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blowtorch, corkscrew
a picture of elegance, no?

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does it hurt you when you pick it up?
2 hours early!

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the amps are neat, i think theyre bridged AB sections
4 BIG transistors per board, 2 NPN 2 PNP
heh, prob like little grenades

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macegr: i took 6" x 8" x 3" heatsinks with boards
amplifier output sections, bigass class AB thing, fujitsu transistors, pnp have green plastic
wires hanging off, all sorts of stamped metal mounting hardware
and some 70V 10,000uF caps, like two 6" tall nippo chemicon cans
and they rub me down with pads and the output sections and caps
they accuse me of being a musician
stick pads in bomb sniffer, wait, and tell me to go to plane
took like 2min
okay yeah macgyver0!
but im not trying to blow up the plane!
i know!

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it works tho
sine waves are is what response tests are done with
speedy2: kinda weird
macegr: yeah thats how they keep them so flat
my friend had a 400W panasonic or something, chassis was like under 2" tall

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it says 6W where it should say 6ohm
Front channels: 110 W* per channel, min. RMS, driven into 6 W at 1 kHz with no more than 0.8% total harmonic distortion.
* Measured on AC 110 V, 127 V, 220 V, and 240 V.
if their techs arent full of it, and 6 W means 6 ohms, those are pretty cool specs
im guessing its class D or else it would be a 1500W consumed system
20-20K +/-1dB response
but i have a stereo!
its like maybe 50/ch but its good!

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those motherfuckers didnt say
fuckin assholes
i found the manual
always on the last page
holy shit
its RMS minimum
at sub .1% thd
or hmm
well if it does those thd specs at those levels, yeah
but its worded funny in this online manual

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its audio, yo
16bit is how you do
dont ask questions, thats what they want
anyway the 5% is just for the test version
yeah digipot on spi is a pretty sexy solution compared to Rdac
i bet mouser has them
theyre kinda better at discrete stuff
oh shit
gotta be class D
fuck hdmi wtf is hdmi
sucks to be you
i want to take it apart
it has 7x 110W drivers
fuck is that rms...

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shift reg might be helish on the dac
depends what youre doing tho, can always put a filter after the buffer tho
no they do
digikey just doesnt have them
i saw them in a resistor array datasheet on digikey
digikey didnt have them, but they make them
im about to make a 16bit r2r
with 5% resistors even!
AUDIO W00T \o/
yes it will be
itll be a 5% 16bit dac

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yeah 1% r2r with a opamp buffer prob be okay
big problem is prob accuracy of rail to rail amps at the rails

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im just like, charching non-rechargable batteries one day
lighter jumping the car the next
microhaxo is scary =(
yeah see something like that seems sane

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microhaxo: hopefully the wires dont melt
jezus fuck how much power do car lighters suck?
like it takes maybe what, 20W to light a cig?
wow cool
microhaxo: STOP
yeah theoretically
good luck, microhaxo

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a D cell is like an electronic grenade
a fucking car battery
not D cells, not the batteries from your Power Wheels, maybe not even motorcycle battery
car battery
its prob not a transformer its prob a coil for s switcher
and how do you know they are sane?
also, they are prob techs and engineers
when they reverse engineer a circuit, their answer prob inside 'diodes and transformer and stuff'
yes, but you can also blow up your electroncs and suffer face loss
this is true
so by all means, h4x on

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thats a fucked up link
the current it takes for your ass to go to school and become a real tech
you know how much current that is?
it takes 99 fuckin current, so you better start now
stop hookin up random electronics to batteries
before it was just 1.5V fine
but now your fucking with batteries that can blow your face off
and like asking us to help you do it
and i gaurantee eventually someone will help you accomplish faceloss
you could always catch the cars wiring on fire
maybe your lucky and they put the fuel lines on the other side
hours, mofo electronics set you on fire faster than your eyes can desaturate from the arc
you are not turning over a car with like 4 D cells

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she not staying over till xmas night though =(

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i dunno whats up with you guys
fuck a nuke
nuclear war aint gonna kill me
waterworld was a weird movie
my ex is here like now
or soon, driving

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theyre not just natural ass stripes?
i dunno maybe all the girl monkies would protect him
cuz he had the only striped ass
yeah like calico cats and cow cats get along
sometimes tabbies and even siamese
yeh we odd

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those are so loooooouuuud!
i had some pullout hdd chassis with 40mm fans
drove me nuts
the tall ones?
they make 40mm fans that are like cubes
40mm is the absolute most fucked up fan ever
i gave my sister computer a TNT2 and it was a major upgrade
path0s: is that good or bad?

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nuh uh
granny smith > fuji
fureal! and fuji are good!
point is there is no agp anymore
agp is obsolete
for workstation 2d use only, like dx8 games
its like 10/1 availability ratio
oh yeah i have a gf6600gt 256mb
with no fan cuz it sized
it pwns your gf.
i need to like find a fansink for it, or machine one
yeah they just stop
all my cards have done that
yeah thats what im thinking

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the table is just telling you which is NPN and which is PNP
old skool
my box has agp
i need new box =(
until games from this year
agp cards are all bought out mostly
just leftover crap, no one makin good shit\
yeah game devs are bitches

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i tested most of them to be sure but i was guessing right everytime just by the internal metal stuff shape
ive seen it happen
what parameter?
they usually dont fuckup on pinouts

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0805 is nice
tho i used some 0603 leds, and its kinda nice having trace width leds
they were alot easier to solder than i thought, to
thought id melt them but they heat up and stick super quick
seeing polarity is kinda fucked up tho =\
its tiny its hard to tell the polarity
theres like a line, but its easier to see the metal stuff inside (like on a normal size led)
because its like a white line over clear white plastic with mostly white lookin stuff behind it
and no i dont use my magnifiers usually and they suck anyway =(

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macegr: ok

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gpf_1: you make the buy, or they make the sale
i think gpf might still have me ignore because i said punking americans over fabric is bullshit
macegr: TI?
fuck, ask me like in 30min i gotta do this
but yeah paypal me the shipping and ill get you the other ones

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oh nice
gonna use those with 6 rows?
yeah but 6-8 prob be okay
youre very surprised when an LED throbs after two years of work
they were like almost $4 each or something?
yeah so like $30 maybe even with the samples
yeh thats good
avrfreak got all that backpay, he can afford shipping
heheh, if you gimme the parts ill score them for you
er, part #
just gimme a bit i have to email something
heh, uncoated chip resistor
gotta be like .05W or something

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timecop: that always happens
you have to have enough excess electronics stockpile to redesign parts of your circuit after that happens
thats what electronics is really about
oh whatever i have 3 zeners, a corscrew and an avacado
im cool
ah that sucks
i did that with timing caps
but they sold out of those MC34063 in tubes right before i clicked submit
because the order didnt go thru and when i checked 4 days later it was all aking, how many boxes do you want your order in?
so i had a chance to get my timing caps anyway
which were those?
avrfreak: go away

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superware: one opto for ZC
with a 120Hz pulse output
and one opto to control the triac

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anyway i showed you a $.70 optotriac
and i showed you a $.30 ac-in npn-out optoisolator
whats that?
2 optos and a power triac, its like $2 and its the right way
macegr: lies!

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again, not an issue at all with an opto
like, 10mA to light up an led and the power triac is on
its buffered
hes got 8V on an NPN to the gate
also supply is an RC to a shunt diode
right off mains
ZC is implimented courtsey of atmel
2 resistors from main on an external int =(
its a 4 quadrant triac
technically it should work
hes got A1/M1/whaveter common, and its 4 quandrant
sadly, it should work
my guess is the pullup on on his NPN is to big

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you can get into the details and shit, but in the end thats what it is
you need 25mA on the gate
if its a 4 quadrant triac (looks like it), im guessing thats your issue

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just put it high
like, its better to switch on crossing
but it shouldnt matter with a not so inductive load
you might not be giving the gate enough juice
dunno, possible that your psu or switch needs time to build up energy to deliver enough current
maybe a more caps type situation, but save yourself alot of fuckin around if you just get an optotriac to drive it
the flickering is coming from your triac not being driven properly

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wow my english teacher called me up to tell me what i should fix on my resume
no shes mine you bitch!
it took me awhile to figure out who it was, she got my phone number from the resume =\

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good maybe he believes you
sad, charles
one million sadfaces

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im used a BTA24 i think, its only 3 quadrant
it prob does if you know how to read it
you just have to make sure you dont burn the gate driving it
resistors are neat for that
ha peak gate current 4A
yeah specifies 4 quadrants

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hes using the right pin tho
he has MT1 common
so he doesnt even need tha ZC, unless hes duty modulating, which hes not in his code
he just need to turn it on or off whenever based on whatever

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what i said would do that
unless by 'very fast' you actually mean 'slow'
then your code is possible flawed
sounds like 60Hz 50% duty to me
when you plug the bulb in, it gets the negative and the positive voltage swing
your method can only give it positive swing
he doesnt really its just a switch, i dont think hes trying to modulate it
and he has a ZC detector
hes using the crackheaded atmel app note
because youre using an NPN and it cant trigger it on the bottom half of the wave
raising the gate voltage to +8v when the maint voltage is at -220V isnt gonna do shit
no he isnt
he never provided one

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60Hz/50% is noticable if the bulb is cooling off fast enough
why an optotriac is more suitable
blackmoon: heh yeah didnt even work
youre only pushing on one quandrant
youe have a 50% max
what do you mean by very fast?
you cant see much faster than 60Hz
people are slow
just like low refresh on a monitor
because youre only giving it a half wave
less actually

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and they werent forced to work there, they probably all wanted to work there
no at santa susana
you said LA
if it was windows it would have asked for confirmation to blow up the reactor like 5 times
and surely at some point they would have read the dialog before clicking OK
superware: it could flicker for 3 years doesnt mean it aint gonna catch fire on the 1156th day

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yeah got stuck in the tracks
biorobots worked
heh, if it all melted into almost the same place
do you know about santa susana?
hehe, after their meltdown, they turned the reactor back on and ran it leaky damaged for two weeks!
30mi from downtown LA!
it wasnt for power
well, well of them was for part of ventura county for a few months i think
but they were unshielded military research reactors

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thats what failsafes are for
its like an operating system
if a program fucks up, its a bug in the program
if i program fucks up but it takes down the machine, its a bug in the machine
blackmoon: yeah pretty much
reactors shoudnt be built like windows
theres no way operators should be able to initiate a runaway chain reaction
then there should have been control logic to not let them do that

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apperently they had part of the reactor shielding filled with sand
when it blew the fuel up and out, it also blew a ton of the fuel down, and broke the walls holding the sand
so it ll mixed and turned into nuclear glass
well, turned out okay because its dilluted like that, not likely to chain react
haha they fucked up safety test
rushed the thing, reactor had shit failsafes
i have to underclock my ram cuz it sucks
blackmoon: the fact that that was possible means it had shit failsafes

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windopain: dude scientists are hiking around inside the reactor
yeah theyll trick you
cuz theyre fuckers
pretty much
theyre trying to figure out what happened to all the fuel
i wont spoil it
its more the graphite blocks the supported the rods
the fuel isnt rods anymore

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theyre like INSIDE chernobyl

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no its just true =(

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look, pepperdine are bitches

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what a little bitch

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it didnt say it wasnt gonna work, i said it was fuckin scary
and prob more expensive than just doing it sane
well with the exception of your RC mains psu h4x
okay np
and theres no reason you couldnt use the RCD psu with the optos just to make it cheaper and more versatile and a bit more faul/EMI tolerant

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some of the crackers dont get it, but itll make sense soon when theyre just not any kind of majority anymore
even your music leaves you =(
so what do you listen to now?
interesting genre name
by you i mean like brit kids, heh

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unit41_aw: what is the plastic like on the gear assembly for the rotors?
causality: yeah but theyre dedicated, with buttons and switches
computers are noise whores
spraying themselves with all sorts of EMI
The complexity and cost of developing such a craft is mind-numbing.
is skunk works a british venture?
do you have UFOs and laser based missile defence for like 20 years now?
like 5%?
they came here for a reason
because it sucks to be there
yeah because there isnt masses of low income british ignorants
any america is all foreign people, genius, thats the joke

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cuz ive never really seen a config like that and theres no reason why you couldnt do it tilt style
like, lateral motion rotors vertical and forward motion rotors like almost horizontal
yeah its cool
hehe, kinda floated for a sec when it cut rotor power in midair
yeah doesnt look like a ton to break
like, the splitting rotation axis between 4 rotors instead of ones is a simpler design too
thats why i thought that at first

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usb scopes just weird me out
something about doing it with software just kinda kills the erotic nature of oscope
tho if i had just a straight analog scope, usb scope would prob be euphoria (assuming the software impliments normal digital scope stuffs)
it doesnt really go fast tho, does it?
cant tilt the rotors, and i cant imagine cutting the front one works quite the same

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but thats how it works, no?
its just rotating the mounting rods
two rotors do X and two rotors do Y

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oh weird
so the motor mounts just rotate on one axis?

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that way when im making other sketches i can look back to see exact feature positions
theres likely a better way than that

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dont remember how mirror works
think it needed a reference line to flip around, and im not sure you can do it with hole sketches (as opposed to sketch elements)
need to grab some foods
yeah i usually design everything with construction lines
and then reference features off those

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i wish macegr was here right now hes better at understanding you

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microhaxo: you need to put it in series with what you are testing
microhaxo: like, you need to remove a wire, and use the DMM as a wire
else you will break things
dont msg me with questions

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yes, what superware said
manually means use ohms law
youll prob need to switch the probes
and you need to break the circuit
well, unless youre a hacker and you know what youre doing
i did it to mains once
popped the fuse before it popped the breaker
no elenco kit meter
for school project
my fluke doesnt have I mode =\
microhaxo: to mA
10A prob isnt fused
i want a 111

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you dont have to set the interrupt mask bits?
i hate c
its prob fine
if youre not doing duty cycle regulation, you dont really need to switch the output
you can just leave it on
well, if you had the optotriac, dunno with your npn
microhaxo: its called a DMM

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like didnt completely tolerance it
im not even sure you can use them as a ref in the other sketch
there might be an option, prob in the project sidebar menus, but i dunno it
yeah and now you need a diff feature to ref it
like, its weird with the contruction lines
sketches are only dimensioned off part features i think
but yeah a persistent construction line feature would be cool
whats that?
that looks like a c code file
i dont really do C
i can see that

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whatever you want to drive it
you light the led inside, the power triac turns on
uC, 555, buffered logic, opamp, it doesnt matter
superware: thats for your ZC detect
that + 1 or 2 resistors and you have fully isolated bipolar ZC detection
so like, $.70 in optos and $.20 in resistors
and this is totally a $2 power supply dealie
so $3 minus the mcu and the power triac
you can use a very tiny transformer
causality: yeah thats weird, i think they only show if you fucked something up

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your way is probably more expensive
you way is not better or cheaper than that + 2 resistors
that will drive both quadrants, will take up less space, and most likely be cheaper

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like, were at 2 optos and three resistors, to do it properly isolated
you can prob use a $1 transformer, single diode rectifier, $.20 cap, and a $.50 7805 psu
and thats one quadrant
an optotriac sounds better
where does the 8.5V come from?

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with optos you can program some fault detection mechanism and have it do whatever
i want to see your triac driver circuit
i dont see how you will drive the triac with one npn on both sides of the cycle
optocouplers come in 4 or 6 dip and prob a 4 or 6 soic
you can use AC input npn out opto for ZC detect, optotriac to drive a power triac

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which sadly has alot of pull but its still a crackish circuit
dude, optos are prob $.50
youre usng your AVRs protection diodes in a funtional manner to burn waste power, fuck all that
how much is your resistor?
how much is your VAC?
no these are thetorical questions, im not gonna do the math for you
but yeah its 230uA
right, in ideal conditions
no surges, no shift in resistor values, and there will be mains noise connected directly to you chip
its just a cheap shitty design, if a part fails whole thing falls

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thats what youre are ferring to
go buy some optos
you gonna fry your avr, fry your programmer, fry your serial/usb/whatever port, maybe hurt yourself
you dont want you digital shit directly connected to AC mains thru resistors
or NPN
or some hackey combination
no, it isnt, because it would die
its maybe powered from a psu powered directly from the mains
okay so you basically just dont care?
select, linear patten tool
its in sketch tools
superware: well, personal safety aside, its bad for the chip
the only arguments you can make are cost savings

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i actually have a bunch of little boards/optos/triacs i could sell you if you want
blackmoons and dx have used em
shift select?
what do you mean by group?
you can lock down parts in assembly mode
oh, you have to reference them together
like, make some of the lines parallel and then make sure some other are perpendicular or whatever
then tolerance a distance between them
should work
youre over toleranced
hehe, the smart dimension tags can get in the way
how are you doing both polarities?
or youre not
if it involved atmel avr and mains wiring it doesnt mean its a good idea
but ill check it
there zc detector is on crack

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superware: doesnt matter
it wont care until after it shuts down
whatever you just have to make sure you dont blow the gate up
with a resistor
superware: how are you driving it?
yeah, its a diode juntion doesnt have any resistance by itself
you can burn it im pretty sure, theres likely an Ig(max) value
oh, thats kinda nuts
ive used an optotriac with avr gpio, works great
trigger in both polarities
you hook the optotriac up to the power triac
and hook the board in series with your load on the low side

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it stays on
superware: on a ZC event, the triac will turn on
on the next ZC event, it shuts off due to low current
then turns backs on again almost instantly
superware: yeah
depends on the turn on voltage and turn off current, but basically thats whats going on
man i hear an echo
no you can leave the signal on all the time
you can use them kinda like relays
what will overheat?
he said it may overheat
you need to do the math and see if the triac can do what you want
and if it needs a heatsink to do it
thats not anything particular to triacs
i have to get thai foods before they close again

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youre thinking of solid state relays
yeah, it switches on
it drops all the voltage until its on, then it does a diode drop or whatever
actually they make ZC detectors into triacs
zc triacs
man i hate it when he agrees with me
fuck if i know, i never really played with dimmers
ive just made optoisolated triac boards
its just like 6 in series off the 25v rail
so its switched with the tube supplies

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because he likes the name
superware: what pin are you referencing on?
some only work both directions when a certain pin is on neutral
i think thats usually the one
macegr: maybe one day i will run by live wires with my tongue out
get maybe a .5s shock
i will take notes
hahaha no not fureal
hah fucked up!
no you dont understand how a solid state switch works
when its allowing current, its dropping very little voltage
when its in cutoff mode, its dropping all the voltage
its make of doped silicon and it switches

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bitch stfu
hahah, sculptori been awesome this whole time
it works better when he doesnt, actually
this prob would have ended like 30min ago if not
avrfreak failed at ubuntu
ha he doesnt even know what i said!
hes just like flailing random insults at people he cant see!
out of everyone avrfreak hates, i prob tried to be his buddy more times than anyone
avrfreak: mofo you have social issues
and that says alot, on irc
um, no
real advocates use linux anyway
they struggle
they learn
they progress towards nixja status

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as hes already spent it
so now that he has no power
youre gonna bother us all with your trolling him?
wtf man just ban this fucked up waste
okay we been over this
the channel and stu have come to an understanding
you are not part of the channel
yeah timecop behaves
you were forced out because you couldnt get along
simple as that
wtf yure gonna get more hits with a triac dimmer
now hes doing the scemantics thing
spybert: and from someone whose butt heads with stu 1000 times, take it from me
thats just sad
gonna leave just cuz the channel bouncer dont like you

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when i started 2.2 was obsoleted
yeah and you use it
avrfreak is prob still running xp
just another day, macegr
what did avrfreak spend his back SSI on?
i want BOM!
i bet he spent it all on 1000 units of his beacom simulator
because they prob cost $12 each =(
causality: ask him what he spent his backpay on

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macegr: tiled?
ima copy you
never tried a gif with the *setroot *setbg apps
it goes slow motion too
kinda neat at the end
omg mine is 100% cpu!
(barton 3200+)
omg 50C!
yeah someone do Esetroot with the gif
(has best transparency compatibility)
causality: oh cmon just because all your lunixes sucked

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and this aint just irc
dis here efnet
dude whos making threats?
my god is like we dont have ops or something
ttmustang: dude i dont even watch tv anymore this shit is so amusing
so he lasted two days?
if that?
has it even been 24hours since the unbanning?
yeah only one person disagrees
but no one takes him seriously anymore
spybert, huh
pls to relay pic to the avrfreak ty
in here?

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charles: removing one person solves it, its been proven multiple times before
he said i bribed you!
he said i gave you money!
whose the paranoid schizo now?
i just evade
avrfreak: what do you do?
serious, what is youre general directive
fuck im on ignore
lets see you make yourself look stupid, freaky
shit it is sunday
i should go out say hi to the grandpa
we are teh underground, only teh usenets are deepa

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id testify for stu, youre like threatening him and shit
thats fureal shit dude
and isnt it dioxides bot?
wait so thats what all this stu hacked avrfreaks bot is about?
its not avrfreaks bot
unless he finally got the config working
i think ccflman helped him
oh so it was a stupid bot
dude, thats not illegal
dude its efnet
you bot can handle itself, it get klined
server policy, ya know
hell you should check if bots are even allowed on your server
How about: OLD
and its so last week anyway

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charles: ha awesome
which ones?
green hornet is pretty cool
and some of the detective ones
charles: theres a radioshow version of neuromancer
BBC did it, good shit
i think i deleted after backing up, tho
yeah he can subpeona us
im not leaving efnet over any bullshit like this
like, theyd have to pay for my plane ticket
yeah dude i can attest to the stalker nature of the suspect in question
um, i watching you harras him right now

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wtf i say fuck all the time
dont make me be on his side
charles: blackmoon: do something
dude its just fuckin annoying
buffer scrool for avrfreaks personal vendetta against stu
take it to #avrfreak<3stu
yeah you should try and talk shit about people on the net when you have those pics up
is anise the licorice one?
its jager, no?
need to get black and white detective films from the 30s and 40s

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youve seen 7 samurai and rashoman and red beard tho?
i missed it maybe
mad films with a samurai?
not familiar but sounds like weird al
i am like isolated from popular media now
see im like not caring about a band called barenekkid ladies
late 90s i was like 'hi are you music? you suck!'
we stole drum n bass from the brits
they let it get all popular
itll never be popular here!

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hehe, last day of gas torch class i was like welding upwards on 1/4" plates
omg fun!
cuz its neat!
no i dont want to work in a mine =(
no its just fun!
theose (c) ren, all of the times
macegr: fuck that
i want a girl who talks like a 30s newspaper writer
you ever watch akira kurosawa?
his shit is so the best
ha that shit was so weird!
it wasnt a movie, it was like just scenes
they were scenes he wrote from things he remembered from his dreams

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yeah i wanna do a linear supply this winter break
for my 500VA 25+25 VAC toroid
bipolar adjustable output, like 0V-25V+ or something
you mean resistors?
pls2 define HV?
and like what speed
oh nice
hahah how much is air in like an inch?
shitty DMM
i wanna learn to tig weld

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but its not that hard to build smooth linear supplies
gauranteed performance
also more complex circuitry for dynamic range and features, usually
most bench supplies have a bunch of rails, adjustable current limiting, some chan chain or parallel supply sources
yeah, when companies make things it takes alot of people
when you buy stuff you mostly pay for that, not the parts
wtf are you talking about
less acronym please
heatsink fans, adjustable LDOs
sry its early here kinda

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some of those terminals are totally for looks, tho
like, the cheaper shit just a block of metal cutout to fit on the battery post with threaded nuts for cable hookups
expensive ones look like they were drawn by graphics designers and cnc machined, come with matching ring crimps
except theyre not really crimps theyre like clamp screw dealies
maybe not in all situations

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its not an audio issue tho, its a mechanical issue
even oxidized plugs will sound fine when you clean them up a bit
gold plate shouldnt be more than like %50 more than the normal plated
and even that kinda sucks
i dont even think radioshack sells their gold plate shit for 100% more
i wonder if gold plating stands up to battery acid well
no im saying in general
gold plated versions usually run like 10-50% more

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plating material prob doesnt matter nearly as much as plating thickness
well, gold also prob wears out the jack less, too
like, anything refering to sound quality is bullshit, but theres mechanical reasons why gold connectors are better
well in this case $1 on the plug might save the jack
bust jack is alot more money or time
it all wears out and turns to shit when you use it enough, tho
yeah it wont corrode either
maybe just gets dusty, but the unplated and nickel lookin ones kinda oxidize eventually

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cmon man whats a car if its isnt running power returns thru chassis
steel is thick, charles
and chassis are like all spot welded by machines now
so yeah maybe back in the day somewhat of an issue with electrical noise from changing contacts and friction and etc
star ground back to the battery connection would be kinda crowded
im saying its common to ground on chassis (stu said too), its not really a bad idea with modern manufacturing techniques, and you dont see very man cars rusting out for no reason
gold plated connectors lead to better connection until the gold plate rubs off
and thats just because its soft
yeah it doesnt really matter at all once the connection is made

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yeah that was a bad metric joke
yeah if you have the little piece of paper that matches the wire colors to what they do its fun
i hate that shit
fuckin snap together tech
nothing like that ever goes back together quite the same
steel > duct tape
cars move alot ghostman

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you need caps made to run at mains ac or they will blow up because of sustain high ripple
are you making an avrfreak beacon?
how is he doing the pwm?
charles assumes bridge or half wave rectifying
sometimes its 2.8 =)
yes but how is avrfreak doing the codes?

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they have voltage max
you just dont know cuz you do everything under 6.3V
and low current, so you can usually buy any cap and not fail
it could be a date/batch code for all i know
and no, if that actually means 400V, it prob means 400VDC
it depends in what context
400VDC =~ 0VAC
because its not the same rating

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and that sucks about the flex pcb, but that shits gotta be a pain to fab at high res
wtf is a 10nK400?
a nano kilo is a micro

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timecop: do they do kapton flex pcb?
thatd be the shit
everyone just has the micro tactiles
i want the big fat ones
i dont remember where i got them before

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it prob wont be panelized
its prob gonna be a single full panel if theyre using the size i think
charles: naw they need to be almost on top of each other
like stcked crowded honeycomb pattern
oh 27", thats big
prob by like 700x450 or 700x500 or something?
i can maybe do 4
yeah cool i can prob fit 4
haha those are like $40 for 2000 or something at goldmine elec
i want the bigger ones tho
timecop: yeh

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damn so like you could be knocking over trash cans and breaking mailboxes and youre practically yakuza, eh?
they got the best tattoos
how descriptive
what was ata?
oh i thought they changed it
timecop: you know offhand how big their panels are?
i need to get something fabbed, too big for cnc
heheh, 8 octaves of tactiles \o/

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wait is that razor wire or pulled steel mesh welded to the catwalk?
timecop: say
on the orbis at meishin pic
two cams on a catwalk
is it razorwire or just fence for the catwalk?
that would be turned into public art here
we usually have them 12ft up on dedicated poles
at least
they not built so you can throw a tire on them and set them on fire like the brit ones either
they prob clean it up
japs seem to understand about infrastructure maintenance
we forgot about that sometimes during the civil rights movement
like, a hard line?
not some radio relay to a line?
cuz that also seems easily disabled by public

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the flash?
yeah prob speed radar
prob around where the cam is pointing or behind a bit for triggering
it wouldnt need to be pointed, tho
lined up with the cam, its prob direction antenna for radar
control stuff would prob be omni antennas
nice razor wire

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