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yeah national is like that with most parts
shit just like shows up before you think to check on it
only takes long if they have to bring that shit in from singapore or something
atmel has sent me like $100 in uC in like one sample batch
one of the chips wasnt even on digikey yet
i need to sample binge

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i dont think they have any idea
they only concrete evidence ive heard of it that its even happened is they found frozen mammoth with tropic stuff inside it
like, in antarctica or the arctic or something
like, that says it happened fucked up quick

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no the big world changing millenial event
was 9/11
milleniums are marked in jezus time
its just a shift in eras
theres been like, 4
the last one that happened, the fuckin europeans showed up
so the mayans mistook them for gods
aliens might show up this time
but that shit prob aint really gonna be al9iens its just the gov, fuckin with you
we aliens
we blew up our old planet (asteroid belt)
now we working on disintegrating this one
then mars
magnetic poles will go fuckey and earths eaxis will shift
hehe, gotta wonder how fast that happens

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okay its 2008
just under 5 years till mayan end of the world
okay nite
y2k was 9/11
millenium freaks were right, foolio
you just had to wait for it
jezus wasnt born in the year 0
he was born in the year 1
tru millenium is 2001
well, jezus prob wasnt born
but you know what im saying

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like, mega dip, big chip R r2r dac, quad opamp for buffer and sharp 6 pole filter
some headers for audio out and rs232 in, xtal, caps, thats it
like as wide as a dip and an xtal
no, people like audio junk kits!

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ha, not at all but i been there, 1000x worse, so its rather mild and not so hard to deal with
ha no
i been at home playing with arm debug stuff and organizing docs
tho i did go to el matador beach for the first time last night, neat place
meh, dont really do shit with tinies anymore
i have 5 tiny85, have to think of something cool to do with them
cuz doing table based audio stuff
i cant even use 164p megas if i wanna do user wavetabs from ram
have to get a 644p, like $8, more than the arm chip im playing with
kinda lame
im thinking maybe i can make it like a kit thing
with dip megas and 1210 r2r dac or something
like tucked underneath the chip

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macegr: wut
timecop: they want you to find the two bad ones
are you home or is it already 2k8?
i should be asleep
its prob been 36 hours
and the convieniently i run outta herb

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yes except we do out math in Hz, this isnt #cars
and its likely not a single cycle per rev
prob double as i think most alts a bridge recitified
so get your ruler out and start measuring pulleys
someone will help you
good night
well thats a bigass fucking filter
at 10-20A
but yeah, nite

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a small filtering circuit is extremely futile
it already has big filter circuits inside
dude, buy a $100 cap, ill laugh
and if its a sub unit, its prob got a very low frew LPF
right on the outputs
so it doesnt really matter if you have good gnd
er, low freq
for the price of caps some people get, they could have bought a $100 better amp, or a better alternator, or something less pointless
caps are easy
theyre simple to understand
thats why theyre popular
compared to the price, not at all
it has capacitors inside
yah exactly
and if it does help, itll be for a few seconds of hard push
and then your amp will suck out the caps anyway
then do the math for the filter pole at max current
and make sure its below the freq your alternator is spinning
when you have values and cap prices, then you can make a real decision

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its called shielding
with metal
grounded on one side
else you risk loops
tho open, you risk contaminating ground a bit
random EMI and bad ground topology
only if youre doing current loops
which youre prob not
if you ran two signals in cat5 that arent differential
inside a shield, your prob very likely to pick up cross channel EMI
and i said why that can be bad too
if you dont have bal;anced signal likes, you want to run a single signal in a shield
with the shield having a close to idea direct non busses path to common gnd as possible
just use real fucking shielded cable
any RCA cables?
unless you wanna modulate it
trust, you dont want to
RF circuit stuff

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heh, its likly class D
si the output will be filtered anyway
so you prob wont see huge gains
youre not likely gonna filter that out at 10A or 20A
now without like $100 worth of caps and coils
trust they new what they were doing when they designed the amp
tons of extra caps aint gonna make it better if the whole design just sucks balls and uses cheap parts
yeah exactly
who says?
a magazine?
peer reviews?
they wont say
even tho thats the only spec that matters for what hes doing
its the only thing that matters if you think psu filtering is the answer
its all about design and layout
more caps and coild maybe get you 1sec of more expressive bass when youre overdriving your amp cuz you dont give a shit about 'sound'
you might even make it worse
better opamps can ruin low freq circuits

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serialthr: it means one or two cycles
branches usually take two cycle if they branch
one cycle if they dont
they limit slew rate
i hate the 'DC is positive, AC is positive and negative' view
you can have AC on a positive DC rail, no actual negative voltage
ha yeah pretty much

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everything, charles sucks
we just waiting for him to come back so he can be deopped ritual style

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oh neat
we got kinda the same inductors
mine are bigger
yours is just for pussy digi supply shit
yours look like they fell off the truck hard onto some concrete and god drug a bit
heh, yeah looks like it
you did pfet before the switchers?
i did my tube supplies like that
works fine
is for standby sex

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he didnt fubar the pcb
man i havent slept in way over 24 hours
need food and sleep
arm is bad!
no i dont need to do that
i just need to stop smoking weed
kinda same effect
and actually, i been smoking this whole time
so its just determination to not let the open tools defeat me
haha man i suck at c
thats how i got my AS Electronics
my department head totally knew
why fired?
haha it was your schema, no!

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program counter (pc) is like where your program is executing from flash
so conditional branches and jumps just adjust pc
(just in case you didnt already know)
i hope thai food is open
else its pizza from sev or something
hehe, neat

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yeah its a constant
itll say, 7 >= k >= 0
or 0 <= k <= 31
or 0 <= k <= 255
so you know what kind of data you can use for k
'pc <- pc + k'
means to inc the program counter k times
you would use a label for k
its for relative jumps
you can only hop like 63 word in flash, i think
so you sometimes have to make relay hops
tho if youre ninja youre code should be tiny and you shouldnt have to do that so much

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in what?
opcode syntax spec?
(its a constant value)

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non of that shit is defined, all the cfg and cmd shit for openocd is raw hex addy =(
yeah yeah, i can view/edit all regs and ram mapped peripheral regs on the chip
er, s/yeah\ yeah/but\ yeah

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also driver implimentation for usb hid/mass storage/dcd(wtf is cdc?)
so like normal usb?
i need food and sleep
timecop: i have openocd jtag chip hijack down
like, manually with telnet and fuckin mem map and register offset docs

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^dx^: there?
the nes thinger?
timecop: want sam7s docs?
like, all of them
no but i mean in one place, organized, + all exmple code from atmel
yeah i hate how atmel has their app notes
i always wished i had done this for AVR =\
grab from notblog
also has openocd manual and olimex board schema/pinout/dimensions
nothing comes with the board
nothing would fit it comes in a tiny box, same as the wiggler jtag
theres app notes about board design from atmel
at91sam7s specific

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got all the arm7tdmi core related stuff from ARM, grabbed olimex sam7-hxxx schema and physical drawings, and the openocd docs
because i always wished i had done that when fucking with avr

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heh, thats kinda last weeks news
some people in here were really interested in the avr adsr stuff
think its clearing
holidays, shrug
im about to upload a doc pack
like, everything sam7256s related
the switcher psu are SOIC
still works, heh
was 105MB
tar.bz2'ed down to 35MB
i downloaded all the relavent app notes from atmel
relabeled them so theyre not just doc398457.pdf
then download all example file zips
unzipped, collected in a dir if needed, relabled dir after related pdf

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mmmmm avr

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gpf_1: hi
blackmoon: hi

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twingy: hi

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