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how misleading
]it still says light eagle
but i can put parts out the box

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whole first day was pretty much like 'this is geda... w t f...'
yeah thats the fucked up part
crackheaded as its UI is, its functional
so once you put time into learning it, its hard to really use other shit

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they wont open, they like corrupt themselves
and they pop up a dialog all like "hi. im from stolen eagle. tell cadsoft, ty."
the fucked up (genius) thing, is that it lets you 'save' to the file during a work session
so you can use a bad keyfile/pw and itll act like its fine
so you get into it, rip out some 8 hour session before shutting eagle down, next time you open it, 8 hours lost
geda needs 2-3 years
geda needs to get its shit together, quite literally
i think it was okay when i used it on ubuntu
i just installed the binaries
it took about 2 days to really get anything useful done

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oh, the crack flashed me two smile emotes
rab: i use pcb-gcode and my cnc machine
i promise i wont tell on myself
yeah and id do gerbers anyway
and edit the header if i had to
rab: the way to detect is you open it in eagle

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fuck yeah
cadsoft hosts all their versions on ftp
blackmoon: theyre not that smart

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okay so cracks.am had like 10 diff cracks for me to scan
what would we do without crack repositories
but cmon theres a diff, like cracks are so we can get work done
pron is like bad for getting work done

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i told avr to heal it
so it just deleted it
go avg
least something is trying to help me out

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charles: what about the infiniti numbers besides 1 that are true
fuckin keygen for cadsoft has a trojan
ha when i try and right click on it, explorer like gets stuck
heh fucked up

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im prob gonna use a 20soic or 24 or whatevers
i dont need a parallel input sound chip on it
i can just do sound with a timer
square waves are awesome
make me some droning bass alarm intro
heheh, be like bustin basslines out with beep

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