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theres only 3 drill sizes
for telling time
alarm clock
also because i wanted to make something i could put on a public site thats not somewhat illegal in certain interpretations of the law
making my own
no like drug paraphrenalia

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and vfdclk_psu_top_milled1.jpg
power supply for 7 segment vfd tube clock
hopefully parts get here tomorrow
its like nixie tubes but better
google knows
i have to sleep
k bye

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and vfdclk_psu_top_milled2.jpg
okay no more cnc tonight =(
look stu i put pointless leds

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<3 cnc machines

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and headphone amps
stuff like that
its not like it hasnt been done lots of times
i made one before on perfboard
line level to headphones
oh nice
all that stuff is good value
all the dayton shit rocks, thats their in house brand
well, yeah best amps are power audio opamps
so usually isnt very many parts
power supply is prob more parts than the amps power section
yeah its good stuff

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you can get half working digital stuff
code or analog realities in digital circuits
i wanna make a badass altoid amp board
heh, altoid compnent system
on case for psu
one case for preamp
one case for amps
two speaker cases
you know, the mints in tins

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i doubt you could

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you load the secondaries, test voltage and current while monitoring temp

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if its 6.3V
okay im machining topside
or maybe bottomside
im too fuckin pissed to remember
but whatever, 30min, then do drills
then bust the bottom

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axis gui isnt really set up for using more than g54
i bitched kinda
so its there now
but like its weird and not totally working, possibly buggy
linux machine controller pissing me off
its failing at some basic machine controller shit
like, i might just end up eyeballing it off a drill hole
which is some bullshit
spend like 10 hours making a fixture for nothing WTF
fuckitfuckitfuckit im gonna just eyeball that shit
it only matters if esr is an issue
like, high ripple or high tolerance type situations
electrolytic will never be high tolerance
yeah then it might be an issue
but prob not
its prob just a coupling cap

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then i turned currents down to operating current, and inductor value went up
which i totally didnt expect
its same part number?
i think your dmm is backwards
its okay, i do it all the time too
well then they changed it
fucked up, huh
time to wake up the tinkerbelle machine
i need to get it some fairy wings

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tho sometimes they sell on ebay for over $100
and thats just for a clk, mines gonna have wwvb sync
no i can setup the chip to be japan or universal
this one just for america
hopefully just california
like, half of this project is to test the taig double side fixture thing
fuckit im just gonna run it without tuning backlash
i dont feel like taking the mill all apart
i think .016 is the smallest trace shouldnt even matter
what do you mean backwards?
maybe you motor turns when output is low
and im not even sure these smps are gonna work
cuz i did all the selection with max current values

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hopefully parts gets here tomorrow
is usps and dec, so fuck knows
was thinking about tonight
i should really adjust the backlash nuts
like, gotta practically take the machine table off the mill to do that
if i sell them i prob get boards made
this ones mine

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hey wanna see my pcb?
you can tell me how you think it sucks, then we can like argue about it, then maybe you can be right
by ruin to you mean make?
yeah nothing hard about that board really
if i didnt have to mill it itd look better probably
cuz no thru hole plate, can only get to one side of certain parts

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man now i feel dumb
why did i put the led in parallel
like, i can prob do this with 300mW instead of almost 2
fuckin china

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or put them in series
s/transistor bling/led bling
well fuckit whatever the important shit is done
read datasheet
yeah, tap one of the leds
be pimp, put it on a 10 way selector switch
that way you can adjust what rpm you redline indicator goes off in steps

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his idea is rather good
1K pot, 3.9K resistor
no really, rabs idea is good
and actually i dunno what the input scale of a 3914 is so maybe not those resistor values
how big?
sd card for realistic sizes
wtf SD
its prob cheapest
i dunno how big eeprom get
i think my psu is done
i even put on 1.8W of transistor bling
really im being dumb
i should put something that switches 5v from the 12v rail

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i dont really understand divert power between two wires
but it sounds like a relay
omg are you stu!
rab: i think its stu
i dont think so anymore
okay we know you are not stu
google comparator, hysteresis, transistor, saturation, relay
okay put wiki after the word int google

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black and white?
i hope you didnt mean bandwidth
someone explain to him comparator

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heh, RF/EMI voodoo

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so just dont take it off the tester after the first one

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meant cd players and smaller stuff

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people use spring loaded nuts, too
or just a delrin nut that you torque down often
if its that critical, on a manual or open loop machine, you do all critical cuts feedin in the same direction
overshooting on return
at least a bit more than backlash value
else the little gage marks on the wheel dont mean shit
im not sure why they dont just use linear ones to compensate for backlash
something about oscillation and overshooting
ball screws
theyre not foolproof
they heat up too
i imagne so
stuff like that isnt really loaded up tho
and the load is predictable

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wtf dancing robot girl torture?

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kevtris: haha at cap in cap pic
niobium i think
i see them on digikey
theyre low voltage

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no thats too many pins macegr
then i gotta buy a whole other avr
do sonme long averaging so it doesnt flip out and do spins
i listen to drum n bass, theres all sorts of shit in the vocal spectrum
wait youre flashing the time?
with flash bulbs?
i need to get my own place so i can build some ridiculous audio system
do some real damage to my ears
once, a dr said i had dried blood in my ears, asked what i had been doing
heh, i had been taking naps in bass bins =(

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so they wont be on
cuz thats be annoying id have to slap my clock and it prob stab me with glass and 25V
yeah i was thinking about that
cuz i have one
yeah i already did the conversion stuff for my vap reg thing
hehe, it has a C/F button, will set both in 1deg incriments
its a heater
okay but what goes on the psu board
temp sensor and oh shit im dying sensor on are the main board
hehe, on are
its all smps and the tubes will be open
cuz im stupid and lookin for trouble like that
i was prob gonna put it on a metal prob thing

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its a tube clock fool
like whats its gonna say if its accelerating?
OHSHIT on the 7segs?
see thats doable tho
but like id have to put the accelerometer on the vfd board
i have this big blank spot on the left side of the board
T would be kinda lame
upside down L or some shit
wtf why do i need ntp?
thats what i got the wwvb chip for
i have 40 green led
i can put them on the 25v rail so they will only be on when its on stanby

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no fool, its a psu
you mean for the vfd rails enable line
i do have like 1.75in^2 of nothing
ha youre such an asshole im like actually thinking how to do it =(
id just need a bluetooth uC and either an OR or AND gate

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like, i finished my pcb but i dont feel like its done
maybe it needs leds
i can put them on the top of the psu board and theyd shine on the bottom of the vfd board
i had them on the schema last night
but then i deleted them all
macegr: what am i forgetting

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yeah but theyd blow off to quick
like, i been on planes, mad turbulence, wings literally flappin
isnt so scary
like, dont even lose control for a bit or altitude
heh, little airline planes are neat
ha oop
like you were taking off or something?
haha, touched down yet?
fucked up!
that bird was fuckin with you guys so hard
yeah you got it back
they prob dont understand the whole moving thing
nuh uh
er, moving mass thing

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wtf change the feedback ratio
also the collector and emitter resistor ratio
wtf class-a?
fureal, why?
you really wanna use up 1000W to make like 150W?
is it cold where you live?
cuz i mean fuck if you got a thermostat it prob evens out the cost in the long run
macegr: doh
i bet if everyone got on one side of the plane, and jumped
like all at the same time
actually prob not

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mmm, bode plots

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