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kevtris: sure they do
also sometimes just sideburns
half of everyone is bald or buzzed now, tho

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what @ what

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desert is 40mi east
everyone keeps saying that im like no no no, no one listens
its just not setup to provide water for like 10 million people
but next door to snow too
also beaches, and ceetain areas of santa monica mountains actually have a tiered rainforest setup
see people are so negative they forget why people came here before pr0n

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i wonder if that even crossed their mind
like, any of them
sidewalk temp is prob 140F normally on bad days
gotta be fucked to be over there then
kevtris: certain nights here, itll be like 80F at midnight, and you can see heat rising off the concrete
its weird
its like daytime but dark
dude its 80F and heat is radiating up at you
that shit dont feel like night =\

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dude im sorry but looking at that thing, being inside would feel like having concrete suspended over my head
that shit is so flat on top
yeah it looks heavy =\
like it really is an underground tunnel
'but how will we keep it from collapsing?!'
'dude, with steel and CF'
the cf thing just weirds me out cuz its so anti-steel
wonder if it was just decoration
damn, like i want engineering drawings
see google isnt that good yet
i havent seen it
i kinda forgot about it
yeah i still cant remember the shape tho
what does it burn up?

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it was explained as a concrete tunnel with steel and CF shell to simulate external pressure on an underground tunnel
im like wtf, hella steel grid, glass?
did you see the structure?
its like this crazy extended concrete arc
self supported
someone thought it was neat
yep, doesnt look sound
steel grid, keep it light, slap some glass on, call it a day
the cables are in the shell?

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kevtris: heh, hard to imagine (im trying)
hahahaha, quotable
you know someone was proud of that shit too
he prob had a mullet
im totally hungry
fuckiin thai food is on vacation for like two more weeks
rusted with holes = bad for boat
see thats where carbon fiber would be useful
not in an airport terminal wtf
yeah CF, concrete, and steel

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they were too bust getting off on the steel/CF/concrete construction
why didnt they just make it from steel
yeah i wonder

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well the alternative is putting a road on the side of a mountain
also probs
i should have taken pics, there are canyon roads that are half gone
so you drive one the lane thats left, watch out for peeps on the other side
they do good job fixing them tho
cant have peoples falling thru the terminal
blackmoon: those are the best to drive!
also thats where all the crazy gov shit is
no pics
The Paris airport authority had a specific request for the builders of Terminal 2E . to avoid interior supports that would restrict the flow of passengers to and from the gates.
yeah done make them walk around poles

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theyd hit like 10ft of concrete
well here at least, theyre nuclear defence and comm installations
tajunga pass is between the valley and hollywood
heh, theres a 100ft wide freeway through it now tho
they got the pavement
shit thats like 1/4mi of freeway
its prob one of the little streets off of tujunga blvd
lots of expensive homes
cuz we just put all sorts of concrete on asphault on top of sandstone and dirt
well thats prob what tons of roads thru canyons are built on, heh
blackmoon: it rains and they suck up water
its usually cleared out with animal trails besides the stream beds

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like theres a flower shop gonna fall into malibu creek one day
its supposedly hell in earthquakes too
cuz the soft ground will shift alot, even those it absorbs the shock
yeah dude whole hillsides
like, whole blocks with houses half covered in dirt
its like liquid
other term is liquifaction, or something
thats what happens to soft dirt here
like the ground wont be level anymore
heh, whole area used to be ocean floor
lots of sandstone mountain ranges
heh, that doesnt sound so bad
blackmoon: i think cuz the bedrock is sandstone
no you cant!
youll hit the underground government city under the valley

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haha, which time kevtris?
alot of that kinda stuff is tract homes built in dumb places
kevtris: yeh, its happened a few times
they build homes on or by hills with loose soil
and like bad rainstorm happens, suddenly the hill is in peoples living rooms
not loser soil
tho yeh, kinda is loser soil
kevtris: mullholland built a dam north of los angeles that bust
cuz it was on bad bedrock, most stuff here is like mix of granite and sandstone
wiped out a little town, doh
so like theres a history of building shit in dumb places here
kev linked to it
if i had the money id still get a place in the santa monica mountains tho
some of the prettiest shit on earth is there
cuz it wont rain bad here for years
so they build and everythings fine, then bad rain, and hills in peoples kitchens, houses sliding down hills, etc
theres also erosion from running water

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im not sure, city power cut out
so it was prob something at distribution
like, no street lights, traffic lights, people lights
weird, in LA
heh, i bust out the candles and shit, and power came back right as I lit them
so i felt all stupid
also sometimes houses fall on the road
besides the common rock slides
coldwater like 2 years ago
during a storm, house fell on the road
and theres a bunch of houses that are gonna fall on PCH one day
you can see bottom of swimming pools, its scary
cuz it was prob built on stilts and just felt like it =\
you pay a ton for it in those areas
pfft, kevtris these are like celebrity and business elite
trust, private ins is making moneys off the canyons and malibu

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i only remember to major local blackouts here
one was recent wind storm
other, like some underground power thing crapped out
and we heard it, like a block away
heh, i only see those at schools
big green armored transformer boxes
kevtris: on the way back from northern cali, we saw power poles sheered at the base hanging by powerlines
like, right next to a freeway
all farmland tho, nothing to burn down really
in LA tho ive never heard of power systems failing, except right after the quake
heh, quake was at 4a, so there was mad blue explosions on the horizon going off every few sec
stuff ever blow up by you?
i just had it happen to use once and they fixed it in a day
yeah that was the wind
that happened to me for like 20min

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im hungry
finally done with stupid poem
tho i cant find my stapler, so all is doomed

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'a john'
its a guy who picks up prostitutes

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lowercase 'john' passes in OO spellcheck
(other common names need capitalization)

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so they finally changed the student IDs from our social security number to something else
so i accidentally log into the system with my SSN again
and it works
and it tells me my school ID
laccd security, #1
fuckin database admin dorks
they close the server at midnight until 6a, every night
no one has informed them how this internet thing works apperently

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didnt you get banned?
i have to write some ghey poem for class
ill have to remember to mention efnet

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