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whatever that means i can prob put xp and some slim lunix on it
well yeah i prob dont want their lunix
i saw a pic i think their lunix runs gnome
they all run gnome or kde
like wtf why not just use windows
i like little nothing window managers and no services running and tons of terms and etc
really old toshibas are crappy like sega genesis controllers
like the plastic is shitty, kinda creak when you put any force into it
they got better tho, prob got sick of parts popping off of pcb
fuck if i know dude
oh is some commercial stuff?
thats why i like my thinkpad, even tho it died
because it really should have died like 8 times before that

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i think its $100 more or some shit like that, its not released yet so who knows
so it maybe just makes sense to get a 4g and a hard drive, usb enclosure
cuz i want a laptop, but i need a pc next year too
cuz fallout3
so laptop gotta be cheap

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do you have any idea how ambiguous 'huhu' is?
i want an 8g one
or i want the 4g price after the 8g one comes ou t

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well yeah from the web
yeah say it does under formats i think....
ah yeah looks like they have some interface for big vid and audio stream sites
wonder if you can just type in a stream playlist url
timecop: how much?
register prob too many click
is like under $250?
you end up getting an eeepc?
even my mom knew about that shit
the little asus thing

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to play massive amounts of music for pretty cheap
ive seen them with vid stuff too, but i dont care about that so much
not open hdd slot ones like that but usb hdd enclosures
im not gonna click on that
timecop its called popcorn hour
dvr thinger?
or is it more?
oh, is it like a web thinger?
yeah i got that but will it direct stream stuff?
cuz thats fuckin cool

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like it makes me wanna get into video editing or something
theyre just funky to have to, lots of wires tangling up if you got a few
dunno, it could be heavy on the bottom
its a pretty wide base
its an open hdd so obviously minimal caution is involved
either way
loose hard drive on a cable can be knocked around, fall off a desk, possibly damage connector
+mp3/ogg/aac/flac codec and audio out would make it like max awesome
yeah what i said

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timecop: heh, cool
rab: not so cool really
something about jacking your hard drive into the slot like its a SNES cart
i dunno theres just some kinda appeal

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k bye
um, yeah you tell her

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put an avr in it
rab: i was gonna say that
maybe its a generic version of an ST version of a natsemi part
sounds like a digikey list to me

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part numbers dont always correspond to companies
even when they do everyone and their mom makes it, so it isnt
just fucking ask
jezus fuck if we say no youd prob ignore us anyway
i hope youre typing out something long
finally, fuck
maybe inductive spikes
prob mean switching spikes
put a filter on the input?

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those are usually ADxxxx
AN usually means Application Note
AN-xxx is usually a reference to a document
for why
omg its still fractured?
cuz its a stressed member, and its made to be flexible
jezus fuck dude that must hurt so bad =\
so that still the plan?
cool, more good lucks

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im tired
ima make foods and crash i think
i hope my smps thingers work

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more awesome for drums = processed samples
note they mention house, techno, trance
they dont mention drum n bass, because dnb has progressed beyond silly drum sounds
you like how i like evolve the language like that, dont you
yeah thatd be neat cuz if more people listened, maybe regular shows wouldnt be cancelled so often
but whatever, cant really complain about something not wanting to leave the underground
tho theres alot more goofy kids at shows lately
its like both exciting and kinda annoying at once

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.5mm is 20mil
you can do 10mil trace with 10mil space at .5mm
heh panels = easy
speaking of, i think i wanna get an Al extrusion case for my vap temp reg

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if its a popular resteraunt, they were prob making bank
then yeah prob worth alot of $$$
i gotta go school
where is centralia?

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causality: dual opamp, first is your gain buffer, second is adjustable filter
or it might just saturate them
but if you did PWM thru a LPF, wont be an issue
basically a tiny class-d tube driver
im like, two opamps, two trim pots, done
hell make it a quad for both channels
that works
quite possible
this is all just brainstorming until the tube is characterized
either by you or a datasheet
like, a voltage to current sink type thing prob be best way

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like 1-20Hz or so prob be good
omg how about pot so you can tune it
thatd be sweat
have a 3band analyzer
yeah ive seen algorithms look like theyd work
some fixed point bling, alot of shuffling while multiplying
okay i need to go buy
simple is a non inverting amp
tell your mom
im so glad i dont watch the tv thinger anymore

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okay okay
nixie glass tube
with a 100x600 lcd inside
like, kapton ribbon cable to the base of the tube
thatd be tek.
i already have 7seg
see, already done, wharehoused in russia, being depleted as we speak
tho yeah
7segment in pill bottles is kinda funny
then get the bars
yeah i was gonna say youre stealing macegr's idea
causality: buffer with opamp
like, the circuit depends on the tube details
but it wants 4mA
yeah because youll get everything and itll just look like its always on to you
so you want averaging, human speed filters

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causality: some kind of current source or sink
its .4-4mA responsive
yeah if it has a fixed resistance you can just use a voltage src
but who knows
maybe changed with load
for the bar graph thinger?
i was thinking of making single channel VFD tube boards
for the 7seg ones
theyre non standard pinout too
so no one has sockets
i wonder how many boxes are left in russia
you know theyll all be gone within years, no?

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see something like that, but with alimunum extrusion heatsinks for sides
that what i think i wanna do
not really =(
maybe if they were toroidal
and you could put a pot or rotary encoder in the middle
woah fuck decatron thatd be neat
rotary encoder with 11 LED for position feedback
like 0-10, with deadsone underneath like a pot
slotted pads?
weird i guess i could do that
why dont you just measure it
and put the connectors there
are you not inspection ninja?
causality: youd prob be surprised if theyre vfd
i dunno about straight nixie but i think theyre fast too
just the filament that all slow response

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itll stress the toroid at powerup
that actually a much debated forum topic
diyaudio.com forums has a whole chipamp section
like, one of those big ones and one FC at the chip, per rail, or both at the chip, would be awesome
like, people will argue too much cap is bad
but fureal, how is less ripple on your power supply gonna hurt performance
its probably not going to, at all, and it may even help
yeah, but most people do under 10,000uF, but i dont think larger is rare or anything
some people have made some nuts enclosures
ive seen machines ones that were like chassis, heatsink, pcb mount all at once
ha that funny

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thats the way natsemi says, thats the way lab47 gaincard did it, thats the way gainclones do it
like fist size?
or bigass like 5gallong size
oh nice
causality: itd be a good thing, PSU choke =)
because the lead inductance, and then the caps at the chip form a LPF
would be neat
well, whatever works
but you want big caps, at the IC
or you gainclone will be ridiculed, and people will accuse you of being inhumane to your LM3886
brainGT gainclone boards
the laboratory 47 gaincard amps are almost identical in layout
lab47 boards are pretty ugly actually

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neat, but huge
yeah, but whatever is your amp
more like vaporize someone with it
they prob high voltage
causality: two of those at the supply, with two FC on the chip sounds kinda cool
FC are neat cuz you can get them right up on the chip
like those 2200uF right at the chip
or even those big ones
even natsemi doc says do it like that, big decoupling caps as close to the chip as possible
like, if youre only gonna have big caps on the psu OR the amp, put them on the amp
put the 100uF back at the psu
right at the chip

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well, download the FC and FM datasheets to get an idea of the ESR per value
if its comparable, even close really, itll be okay
doing the sim for a non regulated power supply, for ripply, is easy
yeah thats an FC cap
yeah, ripple current capability is directly related
those are 3A ripple caps, good shit
however FM are more, and youd need two in parallel for the same uF
so itd be WAY more
but also more than double the $$
but you dont need a ton
per rail or total?
either is fine, really
most brianGT (chipamp.com) boards are bought with two 2200uF FC caps
and theyre very popular, many happy peoples

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that sounds nuts
yeah i think so
id have to taste it, its all about the sauce flavor in the meat
heh cool
panasonic FC or FM
FC come in higher values, FM have better ESR
or use lots of panasonic NHG in parallel if you need it to be short
high value, low esr
but FC is prob most popular
i think 2200uF is biggest for 50V FC
and 1000uF for FM
those might be 35V values tho
dont get too much voltage headroom, there will be more ESR, so more heat
who is they?

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switched resistor attenuator
you maybe get screwed on shipping from partsexpress tho
yeah thatll do
pho999, #48/#49
cutup eggrolls and beef or pork over vermicelli with nuts and veggies and stuff
yeah they cook that shit so perfect
i never get anything else because that one thing is soooo good
ive never had korean
i found these cheap molex connectors at digikey
pico-blade, smt things, very neat
actually the swede i buy parts at digikey for found them

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total cheating
id email make sure its still alive, but i wouldnt doubt it
i have an earlier version of those boards for an LM3875
so then its just about selecting caps, resistors, diodes, toroid
preamp can be as simple as a pot v divider
but theyre shielded
and thats sexier than taped coils
partsexpress.com prob the best deals for gainclone xformers
they have 18VAC 250VA too

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like, you basically wanna match the test conditions in the graphs, because the graphs are really good, heh
id use 28V rails for 4ohm, 35V rails for 8ohm
nope, excellent PSRR

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so like 18VAC
35V for 8ohm
28V for 4ohm
so like 18VAC and 25VAC secondaries
you want a 25VAC 10A transformer
250VA, thats good minimum
subtract two diode drops, tho
think its like 42V max, but you get less power before the amp is overloaded

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didnt see
3876 is 3875 with mute i think
theyre both basically the same chip
those are gaincard/gainclone chips
theyre basically legendary chipamps
LM3886 are better
no you have to buy a seperate mute IC, of course its internal wtf
you can just strap it to the low rail to disable mute
one of them doesnt even have that
but theyre only like 50w into 8ohm @ +-35V
okay because if you short it you probably break it
breaking a mute circuit is probably bad
well, its 50V capable
er, 50W
so 100W for both, thats 200W, so you want like a 250VA supply
at 27V, about

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best is subjective
read the specs
its not a good idea because its easy
its a good idea because theyre amazing
ive never had enough money to play with RC shit
well, not good shit anyway
oh wait, i did have a good one
aw fuck
i forgot about that shit
fuckin earthquake ate all my stuff
they yellow tagged our building
so were were inside, and i felt it swaying
so im like all pussy like, 'lets get out of here' to my mom and sister
they were like whatever, we need our stuff
next day they red tagged it
red tag = no one inside, its maybe gonna collapse
they like inspected the whole valley in under a week
so they had to go back and resinpect it to make sure they did it right
sure, but not alot of violence

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fuckit im just gonna order the allelectronics shit online and do homeworks
for the psu
oh as opposed to buying a bridge pack?
not like H-bridge
tho yeah ive thought about LM3886 as drivers for like motors or some shit
suck for effeciency, but theyre cheap and i have them anyway
omg what
sure, but i wont
best solidstate value there is
arguably the best solid state format, becase youre prob not gonna do it better than natsemi did it

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then two feedback resistors, an input resistor, an input bias current comp resistor, and a mute pulldown resistor
whole amp
yeah if you do inverting its only 4 resistors
they can be bridged and paralleled to
and bridge-paralleled
i built that for a class project, the have an app note
yeah theyll do 50w/ch comfortably
they need big heatsinks, athlon style sinks with or without fans are popular
theyre like 50% effecient
so whatever your output power is gonna be, youre psu has to do like maybe 120-150% more
like it really is ridiculous easy
i mean there really isnt anything else to say about them
buy a bigass toroid and some to220 diodes to make a bridge, youre decoupling is already at the chip

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your sound wont be 'colorful' or 'warm'
itll be cold, accurate, awesome
well, they have one class D solution
they have the LM3886 opamps, the newest GainClone chips, better than lab47 gaincard shit
LM4780 is dual LM3886, tho not as nice to route, scary tiny pins
also LM4780 doesnt come in an isolated package, LM3886TF is isolated
oh yeah avoid that
i think theres a clicker up top, i think they messed that up too
to use non flash
yeah, little more at digikey for less
all you need is 5 resistors and two big decoupling caps
besides the psu
in the tradition of gaincards and gainclones, and natsemi spec, you put two bigass electrolytics right at the chip

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it was for being not funny
dude charles, its wkr4k4r
like i dont think anyones gonna jack away your new powers for banning wkr4k4r again
national overture
boomer series for headphones
overture is class AB or D, LM3886TF is the sexiest single channel AB one, unless they popped out a new one
like 60W into 4ohm with a 25V bipolar supply, very good psrr, very very good thd+noise

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its not really smoked
its already been said genius
cuz youre annoying, dude
hes funny
its a very low grade humor, but hes been consistent with it for years
$2.50 + 2 hours to get to all electronics and back
thats kinda makes shipping across the valley seems more reasonable
i think ive only banned wkr4k4r twice

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its like under 10 people who have known each other for like 4 or 5 years, most personally, and wkr4k4r
why so it can be people who know each other and two random lames instead of one?
see how they run
see how they run
also if you cant eek out some sort of more meaninful concept from the name, youre doubleplus lame

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i wanna do circuit board
but i have to go to all electronics than do GD&T homeworks
wkr4k4r: why for you in my channel again
you dont know anyone there, they dunno you

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im not really mexican like that
however my ex-gfs bro is
(hard worker mexican electrician)
i dont understand mexicans are lazy stereotype
like, hello they do all the work
theyre catholics, duh
fuck if i know what hes talking about either
how about just say

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dips in foot hurt

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its directly related to the load of the circuit
mean its +- 2 of whatever the last digit is
so if its range is like 6.00V, its +- .02 + 1% of the reading
tho if you measure a very high impedance with the V meter, or a very low impedance with the I meter, itll will error much more

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