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someone needs to tell joellama's quit message that chasing is following something quickly

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grey matter grey matter... ooooooh ooooh oooh oooh
80s fratboy chant in popular music needs a comeback
elfman would prob slap me for calling it that
i wonder if he slaps
i am! i got into calpoly pomona BSEE program
maybe, i gotta send transcripts and do a math class
ima be a high school dropout and an engineer, ph33r (hopehope)

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just put it on a pole on the north pole and spin it real fast
on a real really long cable

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i need some fucking headphones
cnc endmill plunge noise gonna drive me nuts

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yeh bass is fun
its weird how awesome bass lines arent always hard to play
like there was maybe 10 songs i really wanted to learn when i got my bass
it took my like 2 days =\
sealed lead acid
well yeah people are exceptions
like if youre soloing a whole song on a bass, thats not so easy to learn

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mexican jbass
it only buzzes bad on one fret!
ha i had a friend who squeezed it
tho in general it was a weird cat
it only liked my mom
my friend gave it to me, she also gave me harold, who is #1 cat
we didnt give harold away cuz harold doesnt pee on everything
my friend apologized for roland
fretless are fun
i am no so good tho
im kinda okay for never practicing
people who are good practice all the time
my exes brother is real good
finishing up a degree in classical guitar at layola
dude plays his guitar like all the time
was neat he played in a spanish festival, whole family went to spain
thats neat

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dude i had like years of consecutive x-titles, in bags with boards
prob few hundred $$$ worth of comics
yeah the badcat pissed on them
so they were like soaking, in the bags
also i have a mclaren F1 book
published by mclaren, very pretty, $80 used
no peed on the $80 book
i didnt throw that away tho
also duffle bags and the original pickguard for my jbass

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anyone say animals dont have emotions never pissed off a cat

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ive been told ur moms peen is hard
is this truth?

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blackmoon: haha those $12 transciever modules on digikey are like 2.4GHz, say not to operate within 20cm of a person
is for something worn on peoples =\
prob like around their writs or on their forearms
only needs like 5ft range

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ribs are a major design flaw
we should have plates like samurai armor
wow u r creative

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ty timecop
water pump, car
well, its usually like bolted to the engine
on a pulley
but yeah it like puts the water back into the radiator
its your ribs, stop freaking out

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cmon timecop, never built a circuit with logic gates?

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maybe like direct drive dc thing or something
heh, toolchangers and 100% speed rapids on big machines are nuts
like i almost expect them to flip onto their sides with the momentum
they like slam themselves around and maintain accuracy, very impressive, kinda scary
meh, i dont like those nm things
.002 mils, nice

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the realtime is awesome, i can like browse web and do intensive shit and shit will lag, but the cnc never skips
in windows, like the monitor would powerdown, and the cnc would dwell for a sec
like wtf
like i basically couldnt touch it and had to disable all power saving shit and most processes to be sure
yeah i wanna make some limit switches
haha ive crashed into the end of the ways so many times
is got little XY steppers so i cant really hurt itself
and with emc soft limits are easy to setup
yeah big machine home themselves on startup tho
and have feedback
mines all open loop madman shit
like, encoders for the stepper shafts and home/limit switches and a better spindle would be awesome

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so its raw, it works but its fucked up to code in
what are those like?
ive only really used or seen newer haas and fadal controllers
heheh old fadal had a c64 looking kbd
what kind of input options?
heheh ours has rs232 and this plug where i bet the eth port goes
yeah like how do you upload the code
oo, what kind of flash?
just like generic every model thing?
cuz thats what i wanna get for mine now
floppies are silly
i should setup a net drive on the cnc

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its called a CAM package
and general they code like retarded babies
like, everything in G1 code, even arcs
G1 on every line
like, registers on a cnc controller are persistant
so if youre only changing a Y position, you only specify the new Y
CAM packages just spray mad simple gcode, no loops or canned cycles, end up being huge programs
almost impossible to edit if the program did something retarded
kreeme: this isnt a uC its a cnc machine, the language is a nist standard
its not machine language, its parsed and turned into servo signals or stepper pulses, spindle/hardware controllers
most machine controllers have specific extensions besides rs274 compatible gcode
theyre like working on it for emc2

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omg that shit made me so angry, fucked up syntax
no variable labels, just numbers
and when you pass to subcalls, they become other numbers based on where in the call line they are
so like if you have a few nested subcalled loops
it become bullshit
you basically HAVE to start in the middle and work your way out a little at a time
well in the new one, variables changed from #n to #<label>
<> included
but they dont have a binary package
and im really in no mood to hack up my machine controller box doing it from src
^dx^: ltspice is the same way
took me forever to get what the mailing list guru was saying
the submodel netlist numbers dont matter, its the order the numbers appear on the model line
that corresponds to pin numbers in the symbol drawings
so its not the order of the numbers, its the order of the numbers (wtf)

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whats electrophoresis?
is that the DNA thing?
we did that in bio lab in high school during the oj trial =D
whats that for?
i forgot to sleep in
heh, i made a variable based emc gcode program that does pockets like the canned cycles on the haas at school

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they incorporate the open loop gain
so you can check for actual gains at diff frequencies
see thats what actually pissed me off about my opamps lecture teacher
only instructor with an engineering degree
so hes mr bighead
but hes a shit teacher
had us do ohms law around opamps for like the whole class
i made a joke like 3 weeks in 'watch were gonna play with resistors and then last two weeks hes gonna throw caps across the feedback path'
which is really what happened
like instead of teaching about the thousands of things you can do with opamps, he danced ohms law and did non ideal calculations around the three basic ones
never even showed the class how to put an input resistor on a non inverting amp to set input impedance

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national part?
is kinda slow
but sometimes thats a good thing, cuz high end response when youre doing low end stuff can make the amp go nuts
depends what youre doing
see by the time its phase shift is real bad, its got no gain
so its less likely to like oscillate and make you wanna kill it
its all math
the simplified equations are ideal
the real ones are not so hard

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TL072 is a gen purpose jfet input opamp everyone <3s
very cheap
sculptor_ says no
like around 3mV offset, pretty high output current, LF412 is like comparable natsemi thing

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i eat a good amount of garlic wouldnt mind eating more
i like that shit roasted, straight
um whatelse
current handling
theyre output protected tho
alot can be shorted indefinitely
the faster the opamp is, the less likely youre going to run it in a region where low open loop gain and phase shifting in your feedback loop fuck up your whole life
cuz theres like three distinct filter poles in common opamp architecture, from each stage
creates a time lag, at high freq this can send inverted signals to your negative feedback loop
so it might as well be positive feedback, which creates an oscillator
so fast, good input voltage offset, bias current and offset parameters, high open loop gain at your target freq

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or maybe i dont spend any money
and buy a car next month or pay to have another 1.5L motor put in my broke one
ha, if i could make an engine to power anything itd be my car
thing was okay with like under 60hp
they have 90lb/ft of torque at like 2Krpm tho
i dont have a lathe to make barrels
tho i saw vid of someone with a microlathe on the table of a micromill
was a pretty awesome turning setup
depends on application
generally, low offset voltage, low input bias current (easy fix, tho), very low input current offset (CANNOT FIX)
you donjt die
you go crazy and get stupid
you also want high open loop gain the the freq you use it
like towards 1000
no shit?

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pfft, cmon im always sepdning the govs money on shit
i almost impulse bought a hdd last night
heh, 500gb for what i paid for my 120gb
like $120usd for a seagate
ah, well $135 then, tax and shipping
kinda sucks being in the same state as all the hardware vendors
i might just get 320gb for like what i paid for my 40gb drive

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on what?
thats odd
print it!
i guess
fax it to everyone?

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neat i thought i remember him saying so
twingy has a few of their pic programmers
hes prob gonna score dev stuff so we can be like two brains figuring it out
^dx^: 20*log10(Av)
the power one is the weird one
i guess cuz it has to do with how you multiple V and I to get P
A is a gain ratio

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avr32 is drama cuz its not supported by openocd, so you have to pay $320 to buy in with a jtag/ice mkii
and even the asm level stuff on arm looks neat, not too complicated
heh, both of them
tekrad does arms for work too
think im maybe just gonna get an olimex sam7 header board + one of their ghetto jtags
higher is better
db is a ratio, you want the biggest diff between the ripple on the input and on the output
like 0db ripple rejection would be the worst vreg ever

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yeah i should have got that stuff
half of surprise stuff is like, 'neat, ill prob never need this'
heh, bags are one of those things mcmaster is badass at
yeah my flux needle is too fat
i have a big thing of water based
omg ++awesome flux
no residue left over either, and if there was it clean up with water or alc easy
soic is easy
i can do factory lookin joints with a lightly overtinned iron =)
ah, yeah thats harder
i have to mill out a board see if i can solder on those with an iron
i have an atmega thats like qfp32
yeah i wanna start playing with arms

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is lance armstrong
he one bikin mufucker
mines like 80
yeah herbs boosts your heart rate
stu: you have a pencil or just a big heat gun + nozzle?
using paste?
i gotta get me a tube of solder paste
thats like 4 or 5 of them?

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isnt 44 slow?
yeah but that seems way slow
cuz they did the stressed heart rate thing on you and you didnt die, thats why they said that
id be like 'fuck you, find a bike'
i hate running its too stompy
heh, i trip out how every week of the school year its easier to ride to school and back
like ill be sore on the weekends cuz i dont have to bike for 3 days
then like on monday i get on my bike and it feels 10lb lighter
hahaha wtf

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anxiety, mofo
prob your sternum cuz your ribs
yeh i freak out when my ribs to the sharp pain thing, worried my heart of lungs are failing or something =(
heh, thats weirder id freak out more

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