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ghostman: audio test stuff
maybe audio synth
untimered code is .55us long at 20MHz

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ghostman: sine wave gen
is a variable output freq wavetable synth
with the timer code icould get above like 750KHz sampling output, on a 20MHz avr
but timer eat ups alot of cycles
i can use timer code for longer sample output times
or i can sacrifice wavetable resolution, and gain some freq accuracy
in which case i can stick to timer code

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so i know the clk is going at 20MHz, and i can add the cycles up, match loop time, and pad it to get sample rate
i have 24 cycles \o/

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okay so i figured it out
this time i cant use timers
i have to use time matched code, in the deathloop
cuz the timer latency is totally killing it
if i have above 800KHz sample output rate, i can use 32 and above sample waves for all of the midi notes
i can use 768 sample waves for 83 of the 127 notes

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you dunno that
people use computers as alarm clocks
yes, probably
wow attiny11 has 1K of flash
i thought itd be half that max

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we know
prob rolled off high end
because high end is the devil
i replaced my blown tweaters with silk domes
never sounds harsh, its neat
metal is supposed to be the worst, in that respect
pfft, metal rings
thats not audiophoolic, thats reality
they were cheap too!

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whats it got for output devices?
opamp on a speaker?

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was like a little cabinet =o

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my wavetab shovel from sram was maybe 2x as fast
yeah you just have to change the state value
well, youd have to convert state to 16b
but thats no big deal
like, the pwm is good, a 32 sample sine and it was way jumpy
thats 128 samples
its like a half sine
with dimness on the darkside 180
and a spike at the peak of the sine
lens flash
hehe, see it took me like an hour, i learned to use the lpm instruction, and were fine tuning the throb table
avrfreak is still figuring out basic timers =(
timers is <3.
BlackMoon: i know!!!
i told that fucker if he doesnt do it im going to do it for him
i dont know about fuckin trains wtf
my dad was into trains =\
i hd a fuckin train bunkbed as a little kid
i kept my toys in the cowscoop

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CCFL_Man: pls2b pasting that and the pastebin to #electronicstech
let avrfreak know he no longer has to worry, because now he can finish santa fe beacon sim, and bootstrap his million widget company
no thats what its supposed to do
simulate a rotating beacon
so pad the fuckin wavetab with 0s, codes done
yeah basically
that code is slow tho

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BlackMoon: no more because LPM is a 16bit register and i have to add something to it =(
its like prob 10 cycles
who is in #electronicstech?
ima take video of this
BlackMoon: what is scary?
dude its 238 bytes and 128 bytes is wavetab!
c code hax0r! HATER!
i know!
CCFL_Man: post to avrfreak
i will have vid soon
we can all prob do that if we wanted too

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santa fe beacon sim
i gotta remove that throbit macro
thats the real shit
omg where??!/11one
hey whos in electronics tech

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santa fe beacon sim complete
some ugly ass case statement style coding for all 32 samples
it really needs more samples

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santa fe beacon sim
no hes been going on about it for like a year
its his breakthru project
its whats gonna fund the million unit rollout of his train zigbee thing
ask the freak
its a rotating red light

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oh haha i forgot to set the port as output
sample time needs to ne higher
danielsan: yeah i just did avr's long term project in like 30min
avrfreak's, that is
16 samples is not enough!

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dude an avr that can do it is like .50
a uC is perfect if it means same thing less parts
how will the freak tune that

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fuckit it man its a wavtab!
he can make it whatever he wants
but the code and circuit contructions is like a 1 nite thing
its not even worth doing it with your own pwm
thats for timer pwm?
yeah its not hard

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kevtris: apperently the freak is still working on his led throbber =D
like years, dude
hes was schooling me on AVR before he knew about program loop concept
make sine table, stick in ram, set sample rate timer, stick sine table into pwm registers
yeah thats a clean throb, sine wave
yeah theres gotta be 100 ways to do it
yeah you could load direct from flash easy enough
like, the absolute cheapest avrs can do it
with extra flash leftover

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thats it
no im saying thats it like thats your only reason
i did
im driving all the VFD, doing switch input, and led output with one chip
the WWVB demodulator is another chip
avr controls it all
20:28:33 CCFL_Man: plus avrs don't come in dip packages
avr is pretty much same
yeah new shit doesnt always exist
i blew my avrisp with 12v

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i dont like neon really
is tacky
only needs 25V
im just using a transformer and a linear reg
with a uC, duh
naw, just a 32KHz xtal on an avr
okay avr's rock
avrfreaks is a good site
avrfreak doesnt know shit about avr, so his opinion of the, good or bad, is invalid
yeah fuck that
and why?

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radioclock moon
stop being so mr literal
i dont like nixies
they characters look dumb and they glow yellow
i <3 7segs tho
orange, yellow, meh
i think it was rab who asked me 'because they look normal?'
and i think thats why
anyway, if i get other tubes, im getting...
like actual numerical characters

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if by seconds you mean 1-2min, then yeah
then its got an RTC
and balls
at the factory
yeah well maybe timecop but that doesnt answe the question
WWVB timecode takes like 1min per packet
or something silly
is it serial or analog out?

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is that what its for?
its a red rotating train light
simulated by a throbbing red led
this is his long tem projects
its his big one
dude why are you stealing my new project =(
links to WWVB reciever IC and antenna at digikey
about $4.50 for both
dude its just a throbbing led
well, no i guess now
an LFO would work
but a uC is way cheaper
low frequency oscillator
audio synths use them alot as a modulation signal

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my friend got a pic dev bord after i told him 20 times to get an avr board
pissed me off
dude, avrfreak cant do avr
hes a disgrace to his nick
cuz you dont know wtf a program counter is or how a uC works
fuckin gimp
avr pwm is like 10 lines of asm if that
being facy about it
er, fncy
man fuck this keyboard
then how come you are trying for two months and now doing?
20:02:03 ^DX^: hes been trying to do PWM on an AVR for two months now
i read he as i
so hes working on santa fe beacon sim?
thats so a one night project
you dont even need a pcb its just 3 parts
dead bug it aross an 8dip

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for you or for production?
if its for you, do whatever you want
if you wanna make PCB, go for it
but perfboard design is 100x easier
i suggest bare perfboard, No copper, or thru hole plated perfobard
dont use that pad floating on board shit, it disintegrates, gets messy
pcb design is pretty neat, functional art
like, if you want to play with electronics mopre than drawing in programs, perfboard is the way to go
yeah theres sites that are cheap
so its not a pocket fuck to get boards made
midi should be hella simple with avr
yeah usb is a bit over its head

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my sockets get here tomorrow
i was gonna buy 3 usb keyboards from allelectronics
now im prob gonna end up kicking it at home all day

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that nancy grace bitch wont stfu
ohsixI: ty
i was pretty surprised t how bright my VFD tubes were
i just watch cspan mostly

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if it was rubber maybe water wouldnt fuck them up so hard
oh, yeah the rollups are rubber
im saying the sheets in standard keyboards
normal keyboard architecture wicks up water =(
ive seen those at Frys and office stores alot
theyre always tore up, which is normal for demo stuff, but these things looked sad
oddly youre the 2nd to suggest one of those to me today
nixies are ugly
man i left cnn or fox on in the other room

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man i hate this keyboartd
i flexes if i blow on it hard
i <3 my cherry switch co keyboards
real stiff key feel
but omg tank heavy
bongwater is their weakness
i seen those
but everything else is their weakness
h8 media keys
usually its not rubber its like thin hard plastic

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whats renesis svg?
they maybe owe me monies, no?
or mazda
okay bye

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i tried hooking it right to my serial power but it messed up the display for two days
you guys have to teach me about serial port stuff i dont understand i havent had a computer since i was 6
im like hyperwhaaa?
i said, like $350 shipped
fuck im late

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wtf is golden seal?
oh shit
pee golden seal?
you would prob be okay in south africa
cuz youre white
did it work?
hondas are good engines
i wish i had a garage i could do work on my engine
are parking is open
like $#350 shipped i think
2230 are totally the best low cost analog scopes on ebay
the DSO shit is hella useful
i have to figure out the rs232 thing

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its because of my leg muscles tho
naw i think its my hip
like sciatic nerve wraps around your hip between tendons and muscle and shit
no i do now!
but not so much time lately =\
yeh, like this week i gotta go to my dr again
hehe, i have gov subsidized blue cross
HMO stuff
its free tho, even more than medi-Cal, cuz i think drugs are free
dude i went to this russian dr
he had degr4ees from mexico, before his american degrees
like, was so ghetto
i peed in a wax dixicup, they do their own labwork and xrays and sonograph stuff
he seemed okay, but he was mad distracted
i know!
free clinics are more pimped out
the gear was okay but it was all old
all the staff was young

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you have physical therapy
i can maybe get that now tho
yeah im lazy and unmotivated
i seriously just need a yoga mat
my neck is all fuckey
it like hurts me underneath my shoulder blade
also theres the sciatica thing
im fine as long as im on my bike
yeah i need yoga mat
i have nekkid yoga rputinr vid \o/
wow that feels better
yeah the semester i was doing yoga, nothing really hurt
and that was just twice a week
cuz im always riding my bike
and its like heavy and fuck with no suspension
with tires at like 60PSI
and no suspention
and it goes pretty fast cuz its a 24" bmx
only when its the sciatica thing, and its bad
behind my knee, under my foot, besides my hip

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anyway ive done the wave gen stuff
sec i have pics
adjusting it is the trick
thats an avr and a resistor dac
and a tl072 or 353
hell yeah
made the wavetable in openoffice calc
heh, thats the cleanest thing ive ever seen on my teks DSO
the graininess is the tek in digital mode
im not calculating in realtime
its all wavtabs, so itll do any wave
you guys are lucky

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bongwater is bad for everything
you cant replace the keyboard?
cuz you def cant fix them
nice ohsixI
that + variable many pole filter would be awesome
i gotta figure out wavetables for my avr synth
so like, you have diff length tables for diff notes
diff output freq for diff octaves
and you control the freq of the avr for fine tuning
yeah im like fuck that
i wanna output math sines at high sample rates
i found my avrdac thing in my pile of project boards

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i did my cuts extra wall in sliding glass door with the jigsaw
fucked up
i had to wait for someone and then do GD&T homework handouts
and then hesitated to long before starting laundry
no cuz now i dont have time to key keyboards at all electronics
like, ice water made it into one this week
and then bongwater into another yesterday
now there is not enough keyboards
we have them downstairs
is like $2 a load
dude ive killed two cherry keyboards like that
total german tank keyboard
water is its weakness

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xp did
man i wish i had a big miter saw
a good one?
i have a Skil jigsaw, it sucks at life
yeh, the black and decker we has as a kid was better
this one is all funky and orbital
and by orbital i mean doesnt go straight ever
in theory
yeah but the assembly is wobbly

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okay i have a new room arrangement plan
i take the little work table, move it in betweem my desk and CNC, perpendicular to the wall
so it sticks out
then it become the CNC computer/driver table, and also a little workspace for CNC tools
macegr: eh?
werent you gonna do something weird with your bed
yeah wtf macegr
that is horrible for sexing
like its prob great for 2 times before it get olds
so whats under your bed?
you made a bunk bed?
its a couch bunk bed
my friend had a desk bunk bed
he slept all 6" from the ceiling too
naw dude youll fall
so what is your floating bed made out of?
besides bed
2x4 and 4x4 and ply?

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omg fuck GD&T
this is the most annoying useful knowledge ever
because asking the user = security

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well no
hella = fuckin
that shit was hella awesome
yeah that works better
but hella awesome isnt incorrect
instead of oh shit from now on im gonna say OH MY GOSH

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naw theres non of that in LA county except up lancaster/palmdale
LA is actually pretty nice except for like two months when its fucked up hot
we have shopping bags instead of tumbleweeds
its not desert tho
its not supposed to support 10 million people with water, but that doesnt make it desert
and by the coast its fuckin gorgeous
shit out by the desert it actually gets hella cold, and we have snow right next to it
mufucker cartman stole that from other people
stop supporting the media stealing our culture!1
no halla and wicked are diff
something can be hella wicked

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hey my bro isnt a star hes like a family person/management guy =(
you cant have 19 cars at a place in malibu
barely fit 2 or 3 in most places
hes too high up to be affected by flood
BlackMoon: wtf, no moon
theres no place to put a parking lot in malibu
shit houses are already falling off cliffs onto PCH
is not funny we have to drive on that =(
no, im saying if they do, they dont keep them there
unless they have canyon property, but most of that stuff is even tighter on space
malibu is fucked up to live
BlackMoon: when shit catches fire here, it dont stop til it wants too, basically
thats with them pouring water and retardant on it
everything is dried out brush
and we havent gotten decent green season in spring
its not really the desert
its semi arid, its pretty mild year round

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been super windy here
malibu is on fire, my bro had to move in with his in laws
dude you have no idea
the fire is in LA county like 30mi away
theres a whole mountain range and like 5mi of commercial/residential between me and it
yeah theyre on fire too
hehe, ramona!
ive spent time in their jail =(
john wayne died there (someone told me)
it was wind
bustin power lines
we had a blackout when it was bad the other night

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well, itd be useful for me
overhead in general, ambient temps in the sumer are like 110F
um no
theyll prob all run off wallwarts in 5 years
gamers of the future will prob run their own gas power generators

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its $5 tech
its nice having mine
its like one chip and some power reg stuff
orifice: yeah mine has usb
it was $9
the rosewill one looked like the same thing, for $10
yeah they buy all the good china/taiwan stuff
yeah it sucks
only psu i had blow up was an antec 480w

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dude an old calculator watch is a great unix server
yeah im sick of old compies
fuck pre ATX
i just had to tell someone "the hard drive is def shot. everything else could be fucked up too. nothing is worth the money to replace'
and dude is like 'but i gave it to a pro to install that hdd!'
'the pro didnt have screws, apperently'
that was so uneccessary
nixie clock bezel accessories?
BlackMoon: i actually see that alot
thats how most low low end hardware shit is
like fuck at least one screw
youre a 'pro' you should be picking screws outta your feet in the morning
cuz theyre not worth it

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my sony dvd thing is not so loud
it was maybe like $40 couple years ago
heh, my sony had an old cdr label shred inside of it, and it still works
also, i dropped a cd spacer ring in the tray
and it closed up with it
and ate it =(
still works
i just cant like, turn my computer upside down or shake it or anything
sony drives are weird
i had a cdrw that would do any media fine, except sony media
it was like some twisted joke in hardware form
i saw a fd + card reader
i almost got it but i didnt want to spend $20

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who is fallout?
like a year ago?
are ther under $20 now?

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i think i need a new linksys
mine dies at BT
i dunno, its like 5 years old
there isnt gonna be new versions anymore
i didnt even know what you were talking about
i just got back online =(
i have to pull the power on mine
mine is too old for ddwrt
i have it on my wap
hes already done that =(

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so im like an hour into settin up someones compy,
when it starts doing hard drive arm smack noises
he talks about his ARM chip programming adventures
its on his blog, duh

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