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i checked a 9V battery fits underneath the pots, which makes sense cuz fender makes active basses
did it work better?
i have to do an english paper and sleep
you dont see me whining
well not about that
the socket thing is kinda sad
these ceramic ones are nice
i should build a tube preamp or some shit
cant just waste the sockets
hes saying youre breaking

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we know you decided yesterday
yeah im like meh at effeciency
we be droppin voltages up in rens alarm clock
i wanna use a pair of switchers to make rails for an onboard unit for my bass guitar, tho
ima change my jbass knobs from pickup1 vol, pickup2 vol, LPF
to pickup balance, cut/gain/overdrive(led clipper), and lpf

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nono vfd tubes
no im saying the package is like a preamp tube
not a power tube, with a base and a keyed nub
SlinkyT: heheheh
i laughed at the sub mini tubes i saw
but like, the piles and piles of preamp tubes were my fav
i have a 60s tek amp
it has like 3 transistors in silly big can packages
like in between those to92 sized cans and to3
everything else is tubes
kinda sucks the scope works well but its switches are fuckey

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kevtris: i dont think sockets exist for my tubes =\
the ones i got were 9 pin, not 10
i was thinking pins thru a machined delrin thing, to a pcb underneath
dekatrons are funky
10 pin
with a key
theyre all 9 pins with keys
11 pins looked to big
im gonna go to my old tube job
kevtris: no just a missing pin key
theyre preamp tubes, they dont have a base
cuz i like little tubes
yeah i prob labeled 10,000 12ax7

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you can do it with one supply and 3 switchers
so learn
do to linear technologies or analog or national or Ti or whoever
and read some switcher datasheets
dunny about nixies, those are nuts

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its prob not very highload
you dont need a very big transformers
i got two little ones cuz its shorter that way
also it worked out like $1 cheaper
they totally match
well because its not
but i wanted to do it linear
because noise, and because i wanted to design some shit
then you want to use switcvhers
because im using a WWVB unit
well, prob just gonna buy the $2 chip instead of the $9 module

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for what
macegr: ph33r
so i dont think there are sockets for my little tubes
okay well you need an unregulated supply
which is a wallwart, or a transformers and some diodes and caps
and then you need to buy or build some regulators

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i dont think sockets exist for my tube
im like feeling dumb because i got 9pin sockets instead of 10
but like there are no little 10pin sockets
im gonna have to like set my soldering iron to kill todo this shit
there we go
11 pin, unkeyed
insert wrong, short grid supply to grnd thru filament

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why hello to you sir
im fine, BlackMoon is here

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BlackMoon: what else do you want to do?
well youd have to it has no registers =\
yeah im not saying it sucks, i just dont use it
and avr is neat once you get all the instructions
yeah, avr is same
but like i can have 16 full functional regs
and 16 mostly functional regswith variable data

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how many working regs?
joke? =\
so its all mem pages or wha?
i do most everything out of one temp reg
i always define a temp2 but hardly use it, almost never need to
kevtris: yeah avr has 3 ram pointers
the upper 6 regs
with inc and dec options
its how you have to acess some control regs

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okay so youre calculating a phase point
and jumping to that point in the lookup table, so you can use one big lookup table
yeah i gotta learn PIC shit now
yeah but mine is 16 cycles to do everything fureal
or maybe yours is
i dont understand these PIC mnemonics =\

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kevtris: okay so wave is just generated by adding and subtracting certain values?
i dont get it i think
yeah see
whats the offset?

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that sounds like thinking, my uC dont have time to think
fixed point is easy
teh arm
i know i wanna learn arm tho
they need to make them in people friendly packages
dip avr32 <3

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like, i made mine with $10 in parts
and the thermocouple chip was $5 of it
okay so my new solution has weilded 16 cycle max sample output rate
thats >1MHz @ 20MHz
i had to drop timers for anything under 25 cycles
cuz interrupts are like 10 cycles overhead wtf!
no just parallel dac out
wavetable shovel
not timers until 25+ in timer counts
everything before is a mainloop with tuned length
i have to use 4 i think
some padded with nop
some with conditionals and nop
so its like 4 mainloop for about 10 diff timer counts
and then it can use normal timer
so i can use 768 samples for almost 100 (of 127) of the midi rangenotes

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yeh i was all confused for a sec
brakes apply pressure
wow digital vaporizer #1
i gotta make this shit proper and put it in a case, with more leds and switches and shit
thats def worth $750 more than a digital valcano is
er, volcano

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i sould make one at school
BlackMoon: theres alot of neat cases on that site
stu has linked me there before
all of its pretty reasonable, id have to get a few things to make it worth it with the shipping tho
those cases would be awesome for a little bench supply
oh i guess tyhose are meant to have the boards slide into place

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wonder where to get heat sink extrusions
like, long sections
so i can cut to size and use as chassis walls
you can get that stuff on the usenets
BlackMoon: yeah but where to get
yeah but i want raw extrusions
to make big shit
like 1" fins on .25" thick bass type shit
and then throw sheets of steel or pulled steel screen on the top and bottom

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ha fucked up
but yeah thats gotta be a bitch
thin copper solders awesome
prob cuz its so heat conductive you cant get it too hot
tho you can come up on scrap
yeah new anything is gonna be fucked up
unless youre buying tons
i can check gimme 2min
its not so bad
6' of 1/8" pipe is $17
heheh @ .125" pipe

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those were so ugly!
i think my mom had one for awhile
thats what grinders are for moon
we start on thin stuff at school with little torches
if you hesistate too long it warps all to shit, burns holes in itself
bads scene
you can do that with propane
thats be alot of heat
but it still shouldnt be hard
^DX^: hahah
yeah you prob have to sit there for 20min before hitting it with solder
if you concentrated the flame it might work
oh weird
sounds like it was oxidized
did you rough up the edges?

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BlackMoon: the gloves really did shrink to perfect fit
^DX^: yeh
1/4" is far
shit im all up on my welds with the gas torch
sucks when sparks fly into the torch =(

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ima try and do a TIG class next semester
i have a welded together random structure of 14awg steel
its like made of 16 2x6" plates
its the schools $$$, so more expensive is more reason to do it
after oxy and tig, mig should be easy
yeah i trip on that
yeah, for sure
yeah cuz theyre mad popular
like every muffler shop in america has one
yeah that sounds about right
they need gas
its inert gas welding, just with a tungten nstead of a consumable rod
its to keep you hand from catching fire
omg gas welding is nuts
flame deflected everywhere

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i got the wrong sockets
i forgot that there were smaller tubes than preamp tubes =(
tho now i have two reasons to go to old tube job
dude, not in any danger
people flee to here
my bro had to do just that, actually
itd have to jump alot of canoga park residential and ventura blvd commercial and he 101
hate those
its in songs and fiction
its the valleys wannabe culture blvd
hollywood has sunset, melrose, santa monica has 3rd street
you were maybe on the ventura fwy
gotta go

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you just said some eggsalad shit

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ohnoz i was banned from #electronicstech again

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