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dude we dont even know wtf a stovepipe is
wtf are you wasting buffer about?
swap that, genius

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quench is dropping it in a liquid to cool
usually better to cool something slowly than quickly in that case
cooling quickly will warp stuff

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even timecop doesnt really troll here
no he doesnt, because he behaves
troll supreme leader can behave, you can stfu
okay everyone fold your hands so we make a good impression
wtf mp3 spam is new here
anyway i have to go stick metal together with fire bbl

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is prob lordpil
is prob stu
emulating what

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fuck rootbeer
ginger ale and cream soda, #1
rootbeer is like cola when they were doing it wrong
fuck jeah
damn i thought i had solidworks installed
400gb on pata, meheheh

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urmom said shes gonna wash your mouth out with soap, just now
too much irc at work pil?

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unit41: we should figure out our career at the end of our lives?
youre on crack mufucker

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dell just buys things
if the output isnt -5v when the input is -12v, its bad
or a part is shorted
and its just in 'hey im a vreg shorted out hi' mode
proprietary dell just means they had the factory they bought it from stamp DELL into it somewhere
charles: hahahaha fucked up

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yeah blank, search on their front page
heheh, yeah theyre like $8-15 that i saw
haha theyre 7905?
no theres prob only one -5v reg
theres alot of to220
dell prob didnt design it

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haha all that shit is mad expensive anyway
blackmoon: i think it breaks links when you pop out of frame
just search steel bushing on mcmaster.com

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blackmoon: they make tubes for that
precision is $
dude normal tolerances on pipe and tube is huuuge
5mm too loose will work
with tube that isnt made for that, youre gonna have rough insides, edges, nothing close to straight runs
use a bushing?

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