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drum n bass in hollywood on halloween

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found it

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you read nico's thing on opening chips?

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kevtris: the pin sockets soldered to board work very well
i wanna test all the tubes but i gotta go to dnb
this is the last funktion =(

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kevtris' pin socket soldered to board tube socket works excellent
like under 1mm between the vertical pin sockets, heh
i need a fuse =(

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ha, analog color

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imaginary vid transfer protocol

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just use heatsinks and fans?
use bigger heatsinks and no fan
someone makes a cooling tower thats just a big tall heatsink
so use fans
yeah big fans are not so bad
use a motorcycle radiator
yeah or car or whatevers
blackmoon: you still smoke herbs?
you need to make a temp regulated vaporizer
this shit is awesome

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cant use just use a heatsink and a fan?

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ive flipped diode in assembling a discrete recitifer
pretty hard to fuckup a bridge IC, tho
look it even has + - AC printed all big on the side
did you ground the transformer secondary?
yesnoyes?no dont!

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you maybe put gnd and power on voth sides of the same diode
wow he got a big one

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RF fets?

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teknique: awesome (macdonald)

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wtf at rubber backed aluminum
its cheaper than 6061
must be cuz they ruined it by putting a bunch of fuckin rubber on it
no its in the list
mcmaster got the deal on 6061

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ha my friend shaves his head cuz of that
well, he started just cuz
but now its because hes kinda bald
haha i dunno what id do if i went bald with dreads
id prob just cut it shorter
i have a beard but thats just cuz i dont like shaving
so you were just born a naturally buff jesus

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