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not teh sac, just sac, sacremento
sacremento = city of trees
from there im short road tripping it to chico
chico = city of trees

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like, it was neat when i was cutting thru 1/8" and 1/4" plates
but the 1" shit is like WTF
you always cut fuel first
and itd just overheat the torch, youd likely notice
damn so now i gotta meat personally with the financial aid dep supervisor
er, meet
uk is far, mr ghey
im just going to sac, today

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im kinda dissapointed i dont get to go to welding class tonight, i was gonna try and find some 1" to cut up
dude, the metal just goes away
itd take hours to fucking cut 1" steel 20" across with a machine tools
and like i was making little 1/8" thick cuts
took like 30sec if that
yeah, oxygen jet attachment is awesome
if you get the travel speed just right (you can kinda hear it), the metal just flies outta the way
lizard-x: we have cutting tables so its usually less messy
but we do vertical cuts on stuff, it gets nuts, sparks flyin all over people and shit
some of the scrap is random shit steel too, so you hit weird pockets and the metal pops back at you
how much cleanup depends how good you are
if you got to slow, you get mad slag drips underneath
go fast enough, you get pretty straight clean cuts

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heheh, oxy-acetylene welding is neat, is hard tho
like, you have to heat two pieces of metal so they melt at the same time
and then continuous feed rod in little bits, making sure you melt the rod you put down earlier is totally melted into the metal
yeah cuz its soft, and it wont corrode
yeah it looks like high temp soldering
mig looks stupid easy
dude cutting torch is fucking awesome

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also, im hoping the have repair manuals with schemas, for the mixing decks
and whatever else i can find
you have a tank?
or just gettin ready
theres a fuckin cricket in my room
yeh, heheh

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and radiohead and reznor prob got their own setups and plenty of buddies, by now
if they music is good it doesnt matter
if i dont get into a uni, no issues, im going to sound engineering school
the neat thing is none of those schools are deep in electronics design or analysis, so i have a huge advantage

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dude pay them $2 for just the download
pay $1, and take the $1 card charge fee
fuckit man they said pay what you want, so pay whatever you can
you dont have a credit or debit card?
naw i think its card only
dude its radiohead i gave them monies =D
theres like a $1 transaction fee
also, trent reznor got out of his record contract
yeh, they can absorb the cost if its a loss, but who knows how it turns out
yeah dude theyre all getting fucked by the business model, there doesnt need to be a middleman anymore
well, production time and costs
producers and engineers and gear and space costs monies

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and colleges have had vacuum tubes
therefor, you mom has had vacuum tubes
okay im am downloading new radioheads
haha, nice

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maybe light audio

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i think in a fight nancy pelosi would fuck up hillary clinton

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haha 0201 wtf
thats like 2-3 hairwidths

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