net = failure
like, failure is a part of learning
but fuck that

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^dx^: kinda not really
dev environment is the confusing thing now
like all the makefile/lib/header/etc mess
i kinda get it, but no practice ever, so its just kinda weird
^dx^: i know but its weird for me to code stuff and not get it
like, just kinda trust other people code

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like half off the desk or some shit?
he became cyber
is it evgen worth taking ics?
or does it just look normal now
you were here those 6 months?
er werent
dx pain is like an old topic
then he showed the pic
and it made perfect sense
several pics, actually
that spine thing didnt look awesome either
^dx^: do they think your spine thing is because of your posture because of your shoulder?
hopefully gets better now
that shit looked nuts =\
^dx^: legs still going numb and shit?
and thats why you go to prison for fraud

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yeah its opposite what i figure
but it makes sense from an electron flow view
youre either dumping out or sucking in electrons
acts diff when you dumps them out as opposed to suck them up
gpf_1: ham buddy?
good lucks
i think tig is cool because its like toch welding
except with arcs
mig/stick seems to easy
errornine: dx is right
it wasnt a joke
the same thing happens when you measure ohms across a cap

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its the same considerations, pretty much
i dont really trust them so much
but i can see myself being dumb and forgetting to put my mask down
hehe, i was doing mad vertical welds in 1/4" plate with the torch my last day
dude youre dealing with resistances of bug chunks of metal
how much voltage do you need?

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and a switch, probably
some stupid simple speed control
oh i was saying the whole circuit
yeah its prob just gear motor assumbly
oooh, you been using the gas setup?
yeah if i do TIG im probably gonna get one
nvxc: better for alot of reasons
cant see with a 10!
naw dude
you dont wanna fuck with those modules
at all
when it fails, dont try and fix it
wait till you can see again, and buy a new one
you cant even see most lights with a 10

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your mig is still doing okay?
oh i thought it was even cheaper
bent it?
yeah, prob could fix it

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it just means youre nuts, but you didnt break a law
but if they let you go, youll prob get hurt or fuck someone or property up
if you break a law, they dont usually 5150 you
and even if they do, theyd just put you in the jails psych ward
psychos go to jail
psych hospital people are usually way more harmless than even normal people
yay, C in english

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hehe, i got escorted out of a holiday in, the hollywood bowl, the scientology building
what else
i think i was cool at the wax musuem
some guy in hollywood try to do that in a squat pad
i had to be like, 'dude! naw.'
squatters house or building
i went back home
after my dad was gone
theres was drama in between
but yeah, thats basically what happened
its really easy to get 5150'ed instead of going to jail
then its 3 days of free food and a nice bed
maybe 2 weeks if you get too excited
5150 is an album name
van halen
its the police term for a 3 day psychological hold
3 days, evaluate, then 14 days, evaluate, 30 days, 90 days, indefinite (likely headed for state)
tho you can get out earlier, depends on the dr's
5150 doesnt mean psychotic

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incubus[]: maybe
haha he didnt look that normal
his face was always fucked up
like, he looked normal
but he was always fucked up
sure, for few weeks or a month or something
seemed a better deal than hanging out at the halfway house/crackhouse
haha, hollywood
incubus[]: i aint dumb, i aint trying to be down on skid row
i didnt, or under a 101 overpass
i mostly didnt
always amusing when i go to the hollywood bowl for shows
irwolfie-: parents where why i wasnt at home
wtf what did i do all day
wander around half psychotic from sleep deprivation and amuse myself in between hunting for foods
psych meds
not much weed, i prob would have been okay if i had a bunch of herbs
actually i was okay the days i scored herbs, those are the only clear days

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like, serious wtf do you do after fucking a hot dumb chick
'yo can you move, i got some more interesting shit to do than talk to you know that i blew my load'
wtf i said after not during
she was a nurse and her name was fairchild!
incubus[]: thats still fucking
like, 120-150 is usually awesome
i dont like skinny chicks
fuckin hip bones for handlebars, what?
theres gg alin vids of him getting one of his girl fans to piss in his face
after he pukes
he drinks more
gg allin is dead, dude
there was like a riot in NYC when it happened
im sure he would have been proud
well, mini riot
very hot big chick
she prob like 200lbs
trust, she big

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wtf does how a girl looks have to do with how she fucks?
at all?
hell, igly girl waaaaaaay more likely to put the effort in to please you
where as a oft fucked chick prob hardly cares
yeah, but youre prob defining every girls who not model hot as ugly
thats pretty sad that you consider your gf the edge of ugly
'fat' is also a weird term
like, some curvy big girls are hot
some skinny girls who have okay faces are fuckin hideuous
i think ive done girls who were like 200-250
more cusion for the pushin!
id rather fuck a cool fat chick than a hot dumb chick

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and by that point, youre 90% hopeless
you gotta give kids a chance
they have none
because it is
crime pays, yo
so like, how you gonna complain abou crime, when the whole system is setup to produce that
this is pretty much established, this is what all those people bitching about urban school shit are complaining about
the ones who escape are anomolies

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this shit is unfair right now
race is a front
more money for people like you makes them successful
so what
1000x work hard, for nothing
your family got lucky
dude, people can work hard and do everything right their whole life and still be poor
luck always has something to do with it
wtf find them
hello, who do you thing works to make everything functional?
dude, you really think all poor people sit around and do nothing for checks, thats nice
youre deluded
youre saying they dont work hard
youre saying the reason they did not progress is because of their own doing
youre saying that 'anyone can be whatever they want'
and thats just some bullshit
ive been homeless before =)
not really
not to white people

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mom and dad didnt save up for you and you cant work and school, sucks to be you
it gives them a chance
that mentality is why it gets worse
financial aid shouldnt be achievment based
it should be need based
dude, you got kids with no hope in schools with no funding in places with mad crime
you cant expect them to just rise above it
becaise no white suburban kid would
you wanna change shit, you give the most hopeless a fair chance
and you accept that surban kids will become poor urban trash
fuck slaves?
serious wtf are you talking about
when were latin and asian and white urban people slaves

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and i dont believe the same is true for race and gender
women get fucked
in obvious ways
and theyre conditioned to like it
so it likely wont change
and the poor do have to stay poor
or else the rich dont stay rich
oppertunities for a poor person to rise in social status are close to non existant
education is sub par, they have no chance
your family is an anomoly
they are of the 1%
and like, 30 years ago, this wasnt neccessarily the model of society, especially outside of urban areas
fignuts: they have oppertunity
its just little opertunity, not enough
fuck school if youre hungry
aint gonna learn shit anyway
no way anyone should expect you too
wtf does starvation have to do with hunger?
or being poor
or feeling stupid cuz you have one pair of pants
theyre kids
from likely broken homes
its a self propogating cycle
the people who rise up are outlyers, anomolous
the average kid aint got no chance
they need to stop giving school monies to middle class white kids from the suburbs

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logic isnt a human contruct
logic exists, as it is defined
prove ownership
is there some invisible energy force connecting you to that which you own?
is there any kind of physical or energy based bond?
its human construct, ownership is made up
poor people will be fucked by people in power
skin color is a rather small part of it
it happens when people are the same color, race, religion
because of their determination to increase their power at all costs
costs are obviously trickled down to the poor people
as they have no means to combat it

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irwolfie-: 4ch is a forum
def something more, now
man all my hooks are out of town
i spent too much time by myself and doing electronics
i never know what my buddies are up to =(
i prob missed out on some sort of new years outing
incubus[]: sure
why do you think i do it with my left hand
its so i can still route traces and schema with my right
my mom got my giner ale, so i love her
dude ginger ale is not a whorish thing
i dont even think most whortes know what ginger ale is
theyd prob be all pissed they werent getting a blackout from it
incubus[]: been done, old
after the mother, someone did the roots
thats original
theres vid of the roots watching two girls
good an evil are human constructs
like ownership
and love

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search for something random but not uncommon
like 'qwerty'
also there would be relabled shit
so youd open something labeled one thing, and itd be an image of a little kid doing his mom with a website watermark
that and the commercial entities that were taking over GPL code and making bank off of it, why i stopped using gnutella
but the boy doing his mom is funny?
bible defined the number of people in heaven
was a few thousand i think, heh
dunno about the btards?
fignuts: its prob still 80% empty
as like, everything is a sin in xtianity

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tho gcode is kinda dumb too
machines are pretty dumb, heheh
gnutella is just if youre into child pr0n and collecting trojan ware
all sorts of nasty spam once it got popular
also DC is hub based
so its alot less random than the bullshit gnutella TTL 'search horizon' based shit

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try dc out
find anything if you look hard enough, and its just a better, less anonymous model for file sharing
its like IRC with mutant DCC powers, basically
too obscure
prob just shows up once a year or something
yeah its only $40 and if you think its really that useful
seems like something you could do with any cad app, tho
wtf is hpgl?
if i want to angrave stuff i move my chair over 5ft and do it on the cnc machine
it actually does that ridiculously well
yeah thats what im saying, seems like something any cad app should be able to do
its for HP plotters
its like gcode
but dumb

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its the best gnut client
for years, since gnucleus stopped dev to sell out to morpheus
yeah, DC is good
dc++, awesome client
i prob smoked more weed, still showed up to class and pulled decent grades as far as i cared too
hehe, speech and english, wtf!
its java, its slow as fuck for a gnutella client
youre downing apps from gnutella?
you know there are clients that will rename trojan'ed exe and send to you
in response to any search
causality: i do that, but because i didnt sleep the night before
usually cuz coding a micro or something =(

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alc is retarded
even you have come in here going on about how youre down brews at a pub
which is like, doubly odd, because wtf are you doing on irc at a pub
again, alc is dumb
see you dont even remember
sounded like a social pub
hate strip clubs
like, alcohol and pr0n chicks
same thing?
fucked up drunk chicks with no real purpose except probably to get fucked
all of them?
gnutella is still working, as far as i know
those are both gnutella
with pointless extensions for other nets now, i think

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yeah apperently
you supposed to get stoned and then go to school
not just get stoned and enroll in school
/server irc.freenode.net
i hang there
but its for a social channel
hehe, i had several one on ones with lilo
actually no =(
the swedes got kinda pissy over me going on about herbs once
and i made a point of how ridiculous it was that part of the channel was trying to censor
especially when theyre all drinkers
because its stigmatized
well, so is anything on irc
in that sense

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you are not so great at maths
i started my as programs when i was 23
ooo, i should check my grades
probably starting to past up
er, post up
thats is not so great a semester gpa, incubus[]
did you even show up?
haha, its a 15-18 week semester?
lecturer had 10 weeks off wtf?

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even on paper if youre ridiculous enough to take the time to do non ideal calculations
im sorry =(
im doing an ee program next fall, most likely
theres job stuff maybe happening tho, so im not sure
think so
ifor the record, im accepted at two universities
choose one or a job, if the job agrees to pay for school locally or to give me time off to study
yeah, its abet bsee or abet bs mechatronic engineering
im prob gonna do the bsee
i like the school and the program outline better
quarter system is kinda neat
old enough to not give a shit
if it takes 10 more years it takes 10 more years
if i find something more rewarding to do, ill do that instead
add about 5

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gate drain and source
theyre isolated
no current aside from capacitance to drive them
no consistent Vgs
theyre literally analog rheostats
yeah, when you put current in the base, youre kinda overiding the other diode
its weird
mosfets just work off of E field, tho
or itll die
depending on the details
pretty much
transistors are alot more convienient to design with because of the Vbe thing
like, that they are current based devices is kinda false
they just have a functional relationship between base current and collector current
if your design depends on that, you suck

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incubus[]: to compensate for the Vbe drop
or just realize its gonna be .6 lower and deal with it somehow (or not)

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but someones phone rang once
and the ringer came out perfectly, thru the amp
it had somehow picked up the ring EMI or something, and amplified it

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wut, the ban?
i already closed the window
previous dialog leading to the ban
whats cw?
digital amps pick up weird EMI sometimes
like, my friend had a 2GHz or 5GHz digital amp
whatever the phone networks run on

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^dx^: just tell timecop to stop
he prob doesnt understand that you dont like it

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13:44 <avrFreak> you are a moron who oughtnot to be allowd within 25 years of any form of machinery
hes mad because i have a machine tool and he has to pretend

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13:38 <avrFreak> hello, asshole
for more than a week now i think

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fignuts: its a panel designer app?

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what are you trying to do?
that doesnt sound good for much more than brownout protection
i dont know wtf that is
it sounds like some shit would would use to not have fun in an office environment

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top story always pancakes the bottom
los angeles!
we dont anything else
we had 30mph gusts and i was going nuts because that never happens
i like it here!
plus hurricans, wtf
least when an eartquake levels your shit, its all in the same place
not like, next town over
i had low quality pizza =(

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working on old wires in attics and basements and service columns of buildings, fuck all that
hehe, neat
steel rafters and concrete, probably?
haha what?
they make apartments out of rebar and concrete, i always trip on that
apartments are like steel/concrete, with wood walls and shit
well, most of the box lookin ones here
some of the newer ones just look like normal home construction
ive never heard it put like that
like, i know its strong
but its weird living on the first story of an apartment, know thats its like maybe 6" on concrete and steel overhead
not in earthquakes

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its alot more like plumbing
yeah, installers and maintenance
my exgf's bro does alot of electrical work
is mostly stuff like, installing light posts, generators, building ventilation and a/c, big industrial machines
yeah once they done with the buildings its not like theres a ton to do
but yeah its alot like plumbing
some of them do construction
some of them do maintenance and repair
yeah, all sorta of big random machines
im just not a super hard worker person like all that, heh
like, industrial stuff would be cool
construction stuff, maybe okay

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haha, yeah i done that like making lamps and shit as a kid
apperently ive taken all the courses to become some sort of new level of electrician in cali
but you gotta do alot of training time, kinda seems like a scary job
yeah, loose connections = voltage drops = fire
i got all the academic stuff but id need to do that for i think 6months worth of hours or something
heh, prob gotta go under houses and buildings and shit, fuck all that
low voltage like 120vac stuff?
like does low voltage mean in the municipal power sense
^dx^: theyre not techs
but alot of them are very good at what they do
know weird things alot of techs wouldnt even think about
yeah, kinda

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made of caothanger looking wire
er, coathangar
all done up by the old man tech, who had a soldering iron that had to have been like 80w, with a wooden handle
and not one of those retro things, either
wood seriously looked 60 years old
gpf_1: haha, one hand behind my back soon as i got in the front door
like, towards the end, they blew up the bleed caps on the 1000V psu
so when you switched the tester off, itd still be floating
draining thru the DMM
hehe, all inverted log style
yeah i had to leave that job
because the tester and i was sick of being his stockroom boy and shipping guy, besides his QA tech
cuz man tubes suck, QA'ing them is some work
yeah they mostly make sense
haha, we once blew out a circuit in our house
electrician comes, start taking apart random switch plates
im like, wtf?
inside one, he find a toasted wire nut
it was because the guy before only stipped it like 1/4" or something
or less, not to code, tho
so the wires just kinda twisted together reallyt

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anything with a mains supply and decent load should be crimps and screw terminals
solder is okay like as strain relief on the crimped cables
so they dont fray the wires
but yeah, just solder shit will just slide apart when you need it to work the most
solder pops off, bench now in scary mode
gpf_1: when i worked at the rube place, we had a 1000V unregged supply
and an open tester, just rack panels with the gages and knobs, soldered wires going to rails

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gpf_1: depends on expected crisis loads!
yeah thats alot
building is a big psu, hehe
crimps and screw/bolt clamps, w00t
solder just get hot and pop off with a surge
appliances are nuts
like, 'hi i am 120VAC wobbly switch, are you afraid?!'
anything except low power stuff, yeah

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the funny thing is its a server
so the user prob isnt even its load
was that the regs paraphrase?
yeah fureal
dont actually use the server because if you do, it might eat your file
A home server is under an extreme load. For example, lots of files are being copied to the home server
At the same time, a user is editing files that are already saved in a shared folder on the home server.
The program that the user is using to edit these files is one of the programs that are listed in this article.
photo gallery, one note, outlook, money, and synctoy
Additionally, there have been customer reports of issues with Torrent applications, with Intuit Quicken, and with QuickBooks program files. Our support team is currently trying to reproduce these issues in our labs.
hahaha, m$ is running torrent apps to debug the server
m$ code is prob nasty layered and tangled in each other
i dont doubt it
just the idea of them running torrents from their labs is amusing

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yeah really
go buy a $5 anything
mine has a sticker says it was calibrated in like 2001 i think
and little cert paper in the manual sac
causality: you have a dmm?
if it matches your dmm within like 1%, it doesnt matter so much really

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blackmoon: yeah they now claim ALL music purchasers who EVER made an .mp3 or .wav backup are criminals
like, when you state 90% of your userbase is criminals for doing things which are commonplace for 10 years, its safe to say your company is on fucking drugs
zid`: not in sweden either
but we busted them there, too
and they dont even have IP laws
blackmoon: its like an avrfreak with overwhelming power and resources
so yeah, its like, a real problem, not an amusing one
wtf did he spend $12k on?
does he have a car now?
is he implimenting steam powered minivan?
okay thats $1000
what did he spend the other $11k on

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they got good engines and transmissions
like, hondas and toyotas are about the only thing left overe from the 80s still common here
like, buying a 100,000mi honda is a score, buying a 100,000 mi GM or Ford is probably a ton of projects waiting to happen
if my honda get fixed and runs okay for awhile, i might spoil it with new body panels and bumpers
hehe, theyre plastic (they chipped!)
so like bumpers, hood, fenders, grill bit, is like $600
and they just bolt on

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i gotta call that guy about getting my honda fixed
maybe i can get outta here more, not bother you guys so much
tho i guess i could justify cost of wireless isp and eeepc pretty easy at that point
you guys prob not so lucky
hondas are fearless!
we should send our hondas to war, instead of people
yeah, theyre light and simple to work on
cheap parts
yeah, most of it is sad products
and wtf at the body kit aftermarket bullshit
roughed up plastic with chipped paint hanging 1/2" off your front grill...
thats not sexy, yo
even if youre buying a new one every 6 months, prob lookin all crappy for 4 months

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yeah jezus cant play guitar or do no kung fu

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i bet $99 is 2 weeks advanced
its either 2 weeks advanced purchase deal or official holiday rush ending point
find out tomorrow i guess
heh, im a big jimi hendrix and bruce lee fan, so seattle is kinda a special place in that sense
people got pics of jimi in their shop windows and all the wall like he was jezus

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if i can find $200 round trip price, maybe going on vacation
think $220 round trip is cheapest is gonna get
score, magic date is jan 15th
min web deal drops from $124 to $99
thats orbitz shit cant fuck with southwest air
i like it up there, and i have a bro from another mom who lives around tacoma
so i dont have to pay monies to stay

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$460 for a plane to seatac
and back
seattle/tacoma airport
nice, found $99 return flights
down to $220, out of burbank instead of LAX even
pfft, is up the coast, we maybe stop once in oakland or something
dont even have to get off the plane usually

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HR Giger might be homosexual, but id never call him gay, and his work is very hedero-erotic in a total dysfunctional sorta way
homosexual != gay, 100% of the time
that wouldnt make you gay, that would make you a bitch

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theyre stabilizers, fish has lots (i dont eat fish, i been pretty nuts before, makes sense)
if you painted gay song lyrics on it, yes
and if you painted it a rainbow yes
if you paint it pruple and pink and you are indeed a male, yes
if its finish trim in includes lace, yes
then the house owner, if male, is probably gay
air brushes are neat and HR Giger used stencil extensively, all kinds
so that doesnt make you gay, in the normal sense
possibly deviant in a commercially viable way

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keep in mind the singer is homosexual and prob thinking about guys
and tell me that song is not queerish
And then in sheer abandonment, we shatter and explode.
WE shatter and explode
yeah firefox is catching mad popups
ok lemme check
i got the notice about the dolla dolla
just says no clear yet, wait for bank
that was yesterday tho
im guessing theyre more likely to work the 31st than the 1st
^dx^: yeh, still uncleared
fuckin xmas even til the 2nd is like the whole world is fucked up
thats the joke, theres clues its gay
but guys were listening to it anyway cuz they didnt get it
those are the anti bipolar chems

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he was the singer
some of the lyrics are pretty ghey, eheheh
it says transmits to the radio band
they prob mean FM radio
doesnt mean itll turn you gay
unless youre gay
but the music, is pretty gay!
metal is all overcompensation for something, heh
when the singer is gay and singing about gay stuff in not so cryptic manners?
yes, yes it is
bowies gay
he turned jagger and trent more gay
i still like bowie and trent tho
but yeah, read those lyrics

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hippie movement ended in like 69, it was decline by 67, and it was a localized west coast phenomenon
everyone else was just druggies
70s music != hippie shit, its rock music from excessive drug use
again, know your history
if you think led zeppelin or black sabbath is hippy shit, you have an odd outlook on hippy mentality
like, 70s hippy stuff is like the folk/blugrass shit thats not quite bajou rock
like grateful dead (neat people, cant stand the music really, long live garcia.)
judas priest is gay pride music

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not like, a music player person
a real dj, who can cut, and mix live, and not make it sound like some drunken experiment
yeah it is, lots of record shops closing
hahah, i saw cut chemist and that other guy spinning 7" at the hollywood bowl
'the hard sell'
goofy shit, all old 7" from their collection, changing up records like every 20sec sometimes
hehe see thats funny cuz turntablism isnt hippie and rocker shit
it was the backlash
learn your history, mofomo!
shadow, and cut chemist
hehe, DJ'ing 2x4 of classic random 7" for like almost 2 hours
goofy show
no like months ago
summer i think
like right before or after i saw roger waters, i think, so like prob may-july

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ha i had some $100 sony monitors,
fell out my backpack while riding
my kamikaze ass didnt realize
vinyl is cheap (kinda)
but yeah you dont have to buy whole albums for most the shit i listen too
DJ's with apple powerbooks
tables sitting there for the look, or something
fuck all that
record shops are cooler about that shit than big cd wharehouses
they dont markup a ton
yeah and they sell them under $10
cd prob costs $.25
they sell them for $20
shittiest part of vinyl is getting decent decks
and thats only expensive if you want some good shit will last you a decade
stupid high resale
killer dj on vinyl is awesome

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er, to # from ++
id only hate it if some tried to program a processing core for critical apps in it
i dont even know enough of that shit to hate it
heh, i kinda wanna clone the sequencer in propellerhead reason
their matrix module
do it up in LED under black tint acrylic
causality: its goofy!
its totally uneccessary tho
you can sequence everything with reasons real sequencer
the matrix thing is a toy
and yeah, reason is just a big mutant soft synth pkg
but its got the hardware UI so i <3
its pretty fun, they got good docs too
like, id have to go walking around with a mic and recorder for months to make it really fun
music with stock samples is usually ass regardless
like, if its rock music, it makes it sound overproduced, if its electronic, underproduced

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wtf theyre making you program digital in c++?
'yes alex, id like pointless skills ill have to unlearn, for $100'
embedded is done in c
saying everything programming should be anything is some deluded higher level programming mentality
dont ask me, ask everyone coding embedded
say c++ is more widely used and accepted im get giigly
which isnt embedded programming, its higher level programming
higher level programming = for CE (boring)
thats most data type handling diffs, from # from ++, no?

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causality: thats only the americans in the middle, and not even all of them
the americans on the side dont go to church nearly as much
the south side
its still the south
side dont really include the south
thats just how they want it, i didnt invert this shit

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