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yeah ive done stuff like that, ram bytes for mini counters
is neat you can do a ton of stuff
audio is fun like that
okay nite
good lucks

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pain sucks
works now or same?
this is based on some sort of master clk tho, no?
and i have to go to bed

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.010 and .012 okay
.008 a few trace sections got eaten
tomorrow ill tune the backlash nuts see if i can get .008 working

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like a cpu with ram and a dac, or something?
no i mean the sid

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if i can find thing ferrite discs i could do a bunch of spirals
thats makes sense
wonder if electronics teachers will let me use the gear even tho im not a student anymore
i wanna try and make pcb inductors and maybe transformers
yeah wanna make spirals with ferrite or iron on top
i have like no shortage of pcb right now, so i can test a bunch of stuff
what is it exactly?

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i wanna use a whole board and ive already cut this one up trying diff depths and doing continuity test stuff
i was gonna use a cap and test resonant freq to get an inductance value
prob wont be able to find big flat sections of ferrite, but i can get iron, and i have .003 kapton film
prob better than air tho, no?

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k gonna try pcb spirals
.008 .01 and .012 space/trace
i just did it in eagle
noo, theyre not inductors
im just testing the machine/fixture
tho, i was gonna drill and flip

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they faked the fish?
well this proves nothing wtf?

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stu: heh, the pcb would prob be pretty big
oo i have new mythbusters
fuck that was fast
says i peaked at 375KB/s

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mines 70% done
heh, anyone done pcb trace inductors?
wonder how hard to find discs of ferrite
did it work okay?
be beat to try and make super flat smps
wonder if the taig can do .008 space/trace

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wonder if hitman is done being uploaded
i was gonna use lpf'ed pwm to a dac vref
have to figure out the maths parts, can be that hard
er, cant
neat that torrent is snowballing fast

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teh fixture is success
okay sleepies

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they just need a mulholland

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Al oxidizes as soon as it hits air
why why?
now i wanna do it
p2: this aint britland, dis efnet
ha shitty
smart terrorist would just start blowing up middle america
one farm at a time
hey i fly stfu =(
ha ive heard fucked up stories about airplane part inspection
supposedly they usually only inspect 1 in 5 parts!?!?
kevtris: omg fureal

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hematite is iron oxide
Iron(II,III) oxide (Fe3O4) or ferrous ferric oxide is also known as magnetite or lodestone in its mineral form, a major iron ore. Magnetite forms readily when iron oxidizes underwater, and so is often found inside tanks or below the waterline of ships.
kevtris: neat is got extra 0
theyre both common
yeh its turns into aluminum oxide
heh, is like anodizing on PCP
i think itll go thru an engine
i saw it go right thru a ceramic pot
like just feel thru a bunch of dirt, sand, and ceramic

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its rust got water up in it
and they mixed
thats what the wiki says, yo
Yellow iron oxide (CAS [51274-00-1]) is used as a pigment, eg. Pigment Yellow 42 or C.I. 77492. Pigment Yellow 42 is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved for use in cosmetics and is used in some tattoo inks.
Iron(III) oxide . also known as ferric oxide, Hematite, red iron oxide, synthetic maghemite, colcothar, or simply rust . is one of the several oxide compounds of iron, and has paramagnetic properties. Its chemical formula is Fe2O3.
so yellow stuff is rust + hydrogen
and water
okay so i want red iron oxide

kevtris: my gf orders like gallon jugs for school
ceramics departments are weird, everyone knows theyre gonna die of siliconosis, they dont care, and theres like mad rows of raw chemicals on shelves

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sucks when brown and red look the same
or red and yellow
er, orange
naw fuck that my life is a resistor color code recognition drill
okay wanna hear something cool?
my ex gf can get like gallon vats of iron oxide
apperently in multiple color types
and like i make aluminum dust just being me
yeah i guess they add pigments or something
cuz its for ceramic glaze recipes
it comes in black red and yellow
yes i know moons
its prob iron oxide + something
its kinda orange yellow sometimes
bitch stfu were gonna ask wiki

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5gb = $1
black brown red orange yellow green blue purple grey white
0 - 9
its just color spectrum
just remember it starts black brown
and it goes grey white black
which is lame
because its not a gradient
it should go white grey black
but whatever
so just remember black, brown, color spectrum, lame grey/white order
also, you learn to look at the 3rd/4th band for resistor magnitude
5%, red = 1K, orange = 10K, green = 1M
k now you know all about resistors

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prob some proprietary app

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^dx^: its .47uF

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you mean 3.5mm?

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but chico is fuckin small town clausterphobia
like, pomona is home, its just the far side of home
chico is ABET Mechatronic Engineering, tho
and i know a ton of people there already
tho im not trying to be smoking pot in the glass studio while im a student there (wtf retards, should write a howto on how to get a department shutdown)

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turn feed down
no xy movement so all the holes still right on
its cuz is a 1/4hp motor thru the tinest fuckin V-belt
so itll bog the motor then the belt will just slip
i wanna do something speed controlled with a fat belt
maybe like two pulley speeds
i never use anything with a super long shank so a motor directly on the spindle shaft is an option too
damn i got into chico and pomona
well, its inland LA so yeh, kinda

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that work?
jobber just means normal drill, pretty much
black oxide is good
steel vs steel you gotta use the righ speed/feed or it just eats itself
carbide vs steel you gotta use the right speed/feed else the carbide tips break off
heh i stalled my spindle a bunch of times just now
spindle stall on an open loop cnc = ohno!
naw is cool, stop the machine, pull it out, set the program to start at that hole again
turn speed down (pully, more power!)

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but when it says cobalt its usually HSS+cobalt
you got a big set?
i was thinking about doing that
i got a pcb drill set has like 35 sizes
from .012 to .0625
all carbide on 1/8" shanks
black HSS stuff?
enco usually has something like that
$29 to $200

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i wore the black oxide of my drill
k now i just mill, break edges, flip, mill, tap x 13, assemble
then we be pcb millin
these are HSS but is just for Al
yeh like not for steel
i wont do steel with HSS anymore
nothing the black oxide bits were cheap
plus id rather have coated bits than vanilla ones
i have a few sizes of TiN coated HSS
im not sure there are pure cobalt tools
i think common tungsten carbide has cobalt in it

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what size holes?

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kinda, a chipped endmill is still pretty much trash
yeah it stays sharp, is neat
carbide is awesome
plus if you push them hard, they break
HSS will like bend and flex funny before they break
which can do fucked up shit to parts
ha yeah they do
but theres a definite point where they shatter
small ones will flex a bit even when youre doing it right
oh, yeah you gotta tap shit by hand
CNC gets away with it with special tool holders and specific feeds/revolution
how does autorev work?
when it locks torques up it reverses?
ha fun
thats smart
cuz thats when you need to go backwards
go back and forth until it goes forward again smooth

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yeah really
hit some link, go about some other business
all of a sudden there is music ruining your own music
blackmons: http://www.use-enco.com/CGI/INSRIT?PMAKA=369-1836&PMPXNO=941554&PARTPG=INLMK32
get one
itll make your drillings more pimp
^dx^: carbide #1
carbide is cool cuz if you dont break it, it wont wear out like HSS and cobalt/HSS
but yeah if you do stupid shit with carbide itll chip
no like if youre doing it right it wont chip
itll wear very slow
if it does chip, it chips sharp

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my isp has a web page?
wow neat
oh i wasnt reading
i thought you meant mobo embedded sound
i was gonna slap you
and little wavs

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im glad by the time i got a computer and interweb everything was pretty much non shitty
like, thanks for handling that for me, or some shit
seems like you had it pretty rough
haha @ frames

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for what?
wtf are you doing?
logic probe?
why dont you read the datasheet for whatever your using and see what logic low Vmin is?
er, logic hi
well you should know what i mean or your thing wont work
cmos is so neat
i explained it to my friend from electronics and he was like =O =O =O

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kk good
he meant $3,400, kevtris
okay but yeah
i need to get like 30mi away to take math
no busses
its another county
i need to fix car or buy a new car by feb
thats awesome
80s game hardware sounds
yeah it was one of them
i always get c64 and coleco thing mixed up
bad company - ladies of spain
go now feed to music websucker things
$$$ is up with that

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maybe it is for sport
ha some are pin compatible i think
with dual opamps
everyone always wants to do a flashing LED
ghostman: what is the application?
did it throb?
wow nice
im in at CSU Chico
i have to take a math class
and my school district wont let me
they hate me
i learned to much and now they want me to gtfo
any college math class
no like they wont let me take it
i failed once cuz i didnt even know the computer signed me up
theyre like 'you should have dropped it'
yeah i have to make my car work
ALL of laccd schools wont let me taker math
second math fail was court ordered NA meetings
that was dumb, i could have dropped that
no is not that bad is it?

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my board lead time is like 30min
take over the world
mufucker isnt even done uploading hitman
fuckin bitch
dude you can get by pretty well with just opamps

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usenets has hitman cam vids
better than nothing i guess

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it was like downtown LA at 3pm
gpf_1: =O

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cuz no one leaked or no one cared
whats hitman?
i played a mafia style game called hitman
it was like that it was hard
maybe i get that
is beowulf?
er, is beowulf good
motion capture animation stuff
bet it happens in south and east LA sometimes
well, $300 should be a half decent set
you can get ultracheap new shit for like $200
NYC doesnt go to sleep
we got there at 4am

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yo someone name a good movie to download and watch while machining
cmon i know some of you still watch tv and read billboards and shit
its legal here
i can go down the street and get a medical card dr appointment
whats mist?
freak storm unleashes a species of blood-thirsty creatures on a small town, where a small band of citizens hole-up in a supermarket and fight for their lives.
anything else?
pot reduces pressure in the eyeball or something
why it helps for glaucoma i guess
'its so i dont go blind... uuh, more blind'
usenets does not have the mist yet
oh says it comes out today
opens right now and no one got a prerelease dvd

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Rare cases of full-blown acute psychotic episodes precipitated by marihuana use are reported in individuals with histories of mental disorder, with marginal psychological adjustments or with poorly developed personality structures and ego defenses (Talbott, 1968; Heiman, 1968; Kaplan, 1971; Pernot, 1969; Keeler, 1968; Defer and Diehl, 1968; Wurniser et al., 1969; Allentuck and Bowman, 1942; Bromberg, 1939; Bromberg, 1934; Curtis and Wolfe, 1939; Hughes et
look how old all the research is
theres nothing in there from the 80s even
(the whole page not just that passage)
it was originally and still is to justify peoples paychecks
its illegal because prohibition ended
and mufuckers didnt wanna lose their jobs
those people usually drink too

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'lets smoke some bowls' BAM I GET $20
ccfl_man_: talk to twingy if is so important, is twingys ban
hahaha nice plan
cuz twingy asked first and i saw his point and its not really on topic in this chan
tho very little is
i guess we have electronics spurts

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that doesnt exist
it would sell for like 100x the price of gold (cuz kush sells for price of gold as is)
no dude
cuz honey oil is prob 95% honey
like pure THC would prob be some wicked powder brick
they always fuckin up the monkies
extra decompression chambers or wtf?
ccfl_man_: twingys ban not my ban

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vanilla ice?
you prob just die from eating 50 lbs of something
stomach rupture or some shit
didnt you see se7en?
okay so weed cant kill you
cuz 50 lbs of apples will prob kill you
50lbs of pizza = super powerful, then dead
pizza contains so much power
1.4kg of PURE
thats like so insane
140g of PURE

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gpf_1: i went to a chinese dr my brother has been going to for like 15 years
gpf_1: hmm?
the needles?
its new needles from sealed packages in sterile covers
dude i aint rolling around in trash bin marked biohazard
and theres like no blood
getting pierced is prob way riskier
wello, certain places i know of its gauranteed riskier
prob more risk getting your blood taken in a hospital (omg antobiotic resistant germs!)
no dude some are just kinda dumb
i mean, tons of really good nurses
smart, careful, not abusing drugs
but only takes on fuckup to fuck you up
so marijuana isnt a drug, see

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i think thats the point, it like keeps moving, doesnt stick
oh youre saying with antifreeze
get some its awesome
i was like '30 MIN WTF AM I GONNA DO FOR 30MIN'
then i woke up, 30min later
and i felt great
not really
if you move around you can feel it like in your muscles
like, body piercing hurts maybe 100x more
but in the correct locations
for to redirect your chi, and whatnot
i dont think body piercing really hurts tho
no its your chi, blackmons
serious the needle are so small i dont even think blood would notice them
cuz you stabbing with big things not tiny acupuncture needles

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little shit like flexes evcen when youre doing it right
also countersinking the holes with a countersink/centerdrill helps starting the tap
also cleaner finish look
and yeah thats a valid method
its good with manual drills
its more a bitch with a cnc cuz you dont have direct control of the Z like on a manual mill
no just using it to line up the hand tapping tool
and yeah, hardcore cnc will tap holes no problem
they have big servo spindles
go buy some thermometers
or take apart a themostat
lots of wall thermostats have mercury switches

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i need to make the clamp that goes over the bottom edge once the pcb is slid in
but like, i got the bottom and top of the clamp done i just need to make the part that couples them together
see the bite out of the corner of the right side clamp?
also the missing screw for attaching to the fixture body
thats where i broke the #6-32 taps and had to do circles around them with .125" endmill to get them out
yeah two
like, 16 holes okay, then snap
then two holes later, snap
so i did like 14 more or something with the bottoming tap
or you just drill perfectly straight holes
i wasnt chip clearing enough
was going like forward quarter turn, back third turn
if the hole is deepenough its gonne be straight
to break the chips
else they get stuck
big stuff it doesnt matter as much cuz the taps wont break so easy

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i gotta reference, drill, mill, flip, mill, remove, chuck part, mill, assemble
some edge breaking with emery boards up in there
then teh fixture is complete and i can like hold it up to the sky and like sun rays will shine down on it and like monks will pop out and start chanting
then i can test it
yeah didnt know about the cnc monks, did you
no but fureal i gotta make this part
pcb fixture

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i dont even have a fuckin credit card
im not trying to pay extra money everytime i use money
or i can just use money
actually i think super responsible CC use lowers your credit
cuz you never ever really carry a debt
so they make very little monies off you
so they hate you

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wonder if anyone makes an 8pin or 6pin JK
ZC opto + JK clock divider + variable filter would be neat audio effect
octave drops

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set it on fire, make vid, watch people cry or something
oh i thought you meant perm brick
(fuck iec logic symbols)

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aw, no single channel JK-FF at digikey

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omg fuck this cold shit
do you cold region people wear jackets to bed or some shit?
omg a clock divider to complex?
toggle flipflop output into anothers clock
stu: oh
yeah we dont have that really
we have a shit gas heater in a living room with 20ft cielings
so its pretty useless
its never cold for very long here

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