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not so often anymore
and i dont have the newest one
i think so
actually i dunno
cuz you assign channels with those dropdowns
but yeah if you chain note voltage
and gate voltage
yeah wont work
they should have midi hookup like everything else
the synths should all have midi in and midi out ports

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haha hardcore
your a brit too, huh
here its a wrench
so is he really mad at you or is he like 'soooorry'
this was before or after stitches?

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i dont have to do stuff on friday
oh it is
natsemi parts are so expensive
cuz youre a guy and he called you a girl
or because youre a girl and he called you a bitch

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ha yeah

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you search 2n3906 on digikey
and its like NPN or PNP?
haha fairchild makes them!
they make both!

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i save money and height and power using 2 transformers instead of one
why do i have to ship them back =[
oh i thought you meant my transformers

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do they make low pincount DIP fpga?
or even soic
wtf is that about?
yeh i kinda wanna play
im confused now
thats neat

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cuz that chip has like everything i wanted to do, except the adc input for wwvb
so 4 io for the vfd, 1 for the wwvb adc, reset/vcc/gnd

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i hope they room 101 your ass just for thinking that
kevtris: if the code fits, i can prob do this on an 8dip $1 avr

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kevtris: thanks for finding the chip

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i have silly 7seg ones built into preamp tubes
heh, out of all the tubes at my old job, working with piles of little 12AX7 size tubes was the coolest

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okay but to do it correctly without the driver IC
id need to drive it like class AB style?
no the segments
and yeah i read a bunch of that datasheet, i think im gonna get it
no i mean if i wanted to do it myself without a driver
but im prob not going to now
i have to test them tho before i buy transformers, i dont trust russian datasheet
i didnt really wanna do switching regs
its a VFD radio clock!
it just seems wrong =\
plus theres gonna be RF stuff at 60KHz
so switching maybe gets messy

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okay so i need a 5V reg, 1.5V reg, -25V reg
mine were okay DC
yeah its not even noticable
it doesnt say AC in the datasheet (tho it doesnt say DC either so i dunno)
cathodes, anodes are the segments
thats a good idea tho, to string them
theres like two cathode filaments running vertical
yeah like the edge segments were as bright as under the anodes
ill wait till i get sockets to take pics i dont wanna pop anymore =\
heheh neat

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im prob gonna put those on current sources
no just to keep them from wacking the psu at startup
okay so they get to full resistance as soon as the wire heats up?
cuz cold is like 4 ohms, itll pull like 3.5 times what they say
i get sockets next week
i tried soldering wires onto the pins
heheh, failure
i killed the filament on one trying to aligator clip it
thats how i know theyre bright
heh, little wire hit the grid, snap
was like being at work again testing russian and chinese tubes

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does it matter if the cathode is positive and the anodes are negative?
okay well i think that chip will work at -25V fine
russia says grid-cathode and anode-cathode max is 70V

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gotta like roll her onto a tape measure
kevtris: my vfd work with positive voltage
does it like not matter?
little preamp tubes with 7segs

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tho, thats like happening at snail speeds
neat they even have 400 of them
other times its not and they get like crates of it at a time

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thats funny
the multiplexed grid outputs are also for keyboard canning
er, scanning
convieniet to code for too
wow so its basically a big register bucket with switch/kb/led/vfd io
the uC has to figure out WWVB input too

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if russian datasheet isnt lying (ha) i dont think itd be more wasteful
because supposedly the anodes use like 3-5mA
wait hmm
damn i have 23 pdf open

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i dunno if i wanna use a qfn avr with tons of io or latches and a little avr
no im buffering with the darlingtons
i just need them to saturate and shut off
collector to gnd, emitter to VFD anode pin, VFD anode pin thru resistor to 25V
prob a few mA
well, *7*6
dont remember the part no., is a 7ch darlington in soic

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kevtris: do you buy transformers with alot of VA overhead?
kevtris: okay thanks
so i lit up some segments on a VFD tube
heheh, theyre so bright!
what are those?
i was gonna use an avr and darlington arrays
thats what the darlingtons are for

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(chrysler lebaron flashbacks)

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what cpu clk freq?
heheh fun
damn like $5 extra to have matching transformers
pic is cheap

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on trinidad?
yeah dude everyone does reports in junior high
why didnt you do yours on trinidad
my group didnt do shit
so neither did i
but on the last night i bust out all the report shit and stupid display thing
and then in high school someone was gonna call my a slacker
and the black chick from group in junior high went off on them for me
that was neat
okay new plan
two transformers
cuz fuck this drop 25v down to 1.5v at 150mA bullshit
no switcher supplies in a VFD clock
theyll prob blow up and stab me with thing shards of glass =( =(

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look you definition is the fourth and it says its also called a megaverse
im like, a megaverse is 1024^2 universes
i dunno dude good music sounds fine on shit amps and drivers
same with movies
well fine, if a movie needs audio processing bling to kickass, its prob not so great
youre a hebrew?
man i almost forgot about that g-d stuff, something reminded me the other day
just as bad
trinidad what
like trinidad white people, trinidad black people, trinidad native people (are theres still any of those?)
like from india indians?
heheh weird
they speak english or french?
i dunno man i figured you googled it once or some shit
maybe you did a report in junior high

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fuck emacs\
vim woooooooo
or nano if you need notepad like action
and ubuntu to update you basically click yes
and it updates
haha you didnt say anything technical
yeah, you gotta uncomment the universe ones to make it sexy and useful
whatever is the most
um, you could have 2 universes in a multiverse
and its be multiple universes
noun [Mark Gruenwald] - A set of universes.
This term is used to refer to Multi-Universes.
A group of universes which are in some way related.
(MUHL-tee-vurs) - The infinite entirety of all nodes, plus internodal space. Also called the megaverse in a few areas.

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CCFL_Man: http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fironwork.jp%2Fmonkey_farm%2Fcomputer%2Fpc2.html&langpair=ja%7Cen&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&prev=%2Flanguage_tools

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how come your computer doesnt work yet
timecop: ?!?
okay dont click on the md stuff fool
we dont care about materials safety and shit
dude nothing is dead in CCFL_Man place

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slap yourself
now im gonna shop me some diodes
yeah like all of them i think
i want a book tho

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why dont you have a keyboard on a computer youre installing in your home?
your shit prob has usb ports on the front

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i need a book with all smt packages
lordpil-: what is this book i seek
use tight vnc
cuz its tight, yo
wait nico put it on his blog thing

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else youre not calceling, anymore
they wont care if their music if phase inverted

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everything isnt somehow keyed?
heh, we made circuits in class that we would test with AM and FM radios
with shit dipole antenna made out of pairs of wire
heheh, intercept radio station, flip wave, transmit
haha i wonder if thatd work
wait no thatd be bad, but youd have to be able to hear their radio

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i dont think he did
you could maybe do a DoS style attack
fuck wideband, put noise right around cell freqs
get inside their filters
i dunno about cell stuff but id hope there would be all sorts of error packet rejection stuff
be easier to try and saturate freqs right cell freq with random amplitude noise
thats so not slick, tho
yeah neither do i
my idea was pretty much spray any freq they could hop too with noise

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is that good or bad?
whats good?
you have such a way with words

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new era shit
yeah fine, openoffice has always been free, never been a secret

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fuck older drives, pair of new seagates
mine are 40 and 50
i got 70 with software raid0 tho
so you mirror your stripped arrays
Update Jana Now... and get OpenOffice FREE!
seriously, wtf
a) i have openoffice
b) wtf, who pays for openoffice?
yeah fureal

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when i build a new system (one day, ++sigh) im def think about getting a pair of smaller drive for a raid0
even software raid0 i got noticable and measurable improvement
is raid10 another name for raid5?

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timecop: there are girls on aol and myspace
but theyre aol/myspace girls
yeah on a scale from zero to sexy, they are sucky

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timecop: if raid controllers were smarter than they are, raid0 would get you faster reads
but apperently theyre not
oh wait raid0 is stripe?
oh, sry brainfart
but yeh, mirroring should get you faster reads but it doesnt
like, it has to write in parallel, but it should be able to read in stripes
that shit has chat now?
see, its just aol for the big net

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hey do they make like 1210 R in 2w?
1W in 2512 pkg =\ =\
ill just use a fatter transistor

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tabby cats are nuts
that sucks
its good that my cat is gonna live forever

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you can do irc and music with like 200MHz

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its prob a few MHz output rate capable
because i was doing close to 1MHz, dealing with all internally, and dealing with interrupt latency

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Charles: the eeprom is prob a decent idea
heh, thats like maybe .5 uS of loop code to drive the eeprom
Charles: proper pwm is like 10bits at max freq i think
but i usually just use reset on compare timer mode
so you can set your own TOP timer value
so its basically any speed you want up to clk frequency
well, thats a bit more complex
basically the loop would be inc, output, check for value, branch if value to eeprom reset

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that should work

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its basically counter, ram, control logic to an adress counter reset line, and a fast clk
oh, fast clk needs to be on a counter
so variable sample length to adjust freq within an octave
and then i do exponential increase of the base sample out timer value

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okay so i think the right way to do it is have like one octaves worth of quarter sine wave tables
and then you have timer values calculated for exponential increase of the sample output timer
for adjustment
the table storage and output to dac (at least) can be done FPGA or even discrete digital
cuz during sample output the uC aint doing anything smart, and its just slow about it
yeah, needs logic tho to flip a counter back to the beginning

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heh that was before i started using eagle pcb-gcode.ulp
thats prob the 768 sample sine wave, other was maybe 256 or 512
dunno what happened to pics of the assembled board
its just an r2r dac into parallel inv and non-inv dual opamp
i dont even know wtf that is

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Charles: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/avr_sine-01.jpg
be hard to make a 20MHz uC do much faster than that
just an r2r dac and an opamp
theres pics of the setup, like 5-10 or 11 or something are png
oh, 5-8, and then its jpegs again to 15
oh i dont have pics of the assembled board
heh, it pretty much looked like the the ewb 3d render

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wtf is that just for cooling the chipset?
im not where you are
wednesday evening ended on like thurs at 3am
lordpil-: wtf
'lets use the hotter than ambient air coming from the CPU fansink to cool the chipset!'
'ok! yay!'
how do these things happen?
or graphic designers and machinists

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cuz then i can enter any freq and itll make it, at like 96KHz or whatever
heh, dude if you gen a table and stick it in ram, you can output at close to 1MHz
just shoveling ram into an output port checking for the end of the table and looping the pointer back
no i want it to do the tables on the fly
like, if i do it that way i can stick any freq in it should pop it out
however, for dirty synth stuff, im thinking fuck it, square waves and 4 pole switched filter or some shit
heheh, ill try in LTspice too see how sane it gets with fixed filter freqs and varying input freqs
man its so awesome to be done with wednesday

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anyway, that project belongs on an fpga type thing
dude, ive done it
like, uC is limiting
1.3KHz with a 768 sample table
but omfg that was a pretty fuckin wine wave
like, math made that shit, you cant fuck with that sine wave
like, i either need to gen the tables on the fly, or store alot of quarter wave tables, or submit to fixed freq output (prob gen the table for that on the fly)

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square waves, and filters
is this possibly the easiest sine wave source ever?
speed and ajustability issues
besides ive done that
yeah, big jumps when you use long wave tables at high freq ranges

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