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my gf has these acrylic drumsticks she got from disnetland that have leds in them with a switch like that
i got mile of telephone hookup wire
i prob still got 97/100 of a mile left
okay i need foods and cspan

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pot to tune the peak level
heh, drum pickup
quitars dont even use magnets
well, in the pickups
its weird, its the GNDed string distrupting the magnetic flux
but yeah for transparency, ease of setup, i think a mic inside the drum + comparator detector + pot to set the peak detection level + led to signal switch even so theres feedback
musicians like lights.
or you can put a mechanical switch in the drum sticks, something with a spring contact
so it switches on a high acceleration event (drum hit)

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buyouts, surplus, china, etc
think of all the companies based on electronics devices
now think of how many of those devices didnt work, didnt sell
company is like fuck this, liquidates, and then we have elec goldmine and all electronics, etc
reynolds wrap?
just any aluminum foil
itll be thin, and itll break, but anything else prob dull the fuck outta the drum sound
best switch would be a pressure sensor or mic (kinda a pressure sensor anyway) with peak detector

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if it was a ractifier itd say AK
to-3 are cool
theyre like turtles
but neater cuz turtles make shitty semiconductors
74103: Dual J-K Negative-Edge-Triggered Flip-Flop with Clear

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have lots more chiken breast i can shred up, but i dunno what to do with it
yeah but how
naw theyre cooked
just cold
no fucker how to prepare it
i dont wanna just eat it plain, tho its pretty tasty, lots of herbs in the stock it was boiled in
okay, im not just gonna stick it on a plate and eat it, wtf
this is good slabs of cooked breast meat, can do all sorts of shit with it
chiken fried rice
srs, tho, this is like good raw material for great food
if you wanna eat chiken breast straight you gotta like fillet and marinate it
then its ++awesome.
eagle pisses me off
so what if i routed something
but i wanna copy it to another board
i make copies and then delete what i dont want from each
can is the collector

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i think i am gonna do a pot->clk avr
i have these 8 pole bessel filters that need a clock to set F(-3db)
or fuck -24db i guess
pins are .2" spaces or still .1"?
maybe to-218
i need foods
i made these kickass chiken quesedillas earlier
but they were not enough
yeah i think its to-218

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okay neat i dont have to explain the other part
with a transistor or with some random?
yeah guess so
parallel with what?
diode across something will do nothing (rev bias) or clamp at ~.7V
anything else breaks math
and prob the diode

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er, you put the timer clock input on the transistor collector
sorry is late
like, a couple mA is enough really, thru the transistor, wont be super noisy or slow
so like if youre pulling 5mA, you need 50uA on the base
base R is for limiting current into the bas, while providing enough to saturate the transistor
the collector R is for limiting current into the collector, and as a pullup for the digital input
okay do this, select a current between 1-50mA
subtract saturation voltage from supply voltage, divide that by the selected current, thats your collector R

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no max collector current says 500mA
beta is like min 100 so it shouldnt take more than 5mA to push 500mA
neat it comes in diff beta grades
well, no
you not gonna be pulling 500mA
well like you can, but itll prob exceed the watt/temp ratings
yeah, you need a pullup resistor in series with the collector
to control current thru the transistor, then base resistor just needs enough current to push it into saturation
then you put the timer input on the counter clock

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im like 2 weeks from being done with my 2nd degree, \o/
yeah next semester im prob try and do that
just take the math class i need if pomona and/or chico dont take tech math for the credit
and then find job to do rest of week
maybe take more welding
i wanted to take soiciology with sext polish teacher, cuz she seemed excited about that
but i guess no =(
enough to saturate a transistor
which ones?
dont forget the base resistor
i dunno those
datasheet says 500mA

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because itll shoot to the rail
which might be bad for whatever the load is
see RLIM?
that keeps it from breaking maths
the excess bvoltage will drop across that, instead of just the amps internal resistance (ideally, zero)
without it, amp might die or just go into current limit mode or very bad things
infiniti gain
did they teach you about the internal stages?
and the internal filter poles, etc
damn and youre like an engineer
wtf is that about
yeah that makes sense because im 27
ha its weird being employable

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like we did opamps on 741
just use a transistor
or an opamp, comparator mode
simplist opamp circuit ever
put the signal on the V+, the reference on V-, Vout will go high when signal is above reference
dx: http://www.ecircuitcenter.com/Circuits/op_comp/op_comp.htm
explains how to make comparator more pimp by adding positive feedback for hysteresis
but yeah simplest form is just using the amp in open loop mode

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100% duty square is just DC
you need an oscope mfkr
what kind of load?
actually nm its not like i know how to use a 555
im like, just program a fuckin avr
if you need it variable put a pot on an adc
its a sqr wave, we have the technology
youre putting a 555 in a psu?
i thought you already failed at 555 before
how did you get a 555, anyway?
you stole it from school, huh
oh neat
i should have started bringing my own parts in electronics class
i get to take alot of electronics again tho

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wtf is a stub?
yeah 3" but the width of a tuna can
anyway, in context of eagle, or you didnt want an answer to your question?

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thats how i do everything
with named nets
i check with eyeball tool too
heh, busses dont really do anything
theyre just lines with labels, they dont connect anything
i use the net labels alot too just to be sure something didnt get renamed
i hate when somehow a net gets connected and you dunno till later so cant undo
fucks everything up =(
so yeah i make little arrows and connection dot terminations
and do alot of routing with just names and labels
that way you can do your schema in blocks, dont have to search thru spaghetti

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wow nice, cut/paste doesnt change wire names
i was worried i was gonna have to relabel like 40 wires

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eagle asks questions if you set the grid to one inch
its like 'what are you doing that to big to layout stuff'
something about being over 50mil
i just wanted to see how big
stupid eagle
thinking too hard
it didnt complain till i added a part in schema
which was initially confusing because my schema grid is sane

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k i think im done with the smps layout

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atari combat was hard
inches is a bit of an exageration
small areas =)
ww2 bombers are nuts
a-10 are like that
yeah is nuts

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wow white background pcb
okay this sucks

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i wanna change the colors in eagle
but it seems maybe bad unless i go all the way

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blackmoon: is there a way to lock design sections in eagle?
eagle is so the best software isnt it
ha wtf
why ya gotta waste ice
be careful, k?

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i fucking popped the smt heaqdphone jack on my gigabeat

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ive had decent films in svcd
i think svcd was always 2cd
it plays on dvd players
remeber 3 years ago not everone had dvd burners
good encoding from dvd source to 2cd svcd is totally viewable
good 2pass divx encode will fuck that shit up tho
divx like scans for changes in color i think
like it can tell when shit is moving
if stuff isnt moving much, divx will just make it stand still

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theyll be $60 in two years
cdrw will be $20, dvd will be $40, hd/blueray will be $60
that works out so nice
whats laserdisc format?
moon you mean vcd/svcd?
yeah thats vcd/svcd
svcd is mpg
so is vcd, at lower bitrates or something
theyre formats that died
you could buy movies on 700mb cd at one point
for like a year
dude its movies on 700mb
pre divx
divx can hack it fine, and its almost dvd at 2cd bitrates
mpg sucks ass at 700-1400mb

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either way thats a good place for power things
have you guys seen microsd sockets?
next we will have flash on grain of rice
with little holes that suck it up, like a cd player
blackmoon: yeah its usually slide in from the side
the phone chassis or a little metal cage to hold them
blackmoon: theyre usually like under the battery or at least in the same compartment
on the side?
hehe ive never seen sim slot
sprint phones dont use simm thing

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not phone number contacts
fucking connector contacts OMG
so theres prob known ways to get inside them, no?
cuz its prob just uart or spi or some junk
see thats reason to learn PIC
i lashed out at my friend for choosing a PIC dev thing to learn on instead of AVR
but hed be excited to know he can hack his simm card with those skills
rab: aw =(
haha at silly smart card connector
cuz i think it looks funny
tho Vsupply up the middle = awesome

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i dont want to ever terminate my plan is awesome
and then when they try and get me to switch to new plans, all their new plans suck
so they discount my older, more better plan, making it ultramega
see the awesomeness inherent in the system?
wtf at simm cards what is that shit about
my phones dont need those things
its like your phone ID
think its just a rom chip
or some rfid thing
a microchip PIC?
hahaha, nuh uh
seems so funny
a pic is flash
how many contacts on the card?
no fool

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man fuck that land line shit
our land line was so spammed up
cell phone, zero spam.
ive gotten like 3 spam calls in like 3 or so years with sprint
blackmoon: im pretty sure sprint keeps numbers off spam lists
sprint a big company theyre prob not doing that
yeah everyone complains about cell phone plans, mines okay so im an anomoly
mxman: hello mr mxman

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yeah i would have figured that out but i was mostly lookin at the pic
does the iphone really make a big gay smiley like that?
i can see them getting smashed cuz of that in certain frustrating situations

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^dx^: they dont support orcad anymore
so its basically good for nothing
dude orcad was rocking it like it was 1991
optimized for your 486dx system
like even eagle has a better UI, AND THATS FUCKING SAD
i dont even think it was cheap at the end
they dont want unlocking phones to be an underground thing
cuz like, thats money they arent making
is that star wars?
for a sec i swore it was bill and teds bogus journey
when they go to the future and shit
but no one is wearing the boots
and then i saw rebel flight suits

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orcad = pcb hell
see it is about warez
did you make an ac voltage source?
you mean pspice, not orcad, dont you?
or wait nm i think they have a whole seperate program called capture
fuck i hated that software
i thought i was bad at pcb, then i tried ultiboard after and was like 'fuck this is easy'

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the little ceramic or whatever plug getting in your eye prob the biggest risc
er cant cant cant
the multiple stage rocks motors would be fun to play with
they dont have an ejection charge
at the end they just shoot exhaust up
you put multistage motors in?
haha at @ exploded
i only built one =(

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i had a rocket
but then i decided i wanted to put my orange spray paint on it
i wasnt good at spray painting then
and the body tube got soggy and bent
i never really got body tubes
i wanted to glue wings, points, and rod guides onto the bare motors and just fire those
but thatd prob be considered a weapon or something
rab: it just like roll around alot?
rab: hahahaha
self destruct
rab: yeh rockets are almost unexciting cuz of that
did it break skin even?
can imagine the ejection charge is super powerful
its just for chutes

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heh, robot
you mean a digital timer?
heh, 10 stage ballistic hobby rocket

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