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aight i gotta crash
gotta wake up early so i can act all poor and motivated
heh, i think i read a datasheet once
anyway, laters
timecop: it prob depends on the ARM manufacturer
they get creative, all sorts of onboard shit

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it wouldnt take alot of external logic to do that
macegr: you maybe have to worry about pre/post inc stuff before switching banks
thats the only big deal i can think of, if the transistion doesnt freak out the controller for obscure reasons
oh, yeah
you practically have to know what the c is doing in asm
yeh exactly
not trivial to inline asm without clobbering shit, either

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stk500 came with a external ram avr
no shit theyre that big now?
wow nice
cuz the pointers are 16bit, prob

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[bot hauls ass off a patio]
dude that shit was so lame
they couldnt even get gutenburg
heh, when i was a kid i was in a holiday parade that the gold #5 was in
dunno how one of those things would mount another
maybe use that tool prob thing
heh, allie sheedy was so, so fuckin hot in the 80s
theyre chinese
just stating the obvious
that makes them less chinese?
your britness rubbed off?
ima go crash before you decide to get all opish again

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webcam shows wooden douche-meter?
dude dont
youll get splinters
shit was prob like 100
mature douche
prob get 100x the hits like that

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border-top-color -moz-use-text-color

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i miss blackbox desktop shift with scroll wheel

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.entrybody img {
.entrybody a {
i think thats it
wonder how its done in the main page stuff
didnt work
a.entry {
color: #000;
maybe that

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i managed to rip comment stuff out of the php but i cant find the border shit
yeh but this might break other things
prob not
theres more than one
checked all those tags
did that, didnt fix it
well, something like that
changing that didnt fix, pissed me off

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i need like 2 or three transistors per anode to do it discrete
sure, it doesnt totally exist yet
but the chips kills like 80% of the complexity
im prob gonna make two version of the psu, one with my design and one with 317/337
i wanna test my regulators vs the IC regulators
like, my voltage ref and its current source are off the output IC (darlington to220)
so it might be better because heat wont transfer
i cant figure out how to hax that css so it doesnt put stupid yellow frames around the single post pics
the 3 transistors and darlington are replaceable with 317/337
but that design is mad scalable
ohsixi: i think its css, theres more than one layer
is someone elses theme

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i wouldnt know
so ill take your word
and damn you got some twisted taste in girls
fuck green
if you want green go non backlit LCD
dude you have no idea
it has switch input, keyboard matrix input, LED output, besides the 11seg by 11tube multiplexing
so basically all the avr has to do it decode WWVB input, and talk to that chip
kevtris found that
and i mathed that shit in my head, itd suck mad power to do my way

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fuck spiders
no 5, bitch

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Drive OK!
think it was dual
it came from a refurbed PC
i never said 500gb
i think mine was 40gb

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shit like like 110-120F ambient, sucked
ignore him hes set to random/unfunny mode
my tipless dread like stopped growing
its like the tips pull them longer or something
thats neat
i ran a WD dos scanner once
shit said the drive was fine, i could hear it dragging its head on the platter

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i should crash out
i have a meeting with boss of financial aid at my school tomorrow
my seagates live 1" from a fan
like 5 years no probs
the fan is prob dust choked tho, so i believe its placebo
mine are usually just kinda warm to the touch
hehm before i put the a/c in, my whole room was the worst spot in summer

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dude socket dont exist, im trying to out tubes on a board for under $30
what about youre less funny everyday
not you
no ^dx^, and i promise to respect you in the morning
yeh for this one
if i make more ill prob get boards fabbed

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kevtris: http://darkertechnologies.com/notes/wp-content/2007/10/vfd_pin_sockets01.jpg
heh, that worked
kinda tight without the socket plastic to isolate them, but should be fine once soldered to the board, with the pins installed
read teh notblog

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porcelain style = plastic

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meh, dont matter multiplexed on a uC
edit a datatable or add more code spaghetti
yeah but you can do that, so it doesnt matter

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prob damage my eyes to try =\
for routing?
hehe, yeh i never worry about how i wire my segments to a uC
ha fun

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yeah you gotta suck that shit up too
thru one pin
heheh, hax0r
thats the clock or an led matrix?
i figured the clock just had a few hundred
thats even more than it looks and it looks a ton
yes i been thru them couple times
just never counted one by one

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that joke only works in certain fonts
i <3 how my cam ccd just throws blue px up in the block
charliplexing = n * n-1 optimized
like itd be awesome for 6 7segs

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yeah that makes sense
when i signed that ghetto NDA, it had clause i could NDA other people
so i guess thatd be a 3rd party NDA

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missing a socket
11 sockets pin stripped \o/

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thats lpm
im talking about the md stuff
device path?
/dev path?
edit raidtab, done
it striped and it mirrored, performing as advertised, it was totally recoverable offline
youre not one of them
you are teh 3rd part (guess)

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it is, i did it for years
my /boot was raid0, my system/media was raid1
i got 70MB/s hdparm -Tt with drives that did 40MB/s and 50MB/s
and it def felt quicker
so i dunno about performance degredation
swish: pretty much ignored the boot
well duh of course its on two drives
im not raiding across the same drive on diff partitions
raid0 paritions inside a drive
on two drives in a raid0 array
er, 11
man i hate that shit
real raid isnt what?
and swap the raidf modes when i said my boot and system/media
and yet my drives were striped
and i scored a performance imrpovement
sounds pretty fake to me

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raid 1 is a waste of a whole drive
tho cant fuck with its failure mode, tho
my raid0 ran even with one drive removed
like nothing happened
with software raid you can do it per partition
so you can keep system, boot files, really important shit on a raid1
and then raid0 the rest
timecop: pr0n, media, most everything like that
pretty much anything not self produced is usually replaceable

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hardware it might be
its stripe with parity
so unless your cpu is choking on the calculations, it should be faster than raid1
raid0 is awesome
it should be faster
in practice it sucks
i think a literal mirror
prob for error checking
the do 5 or 10

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my pliers blisered my finger
bitchass pliers
i kept getting that in the mail
i ignored it
pussy shit
are you a corporate server or some shit?

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so i pulled it, and have a fan next to my open case now
is not a socket a
see why i dont mind milling PCB

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kevtris used big nixies, huh
hehe, the speacing on this shit is ridiculous
like audio power tube sized, no?
these are like .6", .45" diameter pin circle
behind slightly green tinted glass
ive thought about doing water cooling
mill up some brass water blocks
brass isnt too much
i have a 6600GT with no fan
shit locked up and was blocking the sink

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ohnoz i broke a pin
i only have like 40 spares =(
cublock manual?
how technical

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any capacitor shorted will discharge at infiniti amps in zero time
known load is the ESR

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we should rename the channel #mufuckingeniuses
thats like 'lets talk about the parts, but not the parameters or circuits involving them'
they fucking sit there and argue over why the syntax is awesome or why it sucks or some shit?
a DSO and trigger skills

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pay attention, im taking pins out of the useless standard sockets

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i can maybe get the pins out of these sockets
theres enough
i have to like unbend them and shit
fatburger #1
fatburger = 1000(in-n-out)
i got the pin out
59 more to go
meh, fuck $20 for pin sockets

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i need .04 pins
im either going with the pocket sockets
which is a ridiculous tight fit
gonna be like .02" between them
or use pins like that, digikey has .04 capable stuff
i might just make some shit
making a socket cant be that hard
get some thin brass stock, bend, insert into milled socket body
which sockets
for $20-40 for 60

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andie macdowell?
it was her
the spanish inquisition? what?
nice, mouser
thats too big

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no one can know that
fuck faith
show me pics of afterlife or nothing or it didnt happen
actually its a state of forgetfulness
awesome movie
yeah a fantasy afterlife
it stopped when he got the girl
the only reason im cool with that is bill murray deserves the girl
nicholson, and it was bill murray
nicholas is a golf player
fuck that so rings a bell
the girl in that was...
something macdonnel?

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and youll have no energy, and when you start eating again youll blow up
like, i lose weight when im too busy to care
its all relative
starving yourself, you kill your metabolism, so your enegy level, and you atrophy muscles
if youre active you are
if youre not active, youll prob start burning less
id rather be fat with energy than skinny with none
anyway, youll lose muscle
so your metabolism goes down
the last years suck

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its possible
its not healthy
ah, the magic of meth
naw, its totally possible
just not in any healthy way
= drugs
it happens all the time
dont forget muscle atrophy
thats when your weight really starts to drop mad style
shes full or it
shes a tweaker, a psychotrope user, or a liar
or like very, very ill
thats basically a liar
naw, your metabolism will just slow the fuck down

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it looks like pwm

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fuck that
im glad all i had was a SNES and a bong
heh i was gonna ask how he died
magic sinewaves!!?!

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interweb and electronics prob saved my life
looks so 1996
lots of content
this site?

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avr and an r2r dac
im gonna set it to output audio tones
midi range + couple octaves, to about 33Hz
i want something to test audiojunk
its not quite accurate enough for audio in the higher freq range for a given wavetab
but its close
2% error is about the worst it gets, but an octave or so below that its like under .2%
low freq its way lower
like, its not super practical for audio as a DSS, but for testing gear id rather have the super clean sine
nuh uh i dont read magazines much
i used to alot, but i didnt know about electronics then
was before i had interwebs
blackmoon: i mostly just did drugs, drank, got in trouble, etc

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still have to do wave selection code, freq adjust code

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and meh at eeprom
its all in flash
someone made a DSS with an avr
in 11 cycles
but its direct from flash, and limited to 256 samples because he only used half the pointer regs
next synth thing i prob do DSS at 44.1/88.2/92KHz
so timing isnt critical
mine is 16 cycles, but its kinda whorish
it uses a timer based loop for 26 and above cycles
16-25 cycle loops are cycle counted loops
i had to make 5 diff ones to cover all the values
but it can use wavetables of any length, sram limited

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i sent radiohead monies
r2r dac = <3
aka: how to make 23 resistors of the same value awesome
i dont think so, i hooked up her compy
she doesnt even haver a printer on lpt1
heh @ 8088 & amiga
wave samples
fixed length samples, variable freq output
no DSS stuff, just shoveling sram out to a DAC as quick as possibly

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fuck this
ima make some perfboard

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so if i dont get into a uni, i should just walk into to recording studios and pro audio rigger shops and be like "hire me"
damn everyone keeps saying that
the guy who wanted to go to recording school with me is like 'well fuckit if you can go to a uni and get a job pays way more, do that'
yeh, but so is hollywood
okay maybe friends not as good in hollywood
but i already have friends here
that is such a confusing situation
yeah i googled, good shit

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heh, chico is only cali ebat mechatronics program, or maybe anywhere i only checked cali
if i go to pomona its BSEE
but they have a quarter system
their classes are mad specific, so you know exactly what the curriculum is
good shit
yeah, thats what i really want to do
1 what
this question is hard
i think so
but what if he means two channels and one cable
man more nouns
so youre saying thats what recording school will be

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im down, bring it
its prob not so bad
is LA recording school, not musicians institute
thats prob why im here
plus musicians are honestly the best kind of audiophools
by far
cuz they wont argue about sound quality, distortion specs, etc
cuz they dont give a fuck, it could be distorted all to shit, as long as it sounds [non audio or electronics adjective]
anyway, if i get into chico or pomona, im going

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engineering school = no time for projects and/or social life
recording school = try hard to avoid social saturation, prob way more free time
and i can maybe get my hands on high end audio repair manuals/schemas
i hate their fries
they tastes like fries i make at home and that sucks
you overheard...
thats like saying 'im a really bad manager'

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i think ima do a PSU box for my class project
in welding
hehe, its funny, the degree in CNC machining and the welding courses are pretty much about me wanting to make chassis and hardware for my electronics stuff
im done with the CNC stuff
welding takes no extra time
its the english/speech shit im taking for CSU transfer min requirements
so yeh, i get into a uni engineering school, 5 more years
or i dont, and i go to sound engineering school, under a year
and ill fuckin pwn cuz almost no one goes into that shit with discrete linear and digital electronics knowledge

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yeah i gotta make a new supply
ima use the first toroid i bought, is like 500VA +-35V rectified
teq: sec i find link
some are switchers
but the standard ones are like a transformer, a cap, and 1 or 2 diodes
teq: http://sound.westhost.com/psu-wiring.htm
read it over and over until you understand
and thats the best collections of linear electronic articles i know of

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i know the fools up inside that website
theyre always messin with me =\
but they hook me up alot, too
theyre not uber cheap anymo9re
just normal cheap, prices have gone up on proto stuff like that
theyre not bad, but a couple years ago even stuff was cheaper
they stick rock for common surplus
but tools, perfboard, protoboards, probes, etc, it looks like they just buy alot from ebay and mark up a bit
i didnt know about mpja or halted or bgmicro
i think i found goldmine elec from you
lm317, lm337, capacitors, 3A transformer
2 pots, 2 resistors, 4 or 8 diodes
mines all build ghetto into a cigar case
dual bridges w00t!

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whatever he defines, velleman prob got one
my friend just got a PIC dev kit from them
hehe, comes in a little bubble pack with a baggie of parts and a PCB
reputable, good selection
yeah, better to try that than do your own design
youll just burn parts and get discouraged you start like that
teq: ebay
yeah them too, theyre cheap is you know how to use the search and catalog
ebay is like $10 for 10,000 from china
yeah avoid radioshack at all costs
except for audio video connectors in a pinch
you must make this second nature, or you will fail many times
than digikey in quantity?
teq: yeh but you can find the kits all over the web and in local shops
macegr_: heheh, all electronics is like that for me

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i think i found an error in a national data sheetschema
or maybe they bust some hax0r shit inside the chip and i just dont understand

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maybe not some $5 dealie you get at the autoshop
but prob those too
mines like 600VAC
dunno what it is DC, cuz i dont need that much really
is a fluke, so mostl likely
i need another one
mine only does V, no I
i gotta be fuckin with the sense resistors and maths
ill never happen to open it up for fuses!

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pretty much any multimeter will do mains voltage
megohm resistors, #1

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