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omg something is wrong

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the youtube one?
man this blows
i need to get the smaller er-16 spindle collets to hold the drill to make my fixtures tap holes

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goofy video, music is good once the midbass stuff kicks in
thatll prob be okay
haha that pr0n sample 2:00 is oldskool

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^dx^: ask the voodoos to give you a pass this time
just be like, yo i got shit to do, not this time, voodoos
i dont even know wtf eiffel 65 is
ohno you bitch
okay thats what electronics is supposed to be like

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rab: ehehe youscope!

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its weird how you can see the toolpath and reflections of even individual .0005 cut radius, but you cant feel them

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heh, drills aiint got shit on endmills
omg primitive
my Al plate was only mostly flat
i went in like .003 deep and theres couple pockets it missed
im gonna fly over it with an 1/8" endmill after, get it ridiculous smooth
can weld it with the right electrode
macegr: omg cyberdyne system

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that was like the most helpful kick ive ever seen
heh, baby oil is such an awesome cutting fluid
carbide 3/8 + baby oil eats 6061 Al
i dont care, it makes the Al smooth like babies bottom and all that shit
i dont buy HSS or cobalt endmills anymore =\
dude i was milling qwith a cobalt 1/8"
with longer thancommon length of cut
i have witnesses
itd bend, then spring back
you could see it in the cutting path marks, they had a kinda saw waveish profile
yeah but this was an endmill
and it lasted fuckin hours
when it broke i was like FINALLY
hss wears out like it was meant for foam and balsa

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see but now you look like Lexmark Sue
like youre some kind of lexmark promotional character

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cc/id hax0r

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