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triple check wiring
yeah your fingers might not be all charged up like kevtrises
no i just dont accept media dccs cuz its a shell
convienient when away from home or when comuters are being stupid
also im not streaming plaintext thru my isp
all of one!
its okay =\
okay fine

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i think like non electronic exit
yeh see
wow now we even have an application
man stop making little skull and crossbones
:X = renesis buzz out man?
wow i have an emoticon

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your problem is clearly 99.
yeah he is
you witnessed?
how much?

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one of my friends keeps texting me i want to slap him
no hes being fucking random or pointless
okay causality
now explain what lead you to believe this
smlville: omg!
we have no clue wtf youre talking about
omg that is the first pic!

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is there free fpga software?
with schema entry?
its working =D
the fucking sensor
whats the start?
what i missed something
are we voting?

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webster's says you have to spell it w00t
oh because it does all the RD/EN/CLK/ETC logic or something?

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its so hard to justify on boards tho
haha like the DSO on my tek is maybe 40 DIPs all edge to edge
the whole boards, size of the whole tek, just edge to edge dips
thats so fucking sexy
they only come in huge
rainbow color would be kinda cool tho
just cuz its not black
id prefer like, green, or maybe orange and blue
or maybe just like metalic silk on the black
(die blugrass)
and i dont hate them
like its good music, theres just tons of stuff im into way more
like im def not a big fan

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oh shit
im done with school i have time for sl if i want
well, yeah most of it seems to be
but its kinda cool to make stuff
thats alot of 74xxx
just put a filter on it thats a fureal wavy wave yo
yeah i want to get a dev board or make something
its fun playing with discreet logic blocks

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i dont even understand the reference!
okay now everyones gonna be talking shit from the movie so i have to see it
i hope i dont think it sucks and is like 2 hours of awkward
i dunno it seems like exactly before now
like when we were talking before it got loud
yeah im good/bad for that

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dude i dont care about your bot
thats everyone else
no im just like, dont use it if youre not an op
or youre an op
we have a diff of opinion on that, is all
didnt have to wipe out your config over it, haha
i dont know how =(
kostix: chanfix would prob just put everything back while we slept
well hopefully after some time you guys get over it
maybe you should avoid building stuff together for a year or so
i like this channel

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yeah thats amusing
dude just dont use it to ban people in this channel?
i mean how lame an excuse is that
like, i can control myself unless someone else makes it literally impossible mfor me to do it
but wtf is that about?
its reg exp for swap
or i assume its swap, try it in vim or something, :s/foo/bar
maybe s means switch
which doesnt really have anything to do with banning chan regulars or pretending not to be an op!?

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for coderjedi
not a team play0r!
hes pretty okay op tho
because we dont like those states kevtris
actually i kinda wanna go to both at some point =\
blackmoon: im thru a shell so dont matter
im always from here from everyplace
blackmoon: haha
blackmoon: theyre just lookin out for you!
blackmoon broke his isps internets
nothing you can prove in a court of law!
omg wtf?

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cuz dude why you gonna ban dnanielson?
of course it wont you dont listen
your like gw
stay the course
dont cut and run, thousand point of light, nagada.
of course
course not
how sad
i wanna know the same thing
so since you said we can talk about anything
ha, so by stu's reason for deopping blackmoon he should deop kevtris

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its a slightly dysfunctional sci chan
whats wrong with ops?
youre one of 3 active
yeah most the other people just left
yes right =)
dude im not gonna give you names
who cares if you believe me

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ha, again with the stu critics = trolls
i think he really believes in his new found trolling definition
and i dunno, thats kinda how the buffer read to me
over some personal shit, no less

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omg thats so lame
that reason is so contrived
that was literal
great quality in a chan op
i <3 how he reverts to calling names instead of using logical debate

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ha we take shit too serious, nice
stu thinks trolling means criticizing stu
thats funny
like i dont have direct issues with you myself
damn when do you come up with this shit?

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people usually only get banned for having a problem with stu
he cant take jokes
stu = very soft skin =(
i think hes worried he gonna lose power in another big channel
poor stu
ask someone else
it would be 2nd hand
i dont care really, blackmoons is still here
stu can still be the bouncer if he really wants

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causality: you banned danielson for timecop?
ha this is getting more and more retarded all the time
watch out for bears

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wtf are you talking about stu
hes not stu anymore
and hes not an op
even tho hes on the bots
which he says he asked to be taken off
but he still uses them to ban people

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dont click on popups ever

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you got fucked by fandango?
are you sure it was fandangos popup?
they bought the add space
er, ad

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theyre pretty neat, heard the band in a friends car
its more like portishead
heh, def lost interest in bjork after post

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well im pretty sure i didnt make him up
i dont like the music but its got alot of neat sounds and processing shit going on
gogol bordello is the only band ive been super excited about lately
best live show, indisputable

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instead of country blues
thats stuff is a bit to close to country and folk for me
its having a pop phase
just like the mid/late 80s
likely something new happen soon

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yeah hes good
i just liked the music with cream alot more
heh, you should grab a best of compilation
lots of cool stuff
like, i liked garcia and the people in the band
i just thought the music sucked
not song names
im listening to stuff on youtube, its pretty much what i remember
see that doesnt do much for me
i liked lynard skynard
but thats about it, alot of the other southern stuff im not into it
like, not super into CCR
yeah, just dont like the bluegrassy stuff
i think why i like zeppelin and sabbath, it was more like traditional blues

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70s music that just isnt hard enough
clapton is damn hard
hes like one of those definitions of vanilla hard rock
ah, well i didnt care for his other stuff as much
is good but cream #1
and yes you can be good and not hard
but yeah im not huge doobie bros fan

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you can buy half gallons here
ive never seen half liters here
they do 1L soda bottles tho
most things are in both
its random here, some stuff is even ounces, some stuff is even liters
soda cans are ounces
i think, all the bottles are liters tho
they do that here

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all that makes sense
but mils are better units for dimensioning than mm
how the fuck do you do electronics than?
all the values are metric
gotta get those big electrolytic cans for those mF caps

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because our units dont convert to mars =( =( =(
figs yay
they have triscuits at sev
i should go buy a box and some cheese
before they run the fuck out
and buy something reetarded like wheat thins

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oh fuck milligrams?
so i should call them
neither is pounds
well then how isnt grams
okay so what do we use for mass in standard units
no, i get weighewd in lbs
my mail, it gets weighed in lbs
this is a really pointless discussion
okay for the sake of this conversation
lets assume gravity is on earth
and get beyond this
because i know what youre saying totally
it just doesnt matter at all
okay, i think i feel better now
yeah totally
america will be left behind in the interstellat automobil wars

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i think they mean like power to the shaft
its 65.4W actually
and thats 75% effecient
so it might mean 90W consumed
its 7.06A
and like 13V or so for that motoro i think
with multiples to 90W
which is my estimate for P(in)
giving the P(out) and the effeciency
okay so 7.06A/~13V/90W, 80HP@5530rpm

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okay then help
im using the @ max effeciency numbers
so, convert toque from g/cm to lb/ft, use the speed, and plug into equation
no if its wrong googles units are wrong
yes i know
i get 80hp
1131 (g / cm) = 75.9996911 pound / ft
not really
then 5530 rpm
their graphs kinda suck
thats output
not input

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that look sane? in case anyone knows offhand
the blocked out word is just 'Where:'
if thats right these motors are 80hp at 5500rpm at 7A/9V
the &A/9V might be wrong
and its not stall torque
because thats 9 times higher
i think i messed up because thats output watts
next too effeciency

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yeah, you know
pulling energy from the ether
cuz tesla says we got all our EM maths half assed =O
least thats what this guy says tesla said to everyone
but then tesla said he heard radio waves from space
so everyone called him a loon

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and also the programming pins are on the dac port
heheh, all sorts of funky sounds
like, somethings totally wrong with the code
still counds cool, tho
kinda sucks the the attenuator is a 20 turn pot
tesla coil is a bad weapon
shit prob gonna get you as much as it get them
i have this interview vid, an overunity guy
aerospace engineer, does alot of tesla research
he thinks maybe tesla did tunguska
blew that shit up from america, heheh
this guy who does overunity research things tesla remotely blew up tunguska
with with a remote EM weapon
oh its all cool sounding shit that im not about to do the research to have that kinda opinion on
but its interesting =)

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but yeah i think as far as living, above 50C in the open youre prob toast pretty quick
are you going to run it at 2W?
cuz i know its hotter than 25C in my room alot
oh thats prob okay, they should have derating curve or value in the datasheet to know for sure
thatll work
it doesnt get more than60C in my room very much
so im debugging dac output code

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kevtris: heh yeah that about the right temp
if you can smell you IC it def needs a heatsink
okay i did math for these 55mm diameter motors
like, 30hp omg?
at something like 10 or 20 amps
i think 50C is pushing it, no?
i think 50C is like absolute max temp
maybe we can pulse at 100C
can put your finger in boiling water for a split sec, be okay

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i think thats it
then i can actually take the head off

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forgot, school shit
well, i FTA'ed for a speeding ticket too, cuz my car broke
sucked, cuz i was malibu court and i REALLY wanted to drive to malibu in the morning
i <3 canyon drives
but my cars head locked up night before
^dx^: hi
i think im going to rip the head off my car
man thats some bullshit tho
i gotta drain the coolant, oil, label every fucking vacuum hose and remove, undo the manifolds

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was she your friend?
ha i have misdemenor weed possession
like maybe two separate counts
like, pretty much all my trouble and jail time if from failure to appears
wonder if that kinda stuff shows up in checks
like, past bench warrants

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i dont do it for profit
that would make me a drug dealer
tho sometimes i dip into funds for food and school books
heh, i dont have enough to be busted like that
cuz i got other shit i need to spend $300
ha actually i have a bench warrant right now i have to get to malibu court
i did my traffic school like 2 days late, they have the records i just have to get the judge to okay it
actually it is =)
ive done 5 days so far, not even for dealing
they arent allowed to ask
its illegal in california to ask about marijuana related stuff
DTF is marijuana

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no im cool im gonna continue counting moneys and smokey teh herbs
have i ever mentioned how much i hate $50 bills?
fuck up the count
10 30 50 70 90 sucks
danielson: community servant!
group buy organizer
im very pro-active
anyway if i had the moneys id be legal to own and transport
but is like $300

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you drop voltage across a resistor
or anything, for that matter
current thru a resistor, voltage across it

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listen careful
damn bbl phone

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that would be a problem

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wow that sounds fun
ha 120db goodluck

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my friend asked me if i wanted tacos before he came over
i didnt know he mean make the tacos and kick it for 3 hours =\

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macegr: vote for ron paul blimp
ron paul blimp for president 2008.

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spindle motor for the taig
i want something easily speed controlled and not huge
ha, no not for that
my my cnc and for my bike
hills, yo
heh, my honda could accelerate up hills with 60hp
(90lb/ft at 2000rpm!)
well yeah im gonna gear it
but yeah i wanna make my own spindle
with good bearings, for quick tool changing
kinda like a power cache
keeps the batter from loading up and dropping voltage
only works for so long, tho

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that size stuff is perfect for my mill
i wanna get an arbor press so i can make dies and stamp stuff out
do neat CF stuff like in that pic
so that little can is the big cap?
i want.

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go buy a co2 tank at a paintball shop
i should go buy a co2 tank at an airbrush shop
co2 good for mad current to OC your motor
and then the graph with the gas/liquid state
pressureize the motor
so it boils off the liquid C02 into gass when it runs
so maybe need a sort of input reg and blowoff valve
i wanna get a 55mm diameter motor, i dunno what it is in hp
for machine tool and/or bike
sec, i get link
caps are basically low esr batteries
i should get into RC

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my gf's harbor freight one died blowing up her airbed
er, exgf
worked fine for her airbrushes tho, and theyll prob just give her a new one when she takes it back
thing prob overheats, its built into a little plastic box with almost no vetillation
how many times have you done that?
really you should have only done it twice max
okay stop

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its a vertical drag technique
so by default, solder falls back onto the iron
i havent seen any methods that even come close to that

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theres a guy who solders sides of quad flat packs in like 3sec
this guy is lame
his vid is like 'how to solder a qfp without any special tools'
step one = bust out your heatgun
haha dork

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ha yeah its prob shorted right inside or in the cable somewhere
sculptor: its just shorting voltage across some pins
could kill sensitive IC
says its only good for 'light' board soldering
to mean that means it 'sucks' at board soldering
wtf is light board soldering?
maybe they mean a light board, like, bright lights
it prob wouldnt hurt lights

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go jp for quasi-religious icon miniaturization tech
well in america we call that seperation of state and religion
and we think its a good thing, although many of us seem to be very confused about that right now
mitt romney wtf
chuck norris, ++wtf
Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kicks Separation Of Church And State
man look how pulled his face is
i wonder if he can still close his eyes
what sparks?
wow the plug sparks?
prob shorted right at the other end of the plug, or power to chassis

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no i just think the topic is lame
man why are you always so worried about everyone else stu
but really youre not
im not chistian
im not religious
stop being nice for fake bitch be nice for real!
the meaning?
or what you are?
wow they integrated the stork into santa

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blackmoon: remove OSHA tip, nozzle into ear, press valve
like industrial safety peoples
its a pressure limitting tip for compressed air tubes
you have to have them for compressed air in shops
a useable amount that wont blow holes in peoples skin?
you dont use them when you attach hoses to machinery
sculptor: 9/11 is shady, theyre hiding shit
when they should have been more open than ever
there should be no questions
if they didnt do it, they fucked up so bad people should be executed for treason
so either way its shady

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theyre required by the government to allow FBI/NSA sniffers on their lines
my friend is bringing me tacos he made
hes a white person
i dunno how this is gonna work out
he can bbq pretty good, tho
osama is dead
or in an american funded bunker
all the footage of him has been proven to be re-edit from years ago
also there is no evidense to connect him to 9/11
his FBI most wanted page doesnt mention it
but it does mention other specific terrorist events

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the SCO/M$ thing was most awesome ddos
hehe, it broke sco, i dont even remember if m$ dissapeared or just lagged down
they want you to monitor all the files thru an opan wap?
jezus fuck they gotta make a tech congress
normal congress shouldnt be allowed to legislate tech
dude watching technical hearings is like hours of blackboard screech style agony
theyre gonna ruin everything
sculptor: what?

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maybe you have a dns cache trojan with a broken spoof site
you have been reading fake /. all this time!
omg thats so evil dont say that
the government will have DDoS capability in the next 5 years
little battle servers just to make 'bad' things go away
and theyll use a script kiddy the fbi arrested to run this shit
and they will call him a hacker =( =( =(

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like, ISP vs RIAA/MPAA victims
dude thats actually totally doable in court
proving that it might not have been you seems to be the best out
thats why they lost against some college kids and families
sony is big on this 'ripping your own cd is illegal' mentality lately in court
so basically the majority of their customers are now criminals
meh, music software is so meh

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id do it if they sent me all the shit
but i mean fuck that i dont want vista that bad
or at all, really
maybe if i roll up in a ball in front of the heater like my cat i will be warm all over
instead of just one side
damn i thought timewarner blocked my torrents
but i think it was my firewall
local software firewall
yeah i was all like, ohno
RIAA sueing their own customers now!!
i wonder if anyone tracks that

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itd have to be good enough to produce on a massive scale for it to be cheap soon
which would be cool, heh, but is prob not so likely
wonder what weight is like
ha ive never liked learning a ton of general battery stuff
more you learn more you find out how much batteries suck
like, as an intelligent species, we suck at power
sculptor: ms survey thing?
you gotta run that shit for months
macegr linked to it like two days ago
basically what it is
run out info gathering software for frew months
and well send you the ONE you picked

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hey charles why dont you try putting something useful in the topic, that has to do with electronics
hi double secret op
omg the pressure

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smps saves mad power
so yeah, sexy if youre a hippie
usps better bring my smps parts today =(
so like, i have a space heater 2 ft from me
and im only warm on one side
this cold stuff is complete bullshit

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the transistor in a good linear supplie will adjust its Vce to absorb the ripple
also, to drive 5v for low power IC in a non low power system, smps is just extra parts, space, cost, noise
thats what transformers and rectifiers and caps are for?
what does voltage in have to do with final Vout
anyway, i dont get your point in this context, and i just dont think that its fair to call decent linear supplies non sexy relative to smps

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smps is at least one external, expensive, large, often noise generating part
not if true DC is what you want
um, its rippled
just like unregulated mains
linear supplies with good psrr wont
as long as you dont drop below dropout
swish: well thats the thing, you can reduce rippling supplies with caps, but it costs $$$ for caps and ripple will increase with current

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swish: possibly, output series resistance and the take feedback from a comon point after the resistors
ive seen sexier stuff with a 317 and a pass transistor, tho
or multiple parallel transistors
directly in parallel is bad, heh
generic linear adjustable reg
like, one sexy step above a LM7805
or below i guess, depending if you freak on extra parts
audio preamp with smps = ridiculous
theyre fine if not battery powered for some low power application
smps are noisy as a matter of design, linear regs are straight line DC
im saying in alot of applications, LM317 of LM78xx is prob sexiest thing you can get, or higher quality swap ins

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what kind of bench psu?
little, big, bipolar?
i was meaning more like general specs
i wanna make one of those soon i got bigass toroids and heatsinks lying around
hehe, cool
so maybe 2A
heh, i have toroids that rectify to like 25V 10A per rail
no because i wouldnt remember an lm317 from months ago unless he stuck around and babbled about it forever
i know maybe 20 irc swedes but its prob not any of them
i could ask if you really want me too

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