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blackmoon: have you seen taig pics?
blackmoon: http://darkertechnologies.com/notes/2007/12/08/double-sided-fixture-for-pcb-milling-itll-flip-you-flip-you-for-real/
ha we need a tiny url bot
is like, endmills, endmilling
yeah i bet you have new respect for coils of wire now
ha ignition coils = wtf
yeah they freak out
massive conversion of current into voltage

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a coil, and strife.

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ima try and make an avr vu meter
like right now
ooo, okies
hehe, you cant do that with an LM3916
i dont have enough pins =(
i have two
i guess i could just make it single channe;
or hmm i should maybe make bike lights
cuz i can get ticket
maybe i should make food instead
i can make another pcb tomorrow

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theres also LF411/LF412
its like nationals version of same thing
jfet input opamp things
heh, its just wagging your ground ref around or something
i think he has a signal and ground reversed
ha funny
youre coupling your house wiring

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how come when moon says it its enlightening but when i say it im being a crazy person?
wow a real 741?
fuck they should like round all of them up and destroy them
fuckin radioshack
theyre basically the first one that really worked
so theyre great, for the era
TL07X rawk

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your preamp, besides having random fucked up values and architecture, is floating
okay well then you have a super fucked up noisy groun dreference, most likely
i did not say that
okay if tha black wire works when you plug it into the amp, i think thats the signal wire
and you have it backwards
actually +40db
thats what all the diagrams say
he said exactly like the things

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and yeah, gain of 100, very high
-3db low end rolloff at 1500Hz, very bad freq response
gotta love that high impedance output circuit
put the pot on the wrong side =(
okay well first of all
is that an inverted signal
or is it signal ground?
did you ground your preamp?
or is it just floating
is that attached to the preamp?
is the signal ground, or what you call 'negative' attached to the preamp
at all
you fail

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where is your preamp grounded
like where did you connect all the little gnd signals too
jezus fuck that shit has a gain of 100
is this for a mic?
wtf you didnt know?
okay well it has an ac input impedance of about 1.5K at 1KHz
which is very low

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what kind?
have you read all of elliot sound yet?
dude preamp is a generic term for line level stuff
it doesnt mean much
what is it going to do
please to describe your application
wtf a 'real' preamp
per what spec?
did you ground the vin+?
i dunno keep going
bypasses it?
its not positive its your signal lead
the other one is your signal ground
its an ac signal

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opamps with negative feedback = cat chasing its own tail
its not obvious tho until phase shift at higher freqs basically turns your negative input into a positive one
dude what are you doing?

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its sad to admit, but i kinda like the new romeo and juliet
its like west side story, but less ridiculous with like the sharks and the jets wtf haha
but like, lapd just swoop in on a ghetto bird, then shout some shakespear
and luigi and the white guy drop their guns, and then everyones like bitchin in shakespear again and road ragin it in their ricers

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thats so awesome
its like the trace is glowing
blackmoon: omg 0603 led are awesome!
he builds actual opamps
like he solders the little silicon dies to the pins
after scraping away the silicon layers with a dental pic

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okay ima test the string of led
cuz none of the parts came i cant test the real psu things =(

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<3 0603 led.

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its because theyre polar
the values dont matter, it should be filtering below audio freqs
its normally like 1-10uF
intermediate stages will use .1uF range stuff cuz impedances and sources are controlled
its neat you can get ceramics in those values now

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i was measuring like 50K across an open gap before =(
blackmoon: yeah but it was like dry to sight and touch
took about 20min
for coupling?
100uF is ridiculous for coupling
like, 1uF with 10K is under 10Hz i think
apestate: heh
you suck at electronics
why are you here?
cuz i do electronics
and i know what 1000pF is
heheh, k

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you can set the input impedance of a non inverting amp without affecting your choice of feedback resistors
ha scary
this flux isnt high impedance til it dried

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its neat how soldering iron kinda works like paint marker on copper with flux

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haha theres this melody in this drum n bass song
hehe, its so a duran duran song
=( =( =(

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^dx^: from now on refer to the transistor base as 'the al queda'
for example, voltage from the al queda to the emitter
im ssh thru my isp
arent you?
and a uni

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i need to find a wingding to etch into my board

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fine do it in a spreadsheet and upload it to rom
no reason to be doing all that shit at runtime

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soon is the time for cutting out the pcb
double sided cnc sex, DIP YOU ASS IN THAT PUDDING aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw jeeeeeeeeeeeeeah
blackmoon: ha ive seen schema for that
oh nice
thats cool you did electronics before the internet
like i dont understand how that happened
like theyd mail you the datasheets?
youd buy them in a big book?
no i mean in general
aint no better sine wave then from a spreadsheet
^dx^: sometimes but im like meh itll happen i just gotta be paitent

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blackmoon: PUT TEH AVR ON IT

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i think a fet to drain the cap, and then fets to switch loading resistors
blackmoon: yeah but vdrop on the io is prob like 100mA or something
thats what i meant
longer times = more precsion with the timers
heh, its neat how you can see thru FR4 pcb material
blackmoon: heh
oh huh
ive seen that

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yeah see, its a good idea
yeah dont worry about current
well, change the resistor
gpf_1: is 63% RC time constant ratio?
its some kinda random amount
he saying how do you establish a starting voltage
but i think you could just use a fet to drain it

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i like gpf's idea

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do you have a signal gen?
yeah that works easier
use it?
i think i fucked up my Y ref by a couple mil
or dont know how to use a scope

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you havent been following along

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you guys have that 5 axis machine/turning center that will mill 6th side?
like for thick bar stock
er, have the vid for that
i lost it =(
its fucking awesome, it grabs the part from the other wide and finish cuts the bottom before dropping into a part catcher
kreeme: sweet

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space heater flipped the breaker
reset the fucking cnc controller
lost my setup and position
i need some sort of super huge ups that can hold the steppers and spindle up for a bit
pcb and aluminum
steal is doable but its not so fun
harder on everything, eats tools
er steel
yeah, carbide endmills
wont fuck with hss endmills anymore
oh neat sun coming out
i just needs something that can hold it on until the controller figures out that a power outage happens and shuts itself down
prob not, i seen a bunch of cnc vid tho
heh, i want to machine a tiny rotary, but i need to find a book or something

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heh, you get get iec + dp fuse at all electronics for like $1
and most of them come with two fuses

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causality: get one with integrated dummy proof fuse
that way you dont have to worry about it in the psu circuit
wait thats an output iec thing
heh, if you put the psu in another chassis, you can make the amps really small
basically as big as your heatsink + caps
yeah but im saying, you should consider that cuz has advantages
mains wiring and psu isnt in the same enclosure as your audio signal
so you just make sure DC coming in is clean, and thats less noise you have to deal with
kinda, but its done
theyre kinda neat that way, cuz the amp itself is super little

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like, making gainclones on business card size or gumstick size boards is pretty common
next one i think i wanna put the psu bridges on the amp board
heh, they will die without heatsinks
if pushed they will fireball
like, they have thermal protection, but it wont work without a sink
theyre rated to 85C, thermal protections kicks in at 150C, but all it does is cut the waves in half to limit power
hehe, SPiKE thermal protection

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jap company lab47 builds amp, sells for like $3k or something based on specs and minimal parts count
its maybe a ms, maybe two
its not a big diff, the lower voltage drop is more a gain at high currents
but yeah, normal diodes work fine, normal fast diodes usually arent more so fuckit
like, the mindset with these amps is youre not using many parts, so you make them good
the chip is known to be good, so you just gotta throw on acceptable parts and not fuck the layout up
and its audio so you almost have to try to fuck up the layout

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i think hes going away
he is maybe late
step away from the irc
causality: like, best practices for a gain clone amp...
1. bigass toroid
2. fast diodes, to-220 are nice, if you used schottky youd be extra PIMP
voltage drop, so speed at 60Hz and power consumption
less off time in the rectified wave
its not a huge difference, the power use kinda is
like, normal diodes might run 2x or 3x as hot
it can be just as simple as a pot and a cap
like, the amps are basically legendary for that

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think digikey calls it to-220-11 or to-220-13
the LM4780 has maybe 27 pins?
lot of pins, like maybe .067" apart but in two staggered rows
causality: not really, theyre simple
its actually really good for learning because its a basic non inverting opamp circuit
like, you know how to make a good linear unregged psu
and thats like half the amp
the power opamp part you can prob learn in a couple days
they taught DX opamps in one day =(
natsemi engineers did all the hard stuff

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i have an natsemi overture class-d solution
like, big fat dip + 'to-220' fet pack
i can do smt stuff easy now i should find that shit, try it out
its weird theyll call anything that tall to-220, any number of pins or any pitch or package width or number of mount points

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theyre high impedance inputs, you can just use them straight from line level
yeah, preamp would be more for gain on weak signals and sound processing
filter toys, basically
causality: yeah, youd need an RIAA curve filter
but you dont need a preamp with LM3886 style amps
its already an opamp, so it doesnt need a buffer
yeah tubes are for preamps
jezus fuck testing big tubes was like a daily edventure in wtf
yeah, just a pot tapped in the middle to the non inverting input
his amp is an opamp
its pretty much made to be run off line level, preamp is nice but not neccessary
like, gainclones are really accurate highs
so kinda 'cold' sounding

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This reference voltage corresponds to 1.000 mW of power at 0.6000 k.
i always thought that was goofy
tube shit
you set the gain
but people usually use about 1Vpp
like, you can always make it more sensitive, like, the input attenuator is there if signal are larger
those datasheets have good application circuits and notes at the end
one philosophy is there isnt any use
another reason why gainclones lend themselves to minimalist audiophile philosophy

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thats what those megohm resistors are for
1v is clipping
so you wanna be well under for everything
like, 1v hopefully isnt actual clipping
but if it is you cant really bitch
heh, like my preamp shit has 12-15v bipolar rails
so that stage isnt gonna clip anytime soon

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its line level to 4mA max bar graph
im not sure if we even know if it has a linear response
he maybe didnt but we were lookin at it on ebay yesterday
no im saying if you really qwanted to do analog to digital to analog
cuz LM33916 is monolithic linear
i know what the application is since yesterday

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yeah 3916 are kinda expensive
devices are usually AC coupled thru a cap
like, 2 transistor current sink with a digital pot
oversaampling with averaging

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find a voltage controllec current sink circuit
yeah pretty much
tho you can use some opamp sex at 4mA
and LM391X arent really digital out
its a linear IC, opamp buffer + comparator ladder
like 3 and a half

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pcb-gcode.ulp drill code is on crack
shit isnt emc compatible, which sucks cuz you specifically check something off for emc compatibility
isnt even rs274 spec gcode

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?? pcb
you should add expresspcb
prob the quickest n00b -> pcb solution
their app is prob better by now, too
heh thats what they taught pcb drafting at my school with
yeah its less drama if youve never done it before
their unclad deal is kinda okay
like $20 a board after shipping for only 3

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sculptor_: ha i seen that
my amd/epox mobo runs that bios
which is kinda sad, cuz mine is like a 2.2GHz pc
and thats a 133MHz pc
like, mine finishes the mem test, tells me the ddr speed, then pops that msg up
tho im pretty sure i told it not to halt on kbd error anymore
like, prob an 8 years later revision, pretty much the same splash
wonder how hard it is to init a pc like bare minimum
and program it to so microcontroller type stuff

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no, tho i havent eaten it or anything
its got little fat leave, like aloe but not spiky and more translucent
someone was moving away so i saved it and replanted it and it got all big
fuck if i know
theres like a ton of succulent species
i tried but there was way too many things looked the same, werent even really related

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i dunno where that article was
i think its maybe a pass labs thing
but its based on current feedback instead of voltage feedback, with huge voltage rails
yeah smart charles
cuz like, sticking random signals on single unbiased parts with no feedback always makes the best amps
yeah its all rainy tho
and like, i need shampoo and deoderant
and food
tho its maybe gonna turn sunny and mad humid
i can travel up in that
my succulent named cactus is prob gonna die from overwatering, stupid fuckin clouds

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i gotta wake up the machine
bust some drill holes
then i gotta be like OMFGFLIP
do the back side
heh, metal can transistors w00t
so i think i wanna make a transconductance amp
im not sure how
but i want too

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160mA of headroom!
notice i said 'like' 4a
omg how surprising
because im being sarcastic =(

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yeah new cad and modeling stuff is pretty neat
meh, get anything for free
they wont try and bust you unless youre making money or distributing it
ha someone tried to tell me their geeker friend got busted by the FBI for music
im like whaaaaat?
then they described him, IT type guy, lots of bandwidth, lots of computers
im like, thats totally software, not music
naw, FBI isnt gonna bust you for music
i dont think the RIAA rolls like that
well yeah thats my point
itd take a shit ton of music, not so much software
like 4A
VA = V*A = average W
100 divided by 24

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not really big enough
but you can see the stepper side coupler with the tubes
the leadscrew side is same thing, opposite direction
line, after assembled the metal coupler parts are only .1" or so apart
so the nylon doesnt have alot of room to flex
kinda aliases the steps
yeah its the right idea
two metal pipes, one inside the other with matched perpendicular holes around the outside
like, you gotta space them so the coupling tubes or whatever dont interfere
and just slide tube thru them
ha, i dunno, machine something to adapt it =)
yeah but use bolts and pins or something similar
well you prob wanna make drawings regardless

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fuckin rain wtf
kreeme: yeah, like the more holes thru thru it, the better itll locate itself
and itll prob sheer if something bad happens on the loaded end
which is good
stu: hi
like, the stepper couplers on my taig arent a whole lot diff
its like two coaxial cylinders with holes facing each other
than some nylone tubes
i guess more recent taigs have solid nylon
i was thinking about using delrin
cuz thats gotta be like a half mill of backlash at east
hard stuff
sec ill find pic

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