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apperently it goes beyond #electronics
people seem to already know him from alot of diff types of chans

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i wonder what shell provider the devil uses
avrfreak doesnt know how to work a shell
naw theyre not all really followers
they just think hes amusing
yeah spectators is a good word
i broke him down because i coded santa fe beacon sim in an hour
so he banned me cuz im such a moron and asshole
then he told me to taklje tjhSAT mufuivxjkerr
they dont like him there

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designed for moms on the go.
Mobile, use on a tabletop, belt clip or shoulder/neck strap.

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bbgun/whippet size pressurized tank, exhaust so it spins and doesnt disperse
with force fields.
they could defeat it with a big fan
now, imagine you like pull trigger, a mach speed whippet flies out hits someone and then they are like 'eh wtf omg omg im a ball of plasma now what'

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just make little argon rockets
yeh what kev said
force fields.

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from what giant chupacabras?
omg at 2:20 in

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omg is that jesus?
i think he is the new jezus.
you are not new era jezus
oh ive seen this one its neat
they had some shit like that two coachellas ago
oh huh maybe thats why

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not as cool
hey man, smb is like the heros of our generation
theyd need to bust some megaman or metroid shit to really get me
nuh uh

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raiders > packers
raiders > statistics; raiders > *
okay i trust you
but i think this time you maybe are going to damage your credibility
oh shit
thats like beyond awesome
thats like triumphant and powerful, or some shit
also thats is glorious, like such as

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theres a button just behind your earlobe, find it
close your eyes when you press it to see your status menu
mode in what?
good question
its in alot of status bars
that works
aaronwl is good at ircs
thats what makes many peoples smart
truth truth

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ghostman: no way to know
like, maybe it did 30 years ago
yeah, put the probes on avr studio
like, with nice new spec parts, itd maybe perform as well as a modern wave generator
but prob not

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naw its neat
whats wrong?
mine doesnt do that
this is win xp?
what res do you run?
um, i use multiple monitors
its fine
are you trying to span it?
i think something is wrong with your computer machine

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its 12:30
do you think its too late to begind machining?
i hate apartments
fuck for less than a one bedroom i think i can get a shop in canoga park
baldie gangstas prob dont want my taig and my electronics stock
hello, if he calls 911, LAPD come to the building
and thats just bad
noisy fool, people trying to sleep
anyway cops arent the prob, him bitching at management and them bitching at us and etc etc is more an issue
but he got all bitchy once and said he was gonna call the cops
but then he felt bad cuz he got all bitchy at my mom
so he apologized
and said if we need a deal on a ford we could call him
heh wtf
heh, talk to ccfl_man
i think hes recapped some shit with success
also theres enough new old stock of tubes if you really wanted to fix something, its possible

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heheheh coil hax0r
moon never has pics i dont think he has a camthing
all his stuff is basically a mass of electrical tape with like, leeds and buttons and stuff

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wow nice

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how fast does this happen?
dayum thats fast inks
so its like an electron beam at a CRT
thats so weird

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okay thats why im confused he hasnt said yet
heh weird
hahaha wtf
thats crazy
no i think moon means like focused jets

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melt drink straws onto it?
thats how we used to kill crickets
for inside the lightbulbs?
i have no clue what youre talking about (wasnt paying attentions)

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see i wish it was something like that wrong with my tube tek
but its switches

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rearranging my room sucks theres always extra cables
ooo, phase correct pwm
ha thats some old magazine lookin shit
p2p stuff is neat

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man having a cold sucks
also, inductors are neat
im guessing one as a saw or triangle gen and the other as a comparator

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j00 need a hall effect sensor

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theyll prob disintegrate in 3 weeks

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naw like doing variable/math based machining
so you can write a subcall and feed it stuff like x/y coordinates, tooling diameter, finish pass stuff, etc
yeah you could do stuff like that
its implimented kinda nasty
all the control software does it diff
theres also simple loop gcode that spec
yeah, numbered variables
heh, NE LT GT for != < >

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omg ground path up your peeholes
heh, conditional cnc codes w00t
its alot like macros and preprocessor conditionals in asm

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stick a copper rod in that shit

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they say zap??
you in the basement
just make a hole

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you read the weekly world news?
omg bad car accident

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theyre like power trampolines

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haha that sucks =\

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whats a basement, moon?
we have a 180deg turn in our stairs
its on a landing tho, not on the actual stairs, so its not super bad

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im moving furniture around a room that is far beyond its happy storage capacity
envy me

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