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hax0r the search to fix it!
ha youd prob go to prison because your cybor terroror =(
did the bust his juarez ring

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you prob dont need a bigass car battery

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its seattle punk
the name came from a magazine article about seattle punk scene
*but: if you consider alt-grunge rock like garage band sounding, underproduced, wall of powerchord and distort bass punk with angsty (but get angry, not emo) white kid vocals...
then radiohead was grunge
grunge style came from hesher style, 80s headbanger stuff
its just all super repressed and lonely
cuz it rains all the time in WA and kids dont get to go outside alot =( =( =(
or motorcycle shop

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industrial just means dark/gothy/punkish electronica at like moderate rock speeds
its radiohead
i liked it but i dont remember any of it
its kinda bends/okcomputer-ish
i like radiohead, they evolved alot since album one
tho the first album is still my fav
like 4 tracks on that one i dont think theyll ever top
heh, i dunno genre labels are kinda silly, record label contructs to sell bands

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okay new trent reznor produced stuff is neat
heheh it has trent covering sunday bloody sunday
$0 for mp3
$5 for flac
its not really rap
industrial always had rapping in it
hell 'down in it' is a rap song, heh
its kinda like drum n bass precursor
cuz the dark techy drum n bass isnt just from reggae, dub, and hiphop
i never got into them to even have an opinion, shrug
good industrial is like good drum n bass, tho
theres just some things, very awesome things, you cant do with guitar drums bass and vocals

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define project

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yeah but is the data out just demodulated wwvb
or is it sending higher speed data packets out
yeah this one you dont even have to do that
it has a digital buffer
and 2 bits for signal strength
ill post it up, its gonna be for vfd tubes, tho
i might do switching regs after all
i think they might even fit on a single board

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a) i dont wanna use a PIC
b) i dont wanna use someone elses code
c) i dont wanna use someone else schema
d) he used butt to butt polar caps to make a bipolar cap
can you solder smt?
use a reciever chip
then the code is easy, its just check signal, if acceptable input timecode, drop into your time count regs
yeah but then you have to decode it, which is a bunch more code
er, i dunno actually does it have serial out?
im prob gonna use that

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thats why we <3 caps
2min till my newly purschased flac album has arrived
stu: ow
you can do wwvb demodulation with a $2.50 chip
wwvb decoding with serial output and signal strength indicators is like $3.50
omg my new album is here

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id say dimes a copy, shrug
itll roll off your low frequencies
depending on the input impedance of your circuit
they form a single pole HPF, if you use like 20K input and a 10uF cap youll be fine

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You have chosen to download the album in FLAC format. This will not play in iTunes, Windows Media Player, or an iPod without conversion. Recommended for experts only. Are you sure you want to download FLAC format?
Yes No
im a fuckin experty only, yo!
im paying for music OMG!
i paid for radiohead and now im paying for trents new thing
out of respect, cuz i predicted it, so he made it happen
it doesnt cost pennies to produce
it costs tens of thousands

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i called that
no bullshit
FLAC is lossless, its cd quality
the fact that mp3 are sold for $1 each is ridiculous
heh, jes
okay so do i get flac for $5 or mp3 for free
a loud fuckin noise
so make it happen
i have to machine a fixture

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yeah i kill all three
and the car
having the car early is awesome
not super early but you can have all the parts and the money when you meat up with the dude in the den
its like, kill the rat mission gets you one part
favor for a gecko troll is another part
cuz teh reload
im always like with the 10+ action points
agility #1

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its easy to get sidetracked in the side quests
cuz thats how you build up your char
if you dont just go jack body armor at the beginning
arcanum is like fallout but sucky
like arcanum is basically based on fallout game model
it was fantasy lala rpg too tho
orcs and elfs and shit kinda dillute the alternate current reality steampunkishness
cuz your karma
karma and reputation spreads i think
most of them will
like get sulik with a stray round, hell turn around and burst spray you with the submachine gun
yeah cuz you get child killer trait

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wander into wizards cave
because you didnt play the game for like 400 hours in like a month =\
that shit sucked so hard
the fucked up the UI
the ONLY thing important about oblivion is its gonna be the base of fallout3 engine
fallout2 is like one of best games ever
wtf 'fallout?'
you dunno what fallout[2] is?
not some kind
the only one that matters
A Post Apocolyptic Role Playing Game

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.exe buried like 4 dirs deep after Program Files
yeah cuz wtf you dunno this companies name
youre a bitch!
its cute how the icon for software is like a box, and a cd
only games come like that!
and only when devs really deserve it!
i bought morrowind
evercrack is scary
morrowind isnt mmorpg
shits like 500 hours worth of one player
no man in morrowind i was fuckin shit up

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yeah too much lag
^dx^: some things in life are easier after you gone crazy and come back
meh, youre smart
youre not lucky enough to stay crazy forever
its like maybe 1 in 10 apps that do that
expensive corporate shit will do that alot
usually those apps have like 10 diff main components, tho
except you only have one of those apps

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IT management
^dx^: k calm down, stoppit!
fucked up
you still have your awesome health plan?
calgar: hehe yeah he even posted mri pics
^dx^: go dr again!?
okay dont fall onto your back or anything like that, until then
heh, ur motor feedback is fuckey =\

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