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cuz why they gotta feed all the starving people crap
i dont like that stuff
i just ate like a 9oz bag of bold party blend chex mix
if they fed starving people what i eat theyd prob just die
haha nice

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blackmoon: water based flux sizzles =\
its weird!

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thats so awesome
have you seen hakkos site?
i got a flux syringe too
pretty elaborate
oh damn
it says for industrial use only
ill have to send it back

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ups came \o/
im free again!
Superior No. 30
Supersafe(r) Water-Based Halide Flux
ima smell it
smells like windex
oh weird coincidence
heheh, its wave solder

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i wanna stab, so bad
its single sided wave soldered
old school mass production soldering stuff
i have tech AS degrees
they sell solder bricks at all electronics

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wallwarts will prob have a fucked up amount of ripple
but fucked up is a subjective term and things with integrated regs might not even see it
yeah i was thinking more about dropout voltages

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cuz of the way symbols point
yeah except its called 'electricity' not 'holes'

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its just a switching reg
schottky bridge!
current does
electrons dont
i hate that shit
nicedude: it doesnt matter you just have to be consistent
but electrons flow, and actual current flow, is negative to positive

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ups is gonna make me freak out

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pulled steel mesh, #1
mmm, plastic chrome
radioactive imagen goo
i cant even turn the oingo boingo up i might miss the buzzer

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CF structure with Ti hardware
and ceramic-metallic armor
prob same stuff with tighter weaves and diff matrix stuff
what do you mean when?
thats kinda a dated style now, clearcoat over cf
thats like 80s shit
F40 was kevlar
they come from the factory with CF silkscreens on the plastic now
and then like a thin plastic film over it
unless its a surface for walking on they could have just used steel plate =)

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fuck im lost
and turbine propulsion
with fully sealed impact resistant fuel cells, of course
babies, and all

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ive seen powerfist heatguns i think
on the ebay
like ive seen that tho, its apperently a popular chinses brand
man the first hit for abec bearing ratings is for skaters
alot of them
jezus fuck why do they care about 30krpm bearings
the site said like 330mph
skaters just dont go that fast

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cuz everything smaller usually comes on a 1/8" shank
<3 boingo
its prob got shit bearings
i dont even remember how much i paid for mine
i dont think i paid that much
maybe it was on sale at sears
i have one with flex shaft and circle cutter and edge grinder attachment and bunch of tools
dude that sounds like some hardcore fetish pr0n

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itd just be for dusting off finish passes
well like its diamon in or on something
so the diamond will wear that shit down quick if its super cheap
real precision diamond shit is fucked up expensive
yeah stuff like youd stick in a cnc
ha no prob not =(
industry eats tooling
see diamond district is right next to cheap wholesale import district
so still no idea if its good shit or self destructive china shit
yeah anything non ferrous
like dont be grinding aluminum, itll ruin your grinding shit
1/8" shank is awesome tho
you dont need anything smaller for machining

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if you look close the cone isnt on the shanks center axis
so one edge is actually cutting
milling with like sub .01 widths
heh, hold on tight
yeh, but youd prob break carbide tools pretty quick too
endmills can catch thin stuff pretty easy
i wanna get some diamond coat stuff for the taig
yeah ive gotten carbide stuff for my dremel

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you can regrind them
toolroom machinists get off on machining stuff like that
see like if you had a good lathe
and a good mill
you can turn those blanks into pcb half rounds
and sell them for like $5
its like a half cone
i have a 30deg one like that

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hey i switched that shit =\
naw theyre awesomew
deadblow hammers are the shit
its hard plastic and harder plastic
heh, proper deadblow is like cast Pb on a steel handle
its what we use at school =D
naw little ones
i like my plastic hammer
its heavy as fook, its all steel except the screw in caps
yeah you can buy diff hardness
can get them at enco i think
think so
blame factories
you can buy them one at a time
itd just cost a ton
any machine shop supply place will have a ton of diff drills

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okay my taig would be 3x as awesome with a 30K spindle and active speed control
cuz 39krpm bearings are $4.23
blackmoon: where to get DC motors like 2-5hp?
just dont smash them when installing =\
theyre press fit
youd need a tiny pulley puller
dude im not even gonna go into how i changed the press fit spindle pulley over to the new spindle
it was primitive
it involved a plastic hammer, flat screwdrivers used as prybars, kitchen counter because i needed some give

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fureal where is my package
i wanna like, live again
aluminum plate and solder flux
mcmaster got the fuckin deal on 6061
oh viagra
yeah but their prices are all over the place
some stuff is okay, some stuff is wtf
also hopefully this water based flux wont get sticky all over everything

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ha i hate it when i do that =\
so cmdhere powertoy is borken or something?

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Transmission: 3.3 turbo transaxle mounted upside down. Custom flywheel using AP Racing triple plate clutch.
haha that so hax0r

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those are neat
proper engine placement, stylish fastback, without looking froggy like the 911
how much are they factory?
i have no idea
wow i would have guessed like 20K cheaper
could have got the corvette market
911 are ugly

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everything lamborghini has done since comes from that car
when it came out, wasnt anything like that
tho id rather have a muira
wow =(
tho flawed
engine and transmnission share oil supply
even the old ones feel ridiculous fast
yeh fureal
too bad its ugly

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996 is kinda ugly, is like a 968 rear end grafted to melted wax model of a 993
i like the boxter and the coupe version (cayenne?)
see thats a real porsche
fakey porsche
they jellybeaned it
ha thats cheap for a labo
if you get one, get a countach
theyre still the craziest to see on the street
def not
but fuck that you could take your car to the track
and you wouldnt need whores for kicks

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tho weve slept in the same bed on vacation a few times, so...
yeah we dont have a prob with it
it just seems not us
haha weve had this discussion
like ill huge girls i barely know goodbye
but they have boobs and vaginas, not penises
ha, huge as a verb wtf
id get one of those
like the fully evolved 911
they never redesigned it totally til the 996
who needs radiators when you can put more intercoolers there

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not as much anymore, but they all share that style from the original ones they did like 10 years ago
see i cant see that as sporting, bit too old
then again, americans were driving boats
i just like anything little with a stick shift =\
i have the littlest and it wasnt so bad
yeah i fit into those little jap size cars well
cuz im like 5'6"
yeah duh
we didnt make them to obsolete us and eventually harvest us
computers, on the other hand...
thats weird macegr
im not trying to be huggin on you!
like i have friends we are practically bros we shake hands

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its neat i had the cd in like 1996, then it got all super rare
thats not my name!
i know
haha thats why i would get it
that and the 944/924 are the odd ones
like if you wanna spend much, you have enough to maintain anything youd wanna get from like the 80s
like no way you get one of those things that isnt somewhat used up
has a warranty maybe
heh, porsche 914, porsche 550, porsche 928 are gorgeous
914 in an tomboy kinda way, tho =\
for 100K, you could buy one of those and put a modern 911 engine in
heh, they look like jags

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i wonder if deinterlacing issue is a source problem
get a mid engine or a v8 porsche
the 928 are nice GT cars
real comfy interiors
theyre sexy too, like $10k, so pretty cheap for a high end model porsche
its a concert dvd

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and she sent me oingo boingo farewell show dvd
she is like best exgf ever
besides the girl it was the reason i liked the movie
yeh, basically same car =)
the porsche in 16 candles was a 944/924
i didnt get excited about those until i was older, found out they had transaxles and 50/50 weight distribution

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thats prob my least fave hughes film
and its a pretty good film, heheheh
she got fat? ha
so i taught my exgf how to pirate dvd

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so fucking go learn
its be neat to make a water switching reg with turbine, one way valves, and solenoid valves

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im not sure totally, its using A TEST lc AS PART OF THE OSCILLATOR COMPONENT
er, sry
its 50mA over 20 hours
it should be 2.5V
its 12
divide it by 20, thats how much current it takes to dischare it in 20 hours

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efert: this is not a usable response
it responds slower than the + feedback
so the + feedback kick on instantly, starting an oscillation
the - feedback response lags behind

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so there was this grecos pizza
but apperently it wasnt the real grecos
so then it became tacos and pizza
same pizza, tho, awesome nyc style stuff
looks like a filter
its maybe for phase shifting the output enough to get it to oscillate

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omg theres a good vietnamese place down the street
i get this thing is like thin noodles, eggrools, peanuts, some sauce
beef, lots of vegatables, which i normally hate mixed up with meat
fuck yeah!
i wanna try other stuff but i always want that when i go =\
theres alot of stuff at the thai place thats like that too
i always get beef fried rice, no tomatoe (he does it so good), or ginger beef
no pussy peas and carrots bullshit in the rice, either
man where is ups

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we have modern veggie chinese down the street too
its pretty good, have fake soy/veggie meats, heheh
schpiel? like the jewish term for act?
oh, the review
haha they complained about fish stock soup
they put that in everything thai
i dont like fish, but thai food is awesome
also, hawaiian pinapple rice tastes wrong without the shrimp cooked with it
even tho i hate shrimp
i bet it didnt have fish stock
it just got the taste from what they cooked it in
pad thai is gross when its good

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they put el camino real markers everywhere
like driving down the 101, theres these bells on poles with little plaques
we have a high school
i think its the 101, going thru the valley
you know what it is tho, no?
yeah they wanna make sure we do too now, apperently
i dont understand why the camino real is on the other side of the valley from the san fernando mission
yeah they use iron woks and most dishes have meat
prob taste it even when they cook straight veggie stuff

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very light sauce
i dont think i like indian
my gf took me to this indian place and it didnt taste bad, but it wasnt very good either
i dunno
dunno, dont they hate cows?
no wait
they <3 cows
thats why they dont eat them
put it in your soup
its thin
its all about thin steaks
fuck thick beef slabs, i want something thats all outside
if you need thick you can cut it into 4 parts and stack it

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i dont know random swiss people know of shut down pcb plants
lucky fucker!
how many sizes?
im stuck at home waiting for aluminum and flux from mcmaster =\
i cant even go get thai food cuz i know ill be watching dude cook my rice, turn around and see the ups guy leaving
gonna make a fixture so i can flip boards quick
yeah across the street, its one cook
his hawaiian shrimp/pineapple rice has too muc curry
besides that hes awesome
naw all thai food places have that here
whats inland?
is that without fish paste, etc?
i get this ginger beef thing its basically beef, mushrooms, white onion, ginger strips

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its over
omg your bid sniper has time travel feature!?
for a set
k show me cheaper

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a waste of buffer?
wtf cold stop being a dorkish random asshole

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do you have a particle filter set or gas and particle?
i think thats just particle
i think i have p100s on mine, theyre pink fabric discs
they fit under my mask good
the gas filters do more stuff
they make them for the little masks too, but they would fit under a mask as well
yeah bit too big
i might get a big polycabonate tinted visor tho
and wear safety glasses and the gas/dust respirator
i got one of those for machine glass
its like personal fresh air
its a trip, i feel like i should be wearing it all the time
the organic flux datasheet says its blue with ctrus odor
its like the one kind of blue gatorade
jezus fuck thats cheap?
is unit41 a bot?

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search for machine oil
mineral oil works okay tho
its what they use in food service machines
yeah thats why i buy mineral/baby oil
yeah but its super cheap and available
and it doesnt give off bad fumes
heh, cutting fluid gives off these weird smells
it comes in scents too, you can get cinnamon cutting fluid
i hated that shit
i had a saturday 8-3 machine class
like, the oil fumes would fuck me up
i got a gas/dust respirator cuz of that
did you get a respirator for when you weld?
its better like that
people at school are asking me where i got mine now
cuz hes a fuckin random ass troll saying random ass shit that half makes sense but is in the context of nothing

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wow electric turbo (no exhuast fan interference)
hehe, yeah i like those
the murcielago are kinda ugly
blackmoon: haha fuckit! nuclear generator in the trunk
mr fusion!

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i ordered like 5p yesterday!
mcmaster.com #1
you learn how it works so you understand it

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heheh, charles laying down teh op stat
all i know is he likes stu
yeh you can just use parts of it
wow thats a good synonym for linear

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but its a big deal when it happens during your formative years
imagine if vancouver had no weed
til you were like 21
then it had all the weed
they might just give them to him
call them tho cuz if they have tons of anything lying around eatin space, its those
itll pop up everything tho
just call or chat and ask them if they have extra reels they can throw into an order
you have to buy like one thousand many parts

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yeh shit happens
are you from boston area?
you know you guys have THE WORST tsa at your airport
cuz tsa is like a 5min delay everywhere else ive been
i dont know about snow
ive only gone and it was already there
no when i went to montreal it snowed my first night there
we had to walk from the train, it was getting all over me =\
its weird!
dude you realize even rain is amazing to me
we had a drought it didnt rain at all really for 8 years when i was a kid =(
naw dude
i didnt grow up in the northwest where like its your curse
it rained like never
the LA river was like this freeway no one ever used
wtf is mini tape?
blackmoon: no it ended

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this isnt the east coast where one state to another is an hour
this is california
same state is like 8 hours driving at illegal speeds
my part of cali is all asphalt and landscaping
its got sprinklers all up in it
you dont eat the shit you drive on it
in LA
the fumes aint gonna even change the level of toxins in the air by a significant amount
especially consider for your plan to happen there would have to be a huge fire
so the air is already super fucked up
thats prob not true
since it like used up all o2
like you couldnt breathe the shit
itd cause global warming in your lungs
but it never gets much below 70 i dont think
in la we still dip into the 40s for a couple weeks
are you talking about daytime highs or something?
bullshit SF freezes
mufucker who cares about the daytime if you dont like cold?
thats the best time to do LA freeways
you doing 90
cops passing by you at 110

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fine milk doesnt really smell like anything
theres a grey period
where you can taste that the milk isnt new
but its not really bad
you have to stop using it then
maybe a stomach ache
well if it smells its bad\
yeah we do
charles: electronics is involved in everything
including the computers that facilitate trolling
so its all on topic, technically speaking
haha they lost it?
haha good point mr pil
how much current to make a pickle glow?
my exgf is making a dayofhtedead altar
for her grandma
everyone feel touched and moved, etc, lick such as
cuz we aint angry we just aint dating
cuz she moved 500mi away
my brain cant rectify that into any useful emotions

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