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so they stretch like that, and i guess the links actually deform a bit
yeah but its still a chain
10hp is alot more than my legs
mine uses a timing belt
only honda that uses chains is the NSX i think
chains dont smooth delivery of power
belts are easier on parts

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(cuz they prob have some sort of size/toque search or info tab or some shit)
heh, yeah
i stretched the fuck outta my robinsons chain
blackmoon: all the links kinda wear out

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the coils thread on?
or just friction fit?
blackmoon: those motors are stupid simple
if theyre not ziezed up, you can usually get them turned over with a bit of work
6 hours until class
i found 99% iso\
Vons has it \o/

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crankcase fumes is like burning oil
its also piston blowby
so burnt up gas in there too
heh, thats actually much more an issue in those little engines
when we tore down a motor when playing with go karts, one motor had a piston that wobbled in its cylinder
blackmoon: yeah
haha 'large quantity'
it was prob unside down at some point
heh, minibike/gokart motor
wtf 3mm

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stu is absorbing raw chiken bacteria
heh, B&T motors were fun to work on
i was almost laughing when i realized how one of those air pressure governors worked
it wasnt going to your carb or intake tube?

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i was prob gonna buy aluminum tube from mcmaster
tho im kinda thinking some custome milled out aluminum frame

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shes not great at photoshop, youd prob notice
heheh that shit was kind of funny
i gotta write one more paper
okay done, bbl

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fuckin she named all the pics in spanish
ok i found it
the bottom ones head is actually 1mm off the platform
my psu still hasnt blown up
oh man
causality: stay the fuck out
raw chiken = bad cook
its the matte coating she uses
its not glaze, its like thin ceramic slip

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dude theyre awesome in person
like, it felt like if you moved to fast theyd break
kinda sucks, her grad school professor told her she should stop making things so fragile
that people dont like to pay for fragile things
blackmoon: haha, one of them kinda scared me
theres was maybe like 10
none of the shows i went to had glass cases
always open platforms
but i guess cuz it was all ceramic, so all sorts of diff sizes
some shit was really cool, other shit was like whatever
if the gallery breaks it, its the artists loss
'dont make your shit so fragile'
its in the contracts

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they shift while firing
and all her shit is like edge of breaking when it goes in
like, the clay moves when its being fired
so some really weird stuff happened
sec i find other pics, she didnt make the names web friendly
the one next to me (heh, cuz it is me =\ ), is standing on its own
on a twist of hair smaller than a pinkie finger
couple of them, and the butt of one hand
damn i dunno which pics are which figures
she has one thats like one of the figures dipping another while dancing
and it looks like its reasing on the dipped figures head
but its like 1mm off the platform

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my gf made me a piece
hmm, dunno if i have pics
but its like a figure from the shoulders up (she did these torso/legless figures for her grad show)
but like i was balancing on the tips of some tiny dreads
i told her not to give it to me cuz i have no place for it and itd just get broken =(
oh weird, she named it rmr
nm i guess mine is one of the rod ones

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my rod hand glove is like way smaller than my torch hand glove
cuz i was using MIG/TIG gloves
pigskin instead of thick leather
but like, the web is up to my second knucle on my rod hand
they started too big, fingers couldnt touch the ends
wtf is a canteen?
your jobs cafeteria?
yeah but not for brits
haha, i have a canteen size ceramic flask
with corked top
kinda shaped to fit into your hand
(gift from CSUN ceramic student for adjusting all the throwing wheel foot lever pots)
yeah i wish i drank more, heh

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like, people who i thought smoked tons of weed said i smoke alot of weed =\
ha i dont even always smoke it now
i gotta fix the vap
ha welding instructor always making pothead jokes at me
and the other dread in the class started calling me dread
so they all do it now
that or 'fuckin mad scientist'
im the only one wears a respirator
haha you were so right about the gloves
they totally shrink to fit

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ha bed
therell be none of that tonight
k done with one paper
one more to go and then 6 to revise
except speech final, whatever the fuck that is
prob somemore ghey questions about 'ethos' and shit
dude, cmon man i aint no n00b
i been doing that shit like like almost 15 years now
getting the bestest herbs helps, tho
high cannabinol to cannabidiol ratios helps
i think resin is just fucked up, period
ha one of my friends thinks thats why im so fuckin weird
cuz im always smokin the res
well, not always
but shit if im out and i have mad res, i aint gonna be THCless for more than a few hours
yeah i like swim in it

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unit41 please to stfu

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i so hate line style grid

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so kinda told me to stfu and said shed give me a B
hahaha, that always fucks me up
ive done 0C few timnes in WA and i think .ca too
.ca falling snow happens and my brain kicked into this OMG BUG INFESTATION mode
it was all over me =( =( =(

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i wanna do electronics
but i have to do english
do you think my teacher will understand?
^dx^: naw shes kinda cool
shes looks like girl perry farrel
she kinda geeky grad student hot
yeah probably
she kinda too skinny but meh
trains normal, stu
anyway, she cool cuz she asked how i thought i was doing
i told her if i kicked ass at my final essay portfolio, i can get a mid C, by her grading scale

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because the series resistor needs to be small, your cap will need to be big
so say a 100R resistor, for 10Hz filter...
um, hi blogger person

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stk500 doesnt hardware debounce
it just has external pullup resistor and current limit resistor
okay well, the best way is like the stk500 setup, with external pullups, current limit resistor
and a cap from the pin to ground
you can use internal pullup, but the series resistor in the filter needs to be a small enough value that it doesnt take too much voltage from the pullup R
i think avr spec is like 1-10K for the internal pullups

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you prob dont care about the extra .20 per filter
its like $1 for hardware debouncing with resistor/cap LPF
it makes working with external interrupts easier
sec, lemme check something

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'oh sorry, i went temporarily crazt/stupid'
who is we?
wtf you didnt forget
damn, if i was you and i didnt have a bone sticking out of me, id fuck him up
and like, i dont fuck people up really
and id maybe fuck him up even with the bone sticking out of me
wake up for class?
so he sucks at making reactors
and he bad at jacking peoples
wtf is he gonna do? =(

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this the one tried to jack you?
like, of all the people to try and jack
and what a lazy jack
'i dont think you paid me. wait no im sure. no thats my money that exactly your rent money that got deposited'
like, did he hide in shame or something?
or is he like, okay i made a mistake it turns out you did pay
but like then what
like i was thinking about that all bike ride the next day
like, how did dx's roomie admitting hes a bitch go down

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but that need external parts and shit
timecop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUuvIi3UFK4
whats that
wait till it drops
how sad
its just music its not even vid really
some still
someone needs to make a movie just for this song
soon is the time to start the all night english paper writing editing session
can you feel the suffering?

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i gotta do up my vfd clk main board
the antenna picks up mad emi from the switchers and tubes
but its cool when its more than a few inches away
i think i put in the front, maybe in some sort of swing out pod
cuz it likes being N/S
cuz alien WWVB relay in alaska

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macegr: less zoom
bus demo
like, it was neat in this carnival fun house sorta way
omg timecop you cant fuck nintendo
yakuza plays nintendo, you shit will not have the seal of quality
you will be hunted
lawyers will haunt your babies

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do it

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shit ui
just name them
its like the same thing with a diff ui
its just a net container
pay me i might
i got time schools done for a month

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oh neat
it just does nets

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in the end, its just about the wire names
see the tool by the net/bus tool with the label?
like some text by a wire or some shit
you that to put a net label on wires
(careful they dont move with wires by default)
see in the pic i linked, D0..3 and A0..3?
the labels on the wires?
named and labeled?
then when you bring wires out to your avr, make sure you connect up the right net to the right pin
it helps to name the nets after the device pins your connecting the avr too
yeah a pdf one
the in program help is shit
theres a tutorial and a manual actually

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the bus tool (big fat blue wire) just draws a line so you have a visual feedback cue for your bus
it doesnt really do anything
i think it has a connect dialog
name tool
resistor with an R1 over it
okay yeah knew it had a popup for something
sec ill get a pic of a proper bus connection
hit the bus with 135deg bends
make wires, name them, connect with bus wire
and then you should be able to pull wires off the bus

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its mind control
well, its just a bigass antenna for the mil research people to do shit with
but you dont they trying to make sounds resonate in our brain cavity
i dont think kangaroos swim great
just guessing
maybe their tail
maybe they can swim with their big fat tail
output enable, chip enable
tristate, so you can have alot of chips on the same bus
have fun with and/or gates
just name your wires
you dont even have to connect them

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oh cmon thats not so sexy
you gotta make phony packets
hey how come my antenna has 2.5Hz waves?
well yeah when im move it
it likes being NS orientation
oh cmon that means i have to move the whole scope
yeah i think maybe the dso sampling freq and the 60KHz carrier wave are making a phantom wave
cuz the 60KHz wave is prob dead on
do they use the same timecode as wwvb?
else its useless to me
dude, thats our massive antenna array
wtf is vivas?
haarp isnt about controlling weather

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the antenna is also picking up a perfect 2.5KHz wave
oh when i said KHz i meant Hz
tho maybe my dso is seeing things

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^dx^: not really
ha is andrew anthony micheal hall?
nerdy ass bill gates mufucker

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i cant do shit about politics, cant do shit about aliens
hoover was a nut

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have you ever read dark corridor?
my back
black corridor
heh, people blowing up people, group of people got on a rocket and gtfo
thats not what its about, but thats why theyre all up in space
theres like small percentage of variation in the waves
i wonder if thats the encoding
seems to like being flat, pointed north

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dude aliens have come back since we took them apart, jacked their technology, and started the airforce/cia/fbi/nsa
aliens now are just the government fuckin with us =(
its got the rest of an oscillator circuit inside
we prob came from them
asteroid belt is our old planet, we are the survivors
holy shit
im getting 300mVpp sine waves from this antenna

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my tek see something on the antenna
it looks like 10mV worth of signal,
i hooked up the scope to the antenna
like perfect sine wave at 60KHz
no from the air
dacs off
and the switchers arent at 60KHz
im turning them off
still there
omg i guess thats it

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i wish i could test the cap without undoing tiny solder joints
like fairies or elves did it
possijust two led?
damn not enough backspace
i wanna see schema pic

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ha wtf datasheet 'final tuning of the resonance frequency is done be moving the coils position on the ferrite rod' or something
cant move that shit, its like glued on, its tiny ass fuckin wire, and its all heatshrunk on one side
neat it has a capacitor
okay thats why they came in diff freq

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maybe some harmonic thing happening cuz at diff freq
naw its cool
its only noisy when the bright ass tubes are on
so i can turn the noisy supplies off (standby mode w00t)
also im doing wwvb chip at 60KHz
so like 20KHz is farther from 60KHz than 100KHz (switcher IC max), like on a log scale
heh, i havent unwrapped the antenna yet
its in a heat crimped bubblewrap sock

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are you doing 7seg with discrete led?
okay neat
its the 25V and 1.5V switchers that are noisy
one or other or both
but when theyre switched of, the 5v is quiet
they make like a star waser blaster noise and then continuous leaky rattlesnake sound when enables
er, star wars
so like my coils are vibrating or something?
blackmoon: why my smps make noise
nothing is burning and voltages are right on so im assuming its working correct
mostly one tone
i can hear it switch
they should be switching around 20KHz
i shouldnt be able to hear that
but im thinking its beause theres three

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name the nets
nets are connected to all nets with the same name
wtf 5?
shit dont come in 5
wtf are you doing?

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i cant find my english book

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okay i gotta start day bye
fuck that
i think theyd have probs growing it as well for as cheap
people wouldnt buy shit mex weed from the liquor store even if it came is a nice package
thats what mass produced farm weed is like
maybe i would if i was having an emergency
but prob not

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but in general im for full decriminalization
busting people for drugs helps no one
if you shifted all resources from inprisonment to treatment, wed prob be alot better off
yeah wtf is that all about
bunch of fuckin pussies
xtian = easily infuenced long term by fear
power supply is higher voltage
if you do it wrong could catch fire and burn down the house but even a battery supply can do that

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so yeah, some people think worst os over, others think it hasnt happened yet
its not even a medical or personal freedom issue anymore
its been a fed enforcement vs state legislation issue for years now
no, nothing at all
no candidate wants to comment on it
theres youtubes with sick people asking if candidates would arrest them for using medical marijuana
the candidates freeze up or get rude
well, new attorney general so who knows
personally i think this administration got it hands full
if they got plans, it aint about potheads in cali
hahaha @ weed + brain damage
red bull prob does more brain damage
oh, yeah thats touchy

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like when local gov complains (cali has lots of conservative community pockets)
like, i might just take a lawyer figuring out how to make charges stick before the fed sweeps cannabis clubs and caretakers
s/\ i/\ it
because if they start bustin people the wrong way, the same thing might happen again
they wont be able to touch anyone for years while supreme court waits to deal with it
because they have the resources and legislation to just roll in and arrest everyone

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anyway, herb isnt legal here, cuz this is america and we didnt lose the civil war
we just decided by voter proposition we dont give a fuck
yeah quitting is easy i do it all the time
i really got to get a medical card
i was totally against it forever, because it basically databases your name as a fedaral enforcement target
but not really relevant anymore cuz like half of everyone has one now
cant bust everyone
yeah but this is a fed vs state list
like, alot of people just assume fed is just getting ducks in order
like, last time they started busting people so hard and so fucked up, they got an injunction put on the by supreme court
couldnt bust anyone for like 4 or 5 years
so the legal medical thing kinda got huge, and everyone assumed fed was okay with it
which wasnt really true, supreme court is just slow and busy
so thats over, and they been bustin a few people

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about a play called Fences, and an analysis of a poem i wrote for class
then its mostly creative writing or lit stuff i have to edit
fuck legalization
thats the first step to the end of peoples herb
legalization = tobacco company rule
well, theyll take it
its a huge market
and its completely regulated by the people
theyll jack the right to conduct our own business, and set the price
they wont even have to tax it, they can just set the prices
i have a potshop down the street
another same distanceother direction
most of my friends are medical legal, with a card
i wont spend the $300 cuz i usually droppin it on other stuff
anyway, theres ads in the LA Weekly
full pages of little potshop adverts
just like music clubs
marlboro green is a joke about what happens if weed becomes legal
tho yeah, the greens ended up being menthol

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i get parts from the digikey for some irc swedes i know
okay i should start laundry, shred chiken, start guacamole, then go mail stuff when laundry changes
but first, music and some herb
heh, i have to write two papers and edit 6 overnight
then take a speech final tomorrow (shrug)
then this semester is defeated
ha, no

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and likely expensive
or i can just make a socket with any tube pins
like cyan
i pitty you so you gotta be da foo
i have to see that
ha, funny, it used to be a mission to even find its location on video
i think we got something else instead when we did
some horrible ed wood written movie that actually made 2 hours of breasts boring
def a B movie classic
or maybe it was tower of acid
which was actually a pyramid of acid
and really it was just a pyramid of big white foam blocks
hopefully gay niggers from outer space is at least that bad
i have to do laundry and edit papers and cook for bbq and send parts to swedeland today

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psu still isnt on fire
just a tube
which is about all the 25V supply should ever be loaded with cuz of multiplexing
the 1.5V rail will have 6x the load
vfd tube
light up underside of the main board
prob gonna be in an acrylic enclosure, cuz i have a ton of 1"
to keep height and ripple down
as theres gonna be a reciever in the clock
they dont make them for this many pins
pls see previous notblog post

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