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heh, im getting okay at oxy welding

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i think the trick is to convert z
so make up a cross sectional area for 2500KG and 900kg
i think as long as its the same, itll work
yeah you know how to do that stuff

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haha wtf
now hunting accidents make more sense

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he could almost hit the deer with the rifle!

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tho the avacado, corkscrew, snorkel thing was awesome
meh, you speak the old english
your language has been obsoleted =(
see now i can have conversations with stu that dont end prematurely

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youve been exceptionally nice for months
hehe its sucked your will to op, apperently
yeah usually when i got banned i had said something to piss him off
im not a hippie
fuck if i know
oh see i havent seen that or the simpsons nearly as much as an average stoner
cmon stu no one pronounced the ed when they say it

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can you please stop projecting your midlife chrisis on the userlist?
k sry
dude if you tell us about the eviltags well never go
omg spinny arrows
okay now youre double disqualified
and you didnt do it, and that was a good thing

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i only do ops in weirdo chans were it doesnt mean anything
thats like saying communication has no meaning
wow stu you <3 yourself so much
why do i have to justify it?
i dont run a server
oh man thats so sick!
cmon, youre saying macegr's hybrid-mac has no meaning in reality?
hes like an electronics ninja
i say we make macegr and ^DX^ battle at othello for it
or scorched earth

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wow, zoom is actually useful with tripod
so blackmoon is now #electronics overlord?
dont pick charles
k i got stus back on the macegr thing
wooo ima have new radiohead tomorrow
i paid $6
hes not here as much but hes prob here as much as you
well, you when youre working
its not like the chan fell apart while you were working
make danielson op
i will find you real adress and make you pay

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^DX^: they havent caught him yet
AP unswirled his face too
theyre all hush hush about the techniques they used, like they didnt just unswirl it

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woooo i got my tripods

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my thai food guy hooked me up with mad beef in the rice

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frosted flakes are good
i <3 straight corn flakes tho
i get a box and i kill it, so its like i never have it
and regular breakfast at mcDs is prob bad for you

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yeah i dont think their burgers are that great
fatburger is an awesome burger
in n out is decent
but breakfast at mcdonalds is like sooooo fuckin good

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i dont really want breakfast foods

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pringles arent really chips
theyre made from a powder based pringles paste
thats how theyre always exactly the same shape
no, canshaped skinless potatoes do not exist
i think its time for thai food

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BlackMoon: haha

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i thought it was manufacturer #/product #

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okay you know what would be awesome?
bill richardson vs ron paul

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