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overcorrection is funny

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vista better be awesome two years from now
heh, i got like 2min max ADR times

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im not gonna defend all of lunix
my lunix were awesome
well, the ones that lasted more than a week
the machine controller lunix is still awesome
but ubuntu kinda pisses me off
ubuntu is good linux for peoples
fuck redhate lunix
how to update rpm system = reinstall
maybe if they stuck to an operating system and made it approach perfection
instead of tossing them just as they mature
then maybe would feel it was worth the $$$

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how is that not cross platform, runs on everything
no shit
but photoshop is a waste of resources just to crop some photos
i can crop like 5 photos in the time it takes photoshop to start up
depends on the build
the new windows binary with all the codec and mpui frontend has maybe only fucked up 2 or 3 times
where itll leave a dead process in the task manager
linux mplayer was like totally dependant on distro, x, how mplayer was built, weather, etc
computer hardware is on topic?

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haha, with 3byte ADR timing words, i think ima have like 2min max times
wtf planet are you guys on?
gimp, player, eagle
er, mplayer

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its a certain doc name you search for

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fuck, i dont
lemme try gimme couple min

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avrfreaks has it
you have to jumper some vias
ive never had problems like that with the stk500 or the dragon
just the stk500 clones
new versions of avrprog (the avrisp/stk500 update thing) wont see my taiwan (thailand?) usb avrisp

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damn i wonder what those parallel out usarts were called
we played with them in discrete digital class
wow some of them come with big FIFOs
my avr doesnt have that

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serial and a usart chip might be easiest
with parallel out
heh, damn now we using thr pc psu to drive the relays, w00t
yeah that way you just sense a byte with bits for what relays you want on or off
will do 8 relays easily
p=iv, duh
now you know all of DC electronics

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buddy from junior high
i should make an rs232 relay controller for my cnc
for the steppers and spindle
damn,, he said he comin thru around 2a
maybe he actually got some poon
least hes not sleep

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high speed double busses are rarely full up, run about every 15min, and the subways are pretty much the same
its weird to actually have functional pub transportation
i hope my connect didnt go to sleep
fuckin bastard

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did it crash?
well thats good
ha wtf
t9 is lame, you just dont multitap buttons quick enough
i couldnt stand phone irc
thank god
LA MTA almost bankrupted the city, but all our transit is pretty cool now

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neat it skips two
okay i need B-D and also E and G

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ha you paid him to route your shit?
ha funnt
we know
i can play a bunch of very ape
but not the chorus part
i need to make a switch pad
i need to hack in extra byte on my ADR timing words
not long enough
why dont you just start saying the train is officially normal
i need a B
then i can play this radiohead bassline
i can h4x it i think it skips a note

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8 notes is note enough =(
so say hi to them both
i needs more notes
im like all jammin out
then i need a note thats like one to high or low
dude the worst that happens is she rejects you
so fucking what
or her friend makes fun of you, so fucking what

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fuck if i know
itll do .00025 without microstepping
its quieter with microstepping
itsd 200 steps on a 1/2-20 leadscrew

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haha thatd be awesome
how do you think they paint roads?
youd have to have megaquick solenoids
have to use inkjet tech
wheres ur url
i havent had weed for like 4 hours
trippy, whats it like being made up?
bet its easier to get away with shit without feeling guilty

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neat i can fit 3 full octaves off biggy tactile buttons on the size boards i bought

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for the first transistor?
timecop: the logic is primarily cmos
resistors = heat, so i doubt theres a ton
maybe tiny ones to bias the cmos gates

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polyphonic just need to put them in parallel
wtf its an audio synth not a ghey ass media player
musical instrument, retards
i think by tues theyre official late
priority mail is like 4-7 business days
tho normally i get it in like 2 or 3
fuckin people and their holiday cheer
fuck their glee, bogarting the snail mail
and since i found that opamp current sink circuit im thinking maybe get one of those bar graphs
why, tho?
fixed point yay

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wow i just made my stk500 more awesome
no by turning it into a working monosynth
yeah but im done now
fuck stereo

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forward biased + coil resistance, which is prob close to short
at least relative to a rev biased diode
and extra volt maybe

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is it stable?
maybe its got a snubber or something

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ugh i gotta change the dac to another port
programming it at 2MHz hurts

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not so fun doing it with the serial port

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oh and figured out the math with signed samples
so it settles in the midle instead of at the bottom
haha, the background switshy noise when the wave scales is awesome
ha yeah
have to do switch code

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keep the source full scale
yeah might do that
cuz tinys dont have the ram to do what i want
eventually i wanna be able to use ram buffered wavetabs
im prob gonna use 88.2KHz sampling rate
so not so tight for time
i have to go thru and optimize the code, but i dont think 16b adds much time
actually it saves times
i rotate the accumulator one less to the right
the multiplication will take bit longer tho
i have to recode it for 3byte adsr timing words
its just two byte now and the adr times dont go long enough

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really, linear?
mines all exponential
i could change it i guess
hehe, im testing with long ADR times, its weird sounding
theres some weird swishy harmonic sound
and when it gets low gain it has slight buzzsaw sqr wave sounds
sexy on the scope, tho
yeah, tho its actuall mod sine style
i think ima adjust the gain so it goes to -50db before just cutting the sound
yeah, thats why i wanna use digital attenuators maybe

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i make stegosaurus wave
omg stegosaur wave!

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oh fuck i have to give him moneys
its funny how everyone says he has no chance, like we have total shit voter turnout normally
like, if one demographic actually decides to show up, itd be huge
he pwns online polls
kerry was like <5% in 2004 initial primaries
if he loses its okay, because that means they wont kill him
cuz if he wins, heh...
like, republican in polls are super undecided
so if dems switched to republican, and alot of republicans voted for him cuz everyone else is dipshits, he could prob do more than also ran numbers
cmon timecop you know you <3 this kinda discussion
i have a month to do that i think

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ha, wut?
sorry i was doing stuff with maths instead of having philisophical discussions about it

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yeah mostly
meh, thats just boolean maths
i do symbolic logic and digital logic at the same time
boolean in both
i dropped the pointless one
er s/do/did

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squiggles are usually an impedance matching thing
which is kinda saying the same thing

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its ridiculous kinda, but i dont mind

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i want to go to BC next time im in WA
hehe, quebec was weird
its like los angeles, except everyone speaks french instead of spanish, and theres wine in every aisle of the supermarket, and cheese is better
and omfg pastries wtf
artery clogging euphoria
this shit was over the top, like there should be laws banning montreal pastries

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do you have to pay for/steal visio?

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dia is neat

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damnstu dont you pay attention?
dia = awesome
yeah those pics are golden
def lawyer bait

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ooo pics
hah, you totally have a case

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wtf is up with the grid in dia

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we had CVT on a gokart back in the day
yeah but they spool up power neat
decent control for lawnmower engine clutch

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/me flowcharts ur face
damn i fucked that up
dunno it makes sense
anything can be abused for marketting
its like computers
you cant just buy a good part and expect good results
you have to buy matched good parts so theres no bottlenecks
im not saying the reality im just saying the principle makes sense
yeah, but if youre buying from a single vendor for a single car
blackmoon: gokart clutches
heh, they come CVT style

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